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Veronica Belmont
@acedtect @justinryoung and me harassed by a drone @jonstrickland. Drawing by @lenperalta!
God damn you and your adorable baby Groot Vine straight to hell, @Veronica! | Awww baby Groot!!
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When @stacylondon challenges you to #ALSIceBucketChallenge, you listen. Maybe I’ll do it here at #DragonCon!
Groot! Made by the awesome @PDelahanty (on Twitter).
This is the weirdest, creepiest Chrome autofill I've ever seen D: (and yes, I renamed Google Search to amuse myself)
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Momentarily baffled by precipitation falling from the sky here in NYC. It's been a long time since I've seen rain.
Pizza dinner with @nickydigital
.@Deprogrammer9 I had just come in for a minute to grab some things, was leaving again shortly. Otherwise I always lock the door!
Random dude just walked into my hotel room. "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this room was vacant!" "Nope."
Receives email. “Dear Sir/Madam…” Deletes email.
Had to talk to @bonniegrrl because I was sitting in my hotel room, crying alone after watching Clara take that phone call. #DoctorWho #feels
Haha I got to my hotel and got into my PJs to watch Doctor Who and realized it is still light outside. So. Living the dream.
Long day, much nervous, such sleep now. Goodnight!
Today was kind of awesome.
New York (or New Jersey?) is very green.
I didn't know that! I still volunteer. RT @indel: @Veronica @drunkhistory It actually started as a web series.
If they ever make a web version of @drunkhistory I volunteer. Will work for free. I'd like to do the Salem Witch Trials.
I give good paused video face. Yes, I know what it looks like.
That's 20 minutes of Twitter replies I'll never get back. *rinses brain with bleach*
Fark adds 'misogyny' to moderator guidelines via @CNET
Oh forgot to tell you guys about my epic death match against a mosquito in the shower today. I won. This round.
Only feeding my Hatchi cake and letting her read books (no sports). Living vicariously?
The Kindle version of Help Fund My Robot Army is on sale for $.99. I have a story in there!…