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Tyra Banks
Eyes sweetly scared like a doe. She's got what it takes...for sho! #whatittakes
That rare, spooky, fiercely fascinating beauty. Mysterious...Futuristic. #whatittakes
This could be me... ...looking at YOU one day.
Destination success! I wanna guide you to a better neighborhood. A better life. A better you. I gots plans for ya...
@_jamesdawson: from my photoshoot yesterday. The ‘Fake Walk’. I think @tyrabanks would be proud” I AM! -TyTy
Yes, TyTy got her own groceries. Note to my high achievers: Don't lose touch with the real, wonderful world as you conquer your fierce dreams.
When dreaming, keep fighting. Stay focused and don't give up = true success!
& Then there were 11! @LenoxTillman that was close! U ready 2 #Werk UR 5 frames nxt week? ;-) #ANTM see U back here Mon. w/...@NickCannon!!!
Booch so big @MissJAlexander and Ty could put a cup on his booty! @BenSchreen #BoysRBack #ANTM
That's right, @shei_p: Spyder Byte is totally "to die for" - U killed it in that commercial, boo! #ANTM #TyTy10
It’s a shame 2 c such a pretty face go, but actions have consequences...& the result of this 1 is elimination from the #ANTM competition.
@Melodieforsure: @tyrabanks @yutsai the first couple that was up!” Raelia & Ben! 😉@raelia_lewiss@BenSchreenn
Franco & @yutsai make one #Fierce photo team! They’re makin’ my models #werk 4 these shots: #ANTM, who gets UR vote for best byte?
Smirk has officially been #Werk-ed! Cc: @willANTM21 #ANTM
TyTy tip: You can keep it sexy and still keep your clothes on! Fierceness comes from within ;-)
.@mirjanapuhar and @Iam_DenzelWells – I guess “cuddling” these days doesn’t mean what it use to…#ANTM
#ANTM, Truth or Dare? Truth: Things R heating up in the #Cycle21 house...
West Coast, who will fall out of the competition after 2nite's stilts runway show? Live tweet w/ Ty @ 9 PM PT!
#ANTM, R U in total shock?! Bet U didn't see that 1 coming! Ty told U this is #TopModel like U've NEVER seen it b4! ;-) #Cycle21
.@LenoxTillman a little trying goes a long way…Ty pays attention to everrry thing – and effort – in the competition! #ANTM
Ooo chile! @raelia_lewis is #Werk-ing it from #H2T in her commercial! UR givin' Ty chills girl! #TyTy10
Inhale, exhale, all is well in the web of @Iam_DenzelWells…except that FOOT! Lawd have mercy. #BoysRBack #ANTM
#Tooch down, I repeat - tooch down! Come on @raelia_lewis, get back up & #Werk it on that runway!
@carsonleonti: I heard Tyra Banks' forehead is insured for 10 million dollars @tyrabanks” MY SECRET IS NOW OUT! NOT!!!! HA! 😜 -TyTy
“.@yokennson: @tyrabanks family tooch? #ANTM”. A FAMILY TOOCH IS A WHAT? A FOOCH??? -TyTy
Uh-oh…play nice, boys — everyone keep their hands to themselves! @RomeoTostado & @AdamANTM21 #ANTM
@mirjanapuhar: @tyrabanks said she was having a Victoria Secret moment w/ me! Okayyyyy! Let's go #MirjanaArmy #ANTM” I WAS, BOO! -TyTy
.@MatthewSmith3o3 & @willANTM21: the first fiiine guys paired up together for an #ANTM commercial! Damn, #Cycle21 is HOT!
@tyrabanks The peeping tooch was such a good tip to give, I will definitely be doing this in my future:) #ANTM #Cycle21
Retweeted by Tyra Banks
#ANTM, Make Love to the Camera and show Ty your best peeping tooch or peeping booch! Ready, set…TWEET!
.@Keith_Carlos: you ready to write that check to @llcoolj for stealing his lip-lick? #ANTM #Cycle21 #BoysRBack
.@Keith_Carlos & @Iam_DenzelWells - seeing white lights and combining my girls' names celebrity-couple style: do U boys need a moment? #ANTM
East Coast, come closer…my models DO bite 2nite on #ANTM! Live tweet w/Ty about the 1st, smokin’ hot commercials of #Cycle21 @ 9 PM ET!
Models be like, "I know he only dates models, but I'm his first high fashion one. "
Models be like, "But my messy hair's high fashion though."
Models be like "But I'm wearing glasses. I swear I'm smart!"
Fierceday Night
My girl @zendaya definitely has what it takes! Her single eye stare down is giving me all sorts of FIERCE!
So I'm sitting in restaurant & this man comes up2me & says, "Tyra, UR way more beautiful in person". I'm thinking…and on TV...?
So U know when U R right in the middle of something and U get a crazy text so U have to reply "smh" real quick