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Verizon Wireless USA
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Pay on the go w/the My Verizon app and avoid the oh-no-I-totally-forgot-my-bill-is-due-now-dear-god-help-me blues.
Which 4G LTE network do you trust to stream your skateboarding dog? Billy Eichner finds out. #ForBestResults
Hit up the savings on @VZWDeals just in time to show off your new phone at Sunday dinner. Frugal Aunt Petunia will be jealous.
Thanks to #TechKNOWledgy, you’ll have to find something else to do with your wallet.
Who cares what the weather’s like when there’s so much happening on the ice? Keep April #FOMOH-free w/NHL GameCenter
Gaga overload! Full performances from @RoselandNY show just released: #GetMoreGaga
You can go green while saving some green! Here are some smart accessories that might help:
A true friend finds terrible selfies on your phone and doesn’t post them on Facebook. #MobileMottos
The new GalaxyS5 is here. The best devices on the best network, #ForBestResults use Verizon:
Today’s #TextTuesday game: continue the story. Start here: I woke staring at the last text sent from my phone…
We sent @billyeichner out on the street to ask what 4G LTE network most people trust #ForBestResults
The answer to today’s #TechTrivia is true. The driverless vans went 8,000 miles, which is how far you’d drive if you were a crazy person.
True or False: in 2010, 4 electric vans drove from Italy to China without a person driving them. #TechTrivia
A lot of sweet devices are launching this month. Who’s planning to use their tax return to get one?
See high-speed tech meet high-speed Indy cars on the track this Sunday at Long Beach. #drivingtechnology
GalaxyS5 = 2 for 1 w/new 2yr activ/phone. What’ll ur friends do for #2?
Forget April showers. You’re going to make it rain with all the $ you save from offers on @VZWDeals!
Exclusive videos filmed by the players themselves? We’ve got @Matt_Beleskey & more on NHL GameCenter. Fight #FOMOH
You can judge every photo by one simple question: would you Zap that? #TechKNOWledgy
Go paperless and pay your bill w/the My Verizon app. It’s easy, and the trees could use the break.
When someone ends a text with a period, they mean business. #MobileMottos
The best apps in life are free. My Verizon is free. I think we understand each other.