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Demonica Hellmont
Post-endoscopy selfie I am so high.
Boo-dega in her very scary lion costume! Happy Halloween!
Love seeing @ChevyTrucks embrace last night's awkward WS moment w/ #TechnologyAndStuff. This is how you do Twitter:…
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.@Veronica joins the boys to talk about 17 ridiculous "Sexy" Halloween Costumes.
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Well, as usual things got a little out of control after the #WorldSeries win. We went for a drink in the Mission and ended up being locked inside the bar for our safety (no one in or out). Hard to see here but there's a line of full riot cop police outside. People were burning shit in the street and
Rejoicing on the Tarmac at SFO. We're all freaking out. Amazing way to land in SF. #SFGiants
.@trekkiebogle @FOXSports yes, actually. there’s a long history of locals who call if Frisco.
They just called it “San Fran” on @FOXSports. So.
Said he wants to drive for Uber, but he's too scared because the cab companies stake out the Uber office and fire drivers on the spot. 2/2
Cab driver in Vegas (who is pro-@Uber) showed me this printout from his bosses. 1/2
Frank Underwood in the house. #IBMInsight
Great that #NationalCatDay is getting people to adopt, but please only do so if you're ready. Too many kittens are returned or neglected.
That was not a random string of words I put together. Here's Kevin Spacey before his keynote talk! #IBMInsight
Kevin Spacey is talking about big data and analytics in Call of Duty. Relatable and relevant! #IBMInsight
IBM & Twitter partner! Integrated into Watson- Data intensive capabilities for Enterprise- Socialiazed Enterprise Consulting #ibminsight
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Captain Phillips!! He was so incredibly nice. He's a great storyteller too. #IBMInsight
Well, drank the minibar.
Well. That inning happened.
A hidden GoPro exposes the harassment that women face each day, just walking down the street:
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Listen, guy talking during a live performance that we both paid good money for: I don't want to yell at you either. But someone has to.
Production hacks. You know, for those "no pants" kind of days.
Fitbit charges up its lineup with three new wearables for your wrist… by @redgirlsays
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Our Sword and Laser book pick for November! Read along with us!
Selfie of myselfie. #IBMInsight2014
Vegas, I am in you!
Apparently archiving 58,000 emails will make even Google choke.
How do they find people in the armed forces to sing God Bless America at baseball games? Are there tryouts?
I love my #SFGiants, but now I almost want them to win just to spite the Fox Sports announcers.
We had our first dog agility class today. We’re gonna be all:…
Typically, how long does your dog play catch before she passes out? Mine can do about 10 minutes. Wimp.
Want to see battling robots back on screen? Support STEM education & the Olympics of Robots
Why am I engaging this. Oh. #wine
Discuss. RT @pbpope: I'd say when you allow yourself to define it that way. Like Islamic militants "defining" Islam? Tiny subset != whole.
Back to baseball tweets. Jon Miller just said “Snapchat” and it was hilarious. #SFGiants #WorldSeries
At what point does a movement become indistinguishable from its “fringe” elements?
Thank you @feliciaday for saying everything I’ve been too afraid to:…
I’m a big fan of @ProductHunt. They just launched user profiles:
I’m pretty sure Perez just tweaked Pence’s nipple. #SFGiants