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Russell Simmons
Don't let yourself be burdened by negativity.
Being present is being truly connected to the moment.
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrate her birthday with a lavish bash in Las Vegas
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Today let your breath be your soundtrack. Smile and breathe in every pose.
Decide that no matter what is happening around you, the sun will always be shining in your world.
If you really want to get ahead, you've got to keep your eyes focused on the path.
Our minds, especially when we don't maintain them, can be a pretty scary place.
RIP: Beyonce's tour photographer Yosra El-Essawy loses battle with cancer
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A truly compassionate person is as strong as a rock.
Good givers are great getters.
Keep endorsing amazing movies watching private screening Got me crying like a mutherfucker #beyondthelights
No matter what we've done or where we've been, every single one of us can change.
When you have a rich spirit, you're already rich. You don't need anything else.
Thank you to @johnlegend for asking Californians to vote #Yeson47! Watch and share!
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.@SupereeeGO and crew meet their new rival, Ken's Auto, in the new ep. of #PedrosAuto "The Car Wash":
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That time @johnlegend called a California voter and convinced her to vote for Prop 47 #cali
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If u can let go of judgment and help the people u meet, u will experience a type of contentedness u probably haven't experienced before.
Happiness sits in the heart.
Block out the noise and refocus on what's inside of you.
#MarysvilleShooting Update: 4 injured, 3 of them critically, shooter was a student
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Essentially, meditation lets your "thinking mind" take a break from itself.
Rest In Peace: Beyonce's tour photographer Yosra El-Essawy passes away
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My man @chrisrock is f*cking genius, but you already knew that……
Excessive use of force by police is a violation of our human rights:
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The higher state is our natural one as humans.
Now Russell Wilson isnt "Black" enough?? My thoughts on "Blackward" thinking @TheCauldron :…
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When you can clear the noise from your mind, you're able to be more thoughtful.
3 quarantined in NYC after doctor tests positive for Ebola, subway infection "close to nil"
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Thank kimora Lee gave 1 million dollars to promoting diversity and opportunity to young designers announced yesterday
So, how do you make it? You stay on your grind.
Everyday, I'm so thankful that I know what it means to operate out of stillness.
So proud of Kurtis blow honored tonight for being great pioneer in hip hop..
Can't even express how happy I am for Chris Rock he wrote and directed a smash. His movie is soooooo dope #TopFiveMovie
Never let outside influences affect your relationship with the world.
When you are creative and full of imagination, so many ideas are going to come into your head.
Tyga opens up about relationship with Blac Chyna, being a single dad, & more
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If God were the ocean u would be a cup of God ...Therefore be still and know "all these things I do…
Ultimately, you have complete control over whether you are happy or unhappy in life.
Don't ever forget that u always have the ability to make a change in how u perceive & react to the world. That power is within your grasp.
Don't get caught up in the hype. Always be connected to, and content with, what's happening in your own head.
Remember, you always control how you react to your thoughts. Not the other way around.
Autopsy: Vonderrit Myers Jr. shot 8 times, 6 from back
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Details: Autopsy reveals Vonderrit Myers Jr. was shot 8 times, six from back
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Here's proof that Beyonce & Jay Z are happier than ever...
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If u can let go of judgment and help the people u meet, u will experience a type of contentedness u probably haven't experienced before.
For the compassionate and empathetic person, happiness is almost guaranteed.