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#MatrixDecodedStudio #VoltronRecordz #MusicBullyMovement
To all my fans, supports and loved ones around the world - in these simple words I send this!
A surprise for my dear nanny Elva watch full video on my
Thank you for always showing the most incredible love and support @Tyrese @IamMrAC "This Is Why You're Single"
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Win 2 tix to see @Tyrese this SAT @COSCircle R&B LIVE @#TheaterMSG #COSMSGSweeps NoPurNecNYNJCT13+Ends10/
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@Tyrese: Aaron Curry did it again ladies THIS is why you're single” I love you bro thanks for the continued support!
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I woke up like this
@Tyrese: This is why you're single we need to get!!! 😂😂😂
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@Tyrese: This is why you're single” -- anyone want to buy me this please... Lol
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Aaron Curry did it again ladies THIS is why you're single
I'm physically walking inside and experiencing answered prayers - it's unreal God I SEE you moving in my life and I'm so grateful Wow!!!!
#MatrixDecodedStudio good energy as always - sending prayers and energy to you 2 and the little angel! #VoltronRecordz #MusicBullyMovement #NotaGame @seigemonstrahs Take that! Ha!
Everybody heads exploded in the studio tonight my last solo album just went to another level #BlackRoseDoubleAlbum #MatrixDecodedStudio #Greatness
Weekend box office: Denzel Washington's 'The Equalizer' debuts with $35M
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@Tyrese: SO amazing how you blessed the walls of my backyard!!!! RT @ToniaCalderon: @Tyrese vision by me.
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I already wrote 2 books - look Google it!! Trust! RT @BranAkaBlessinz: @Tyrese you need to write a book man #realtalk
Success means nothing- fame means nothing - money means nothing if in the end your not trying to help pull other UP to WIN!!!!!
Just being WHO you are will inspire - shout to @WolfJames aka Luke James - so proud!!!!!!!
My message to multi Olympic Gold Medalist Winner Gabby Douglas There's a real void of young blk inspirational successful little girls that are classy and keeping it clean.... All little girls need someone young to look up to that's doing it the RIGHT way! I'm here watching this movie called The G
Seige you lied to me!!!! You said you don't do R&B????? My girl is at it again - this time she brought my young gunz @Seigemonstrahs who produced the intro of the album!!!!!!!!!!! Joint on Marsha's new album and now Keyshia' Cole!!! Salute!!!! Everyone follow @seigemonstrahs
New Tyrese double album coming 2015-
@Tyrese I love you big bro | thank you thank you thank you #LukeJames
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@Tyrese | dude I'm so grateful for you bro. before I had ever met you I was your biggest fan. I…
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#DreDay Tonight the #BeatMastersConnect Follow this BEAST!!! I got @RockWildermusic Grammy award winning monster producing beat legend in LA cookin up some disrespectful shit for my last solo album #BlackRose @rockwildermusic just saved my #BlackRose album - he's on his #2016FuturisticDisrespectic
Your life is gonna change - Marvin is THE greatest!!!!…
I'm sorry guys - I had to put this out there…
Urgent - here's proof that it wasn't me…
Message to Luke James I want you to know NO ONE is more proud of you.... Luke represents that determined spirit - started off singing BG's for me for many years touring ( it's not about your START it's about the BIG FINISH)... His self titled debut about was just unleashed do it now... Do it RIGHT N
It's not about the start it's all about the BIG FINISH Luke was my BG singer for many years! It's incredible to watch him Fly!!!
I love the power of social media cause you just got @whoisLukejames album right now!!!
@Tyrese cant wait to get my BLVCK ROS€ back on... The creative juices are bananas at the moment!!!
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We COOKIN on both sides!!!!!!!! RT @Focus3Dots: Ya'll have no idea!!!!
RIP to the word Turn up already jeez This girl just said " let's meet up and turn up over coffee"... Huh????? FOH!!!!! this #Equalizer is happening tonight PERIOID!!! YALL Need to lock in it looks crazy