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Verizon Wireless USA
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The answer to today’s #TechTrivia is true! Phone numbers 555-0100 through 555-0199 are reserved specifically for fictional use.
True or false: phone numbers in movies usually include 555 #TechTrivia
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The answer is b). Most Americans look at their smartphone 150 times/day. Have you ever counted?
#TechTrivia! How many times does the average American look at their smartphone a day? a) 50 b) 150 c) 300 d) 500
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You can now buy tennis shoes with fitness trackers built in… but would you buy teched-out dress shoes? #WearableTech
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We’re excited that @JJWatt has extended his contract and will give us more years of amazing #Texans defense. Congrats!
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How about a little throwback for this #TextTuesday. RT if you remember T9 texting and having to tap 4 times to get an S?
Make sure your benefits benefit you. See if you’re eligible for employee discounts on Verizon.
The answer to today’s #TechTrivia is A. Today’s mobile phones are more powerful than the PCs that first sent astronauts to the moon.