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Victoria G. Belo, MD
@ilovegeorgina getting even sexier for the bench show. #belo clinic is always full of celebrities a month before the bench show as they get ready to strut their #nakedtruth.
Good morning . A bouquet of flowers for you from #mabolo
This is the yummy and beautiful l'hirondelle cake made by 3 mandarin bake shops in the world . It's been my favorite cake for 30 years . I Mai sad because the mandarin hotel bake shop is closed. Where can I get my fix if crunchy meringue creamy chocolate mousse topped by Belgian chocolate . I'll hav
Shopping at the #SMauraSALE at @smaurapremier. Come to SM this weekend to experience huge discounts! One oft favorite stores is @eyesocietyph... Just bought Ultra Gold Limited Edition Rayban shades. Heard it's 18k gold ☺️☺️☺️
I don't know if you've noticed but I'm very self conscious about having my picture taken .so my smiles look hard . The only time I relax is when I'm with a kid. Here s ique the son of #belo Greenbelt doctor Jenny Sison.
Belo beauty tip; freeze your liquid eye liner 15 minutes before applying . It helps make it glide on more smoothly . Of course remember to stabilize your upper eyelid skin by pulling it to the side and a little upward .
Here I am doing the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis challenge from Dr. zein Obagi for 100 dollars .
It's better to carry your bag on your shoulder than on your forearm . Your shoulder is nearer your center of gravity and does NOT cause overuse injury ( persistent pain in your muscles and joints )
I love my salamat dok family. Here s Eugene our floor director ever ready with a towel and a hug after my ice bucket challenge . He s such a lovable teddy bear
Thank you B for me personalized coca cola bottle . I've always wanted one . The gifts I appreciate most are not those that are bought quickly at the store but the ones that my friends take the time and trouble to specially order .
I used to think that what my patients wanted was to be impressed with my knowledge and skill . What I ve realized is that what's even more important is how I make them feel. They have to know that they're important , that I listen to their concerns and that I really care . It's also much more fulfil
Good morning tweeps ! Have a belo beautiful day !!
Good morning everyone. Have a belo beautiful day !
Surprising the patients @belo Greenhills with my favorite #royce chocolate wafers . Only given on belo day
#prada periwinkle blue ostrich bag and #YSL periwinkle blue shoes .
Working on a holiday because I love my work and I get excited to make people gorgeous . OOTD #kate spade mint green too # Prada pants .
Please watch salamat dok at 7:30 as in now with Anthony Wahl discussing #belo exilis plus and @empressita discussing Lipo arms and thighs
Good morning tweeps . Could you please watch salamat dok at 7:30 ABS. Topics empress shuck Lipo . Belo exilis plus for fat melting
#belo beauty tip . Playing games like candy crush can help you lose weight . Whenever you start craving for dessert , chips or chocolate , start playing a video game, this will interrupt the nerve impulses to your hunger center and stop the cravings .
richardgomezinstagram here at our Greenhills clinic . @lucytgomez was doing ulthera in one room whole Goma was doing #revlite . A couple that gets #belofied together stays together . Please remember that even if other clinics have revlite and ulthera #belo does it differently to achieve maximum res
@lucytgomez doing her favorite "keeping her looking 25 years old" procedure #belo #ULTHERA . God really loves her she a gorgeous slim so nice and is married to Goma .
Watch #Belo Beauty 101 on TFC this Sunday with @SarahLahbati & @GiselleXanchez as our guests 😊
Watch this weeks #Belobeauty 101 on TFC this Sunday featuring @sarahlahbati ulthera treatment to achieve a smaller face and acne treatment as well as Giselle Sanchez laser Lipo of her thighs
@justsarahg gets pimples sometimes because of sleeping late or hormonal reasons .#belo helps her dry up@and lighten pimples when she s too busy to come to the clinic.
Thank you @tinkerbellini for this super pasalubongs you really know me and my love for kit Kat clips and pashminas
Thank you @tinkerbellini for my pasalubong from Bali. You know me so well . I like trying kit kat from different parts of the world , clips and pashminas
OOTD it's looking professional today with consults in #belo Morato and #sexysolutions il terrazzo . #valentino beige sweater Gian Romano skirt #chanel chain bag and #gianito Rossi (son of Sergio ) shoes.
There s never a boring moment in my clinic .@ogiealcasid and @laramaigue serenading with the prayer . Is Lara the next Regine
Watch @quarkhenares with US 2 EVIL 0 at 12 monkeys tonight . I love watching quark perform ang galing talAga .
This saying is so true . Thank you Laly who I've known since I was born . Thank you for being my ate To liane my best friend since grade 2 . Thank you for being my classmate in yoga . Traveling, baking , kiliging and making kuwento . To Philip my best friend since med school and the best dermatologi