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Vidi Aldiano
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The view from my room this mornin'. Happy Sunday guys! #Balikpapan
Selamat paskah untuk semua yang merayakan! Happy passover guys! ;)
Morning! Pagi ini @VadieAkbar akan Live @ Dahsyat RCTI! Check him out guys!
Mendarat di Balikpapan. Btw, suka bgt bandara barunya Balikpapan!
Good morning! Today's schedule ; Balikpapan for @NatashaSkinCare's event! And tomorrow.... #HUTVidiVidies2014 !!
They see me ballin', they hatin'
Essay oh essay. Seperti kasih ibu, banyaknya tak terhingga sepanjang masa. Ga selesai2.... 😔🔫
Schedule sementara sudah di update di website ya @WeAreVidies ! Check it out :)
Thanks for coming to the studio and thank u for watching me on TV as well @wearevidies!! Have a great day! ✌️😎
Landed safely at Jakarta! Had a blast time at Makassar btw! ;) langsung meluncur ke studio RCTI! Dahsyat yuk pagi2 ;) #DibawahLangitIbukota
Catchin the first flight back to Jakarta! Thanks Makassar for your hospitality! Next gig; Dahsyat @ RCTI! Don't miss it guys!
Good morning Makassar! Had a lovely night with some lovely folks last night at @NatashaSkinCare's event! Thanks for coming girls!
Boarding! Next destination, Makassar!
Good morning! Jadwal minggu ini; Hari ini akan terbang ke Makassar, dan besok akan Live @ Dahsyat RCTI! Come come @WeAreVidies !! 😎✌️
Hi @WeAreVidies! Guess what... IM BACK! Hehehe. Whats up Indo! Long time no see. How r u guys doin'?!
POSTED! Here in Manchester, we post the ballot paper back to the Indonesian embassy. Ive used my right to vote, how bout u?
👆👆 si anak kesenengan abis dilangkahin JT. Semoga abis ini rejekinya juga nular. Amin. Haha ✌️😎
20/20 Experience World Tour!! @justintimberlake smashed Manchester Arena to the ground!!! #euphoria
I finally got the chance to see my 'childhood-until-now-idol', Mr. @justintimberlake tonite!! ONE OF THE BEST SHOW EVER!!
While everyones alr on their holiday, im stuck in this library and still doin this madrelovin' essays. Blah.
Spring has finally sprung in UK!
Ke kalapan kemarin. 😂