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Demonica Hellmont
How do they find people in the armed forces to sing God Bless America at baseball games? Are there tryouts?
I love my #SFGiants, but now I almost want them to win just to spite the Fox Sports announcers.
We had our first dog agility class today. We’re gonna be all:…
Typically, how long does your dog play catch before she passes out? Mine can do about 10 minutes. Wimp.
Want to see battling robots back on screen? Support STEM education & the Olympics of Robots
Why am I engaging this. Oh. #wine
Discuss. RT @pbpope: I'd say when you allow yourself to define it that way. Like Islamic militants "defining" Islam? Tiny subset != whole.
Back to baseball tweets. Jon Miller just said “Snapchat” and it was hilarious. #SFGiants #WorldSeries
At what point does a movement become indistinguishable from its “fringe” elements?
Thank you @feliciaday for saying everything I’ve been too afraid to:…
I’m a big fan of @ProductHunt. They just launched user profiles:
I’m pretty sure Perez just tweaked Pence’s nipple. #SFGiants
This is gonna be some good baseball. #SFGiants #WorldSeries
I fired 34 cannons in Dance Dance Revolution: 1812 Overture Edition!…
Hey SF what are your #WorldSeries plans tomorrow? (I mean, people in other towns can tell me your plans too but I probably won’t be there).
My CSA is wonderful, but I have no idea what to do with 2lbs of celery. Which @ryan hates. Other than soup stock, any suggestions?
Please adopt Rocky from @FamilyDogRescue!! He's the sweetest boy. cc: @darth
How One Boy With Autism Became B.F.F.'s With Apple’s Siri - I wish Philip K Dick was alive to read this NYT story
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RT @wilw: And now we're doing our version of an 80s Europop album cover. @Veronica @jonahray @thegynomite @tabletop
TableTop is just a shadow of itself! Just kidding ;) Thanks Wil for having me on!
When I'm bit by mosquitoes, an almost weekly occurrence in my home, I blow up like a goddamn balloon. There are actually three bites in this shot, but it's hard to miss the biggest.
If you can believe it—and you definitely should—there are leaf blower versus rake trolls.
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YES!!!!!!! Here we come, World Series!!!!! #SFGiants
Bodega is ready for the #SFGiants!
I wonder how obvious it is that I've been wearing my shirt backwards all day.
Osprey inside the USS America #latergram
Not even the weirdest face I made on that show! --- Pretty normal reaction to being on the @GameOverGreggy Show.
Husband gave me a compliment and I told him I didn't need his SJW white-knighting.
If you still think an issue exists that's worth threats of murder and school shootings, not sure what else to say. You're the problem.
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I have the fake Lorde song from South Park about pooping stuck in my head.…
If there are any #STL fans wearing these shirts at the game Tuesday, there’s gonna be trouble at #ATTPark:… #SFGiants
NOT REALLY #LIES RT @GameOverGreggy: Are Mexican and Italian food pretty much the same thing? @Veronica thinks so:
GET TO THE CHOPPA! #latergram #fleetweek
Happy Monday! We are 50% funded for Robogames; help us bring robot carnage (and STEM education) back to video!…
All losing aside, @ErinAndrews is looking FIERCE tonight. I want that outfit.
You don't have to tell me twice. #latergram
Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake. Tell my #RallyBum he was great.
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Fav’d without reading or context. “@nytimes: We've been underestimating giraffes
Fat Albert buzzing Bernal #blueangels #fleetweek
@bonniegrrl's new beau is uh... he's got a great personality, I bet.