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Veronica Belmont
Whoa… this is kind of surprising. Nike cutting the FuelBand? Is this because of Apple?… via @cpen
I just became the lady that bought the hideous, insanely comfy walking shoes to wear abroad. Look out, American tourist coming through!
I wrote a post last night highlighting some of the apps I used yesterday to facilitate my laziness.…
I don’t know which is more garbage, AirPlay or the players I use with it.
I’m just totally blown away right now by the weirdness. And also maybe insulted that the thieves hated my choice of clothes so much.
Remember my stolen packages? In a crazy turn of events, they tried to return them to the store & it credited MY acct. The items are there.
Check out our new @swordandlaser interview w/ author @KevinHearne! We talk Iron Druid Chronicles, whiskey, and more:…
I just got a huge influx of Flickr (!?) followers today. Did I miss some big news?
I think I just dreamed I received an email I was expecting. Not even an important one. It’s definitely not in my inbox.
My friend @violetblue has written a book focused on online privacy for women. Good tips for everyone, really!
Just bought every available copy of Tailchaser’s Song by @tadwilliams on Amazon because reasons.
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Like me, they fear the evil day-star.
It’s not technically a real word. But it worked. RT @98lwatso: @Veronica I just learnt a new word!
The “scenes from next week’s Mad Men” are always hilariously non-sequiturial. “Hi, this is Roger.” Titillating!
How should I spec my Khajiit Nightblade? #ESO
Sigur Rós covering the The Rains of Castamere. Also, the first time I’ve heard them sing in English!… #GameofThrones
I had no idea that was Sigur Rós playing at the Purple Wedding! #GameofThrones
I’m very confused by how @MyFitnessPal works with @fitbit. Does it only track calories if you manually create an activity with Fitbit?
Walk-off home run by Crawford took some of the pain out of my Sunday afternoon of tax filing! Thanks, #SFGiants!