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Tyra Banks
Mornin' from TyTy
.@TheNvrEndnStori, girl you are killin' it with those cheekbones! WERKKKK! Fierce meeting you, boo 😘
I smized & died.. got to meet and chop it up with the one and only Miss Tyra Banks! #ShesSoDope @tyrabanks @CW_ANTM
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My baes actin' cray
When I'm bored, sometimes I hold impromptu selfie shoots. At my desk, necklace across face. I know. Weird
TyTy, you buggin'!
"TyTy, Good Ass Ratings!!!" The report I received this morn about #ANTMCycle21 premiere episode ratings! Yay!!! Thx so much!!! 👍
@CoryW4de: The #ANTM premiere was amaze!Thank U4 having me! @tyrabanks #BoyzRback Mondays” LUV U -TyTy💛
There are only 14 finalist spots - no model is safe! See if UR favorites stay in the #TopModel race next Monday @ 9/8c ;-) #ANTM21
@tyrabanks Rooting for Chantelle! She is beautiful and inspiring! Will, Romeo, Shei, Kari and Ben are some more of my favorites so far!
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@tyrabanks Shei! Serving that fierce Happa realness! Time for an Asian to take it home! <3<3<3
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@tyrabanks I like will he seems like he has model potential #ANTM21
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#Booch or #Tooch: #ANTM who are UR fav #Cycle21 models so far?
.@willANTM21 is werkin' those heels better than some of my girls! Watch out, #Toochers! #BoysRBack #Cycle21
Ooo these #Cycle21 boys are FEISTY! @RomeoTostado & @DannyBochicchio don't make TyTy come over there. Break it up! #ANTM #BoysRBack
That's right, @winnieharlow, TyTy found U on social media herself, Boo! See, I be seein' y'all ;-) #ANTM #Cycle21
Ain’t no party like a #TopModel party cause a #TopModel party don’t stop! #ANTM, holla if ya hear me!
Did @Keith_Carlos say "ladies love me?" Boy, do U think UR @llcoolj? (Ladies Love Cool Keith?) Chile, boys r DEFINITELY back. #ANTM #Cycle21
It's a bird!…it's a plane!…It's TyTy toochin' in a harness! I told U this was #ANTM like U've never seen it b4! ;-)
West Coast, the wait is almost over! #TopModel like U've never seen it starts in Ty-minus 1 hour. #ANTM #BoysRBack
#ANTM, did UR favorite boocher or toocher make the cut? #BoysRBack #Cycle21 #BoochTooch