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Veronica Belmont
New York (or New Jersey?) is very green.
I didn't know that! I still volunteer. RT @indel: @Veronica @drunkhistory It actually started as a web series.
If they ever make a web version of @drunkhistory I volunteer. Will work for free. I'd like to do the Salem Witch Trials.
I give good paused video face. Yes, I know what it looks like.
That's 20 minutes of Twitter replies I'll never get back. *rinses brain with bleach*
Fark adds 'misogyny' to moderator guidelines via @CNET
Oh forgot to tell you guys about my epic death match against a mosquito in the shower today. I won. This round.
Only feeding my Hatchi cake and letting her read books (no sports). Living vicariously?
The Kindle version of Help Fund My Robot Army is on sale for $.99. I have a story in there!…
110º heat. Dirty open wells. Watch the new video from charity: water & learn how to help 100,000 people in the Sahel:
My mom is using @Outlander_Starz as a conduit for teaching me about my Scottish heritage. Sexy *and* educational!
Playing #Godus on Steam. Love this kind of game, reminds me of Black & White :)
Another Bernal cone car for you.
We're saving energy by installing shades that keep the house cool, while still letting in light! Post your own image of how Californians enjoy their state with the hashtag #StayGoldenCA to be entered for a chance to win a $500 gift card from @EnergyUpgradeCalifornia Learn more here:
It’s Friday. Let’s try harder next week, world.
#Outlander is renewed for a second season, based on @Writer_DG’s Dragonfly in Amber. Retweet to spread the word!
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Me and my brother John. He turned *23* this week!!!!! #tbt
Uber for thinking up a witty comeback at the moment you need it