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Tyra Banks
This cute Haitian bus art is still at my house. Nobody has taken it yet at the 'Free-for-all grab & go'. U like it?
Where my princesses at??? This faux fur pouf is going home with my homie today!
These faux flowers with silver displays and mama's antique table are up for grabs at my crib today. I wonder what family member will take them home.
This lil cutie is up for grabs at my house today. Who will take her home???
Today I've called peeps I work with, buddies and family to come to my crib to take home as much stuff as they can fit in their car. Cost of entry? $1.00 How much of this fancy wine do you think they'll take home?
Let 'em know just how fierce you are! #fearlessbitches
One moment you're walking down a red carpet, and before you can even wash your makeup off, @anastasiya_art has drawn the cutest lil picture of you.
TyTy in Red at the Top Model #antm22 launch party. And I threw away the damn height requirement! Watch August 5th! Guys & Girls #NotTooShort #NotTooTall
Red Red Red Last night at the #antm22 party. U watching Aug 5th? No height requirements! Hell yeah!
I love Miss Jay & the woman that took this pic because she asked which pic I liked best and deleted the one that sucked. Chelsea Lauren, you give paparazzi a GOOD name! Luv, TyTy #ANTM22 #ANTM IS BACK Aug 5th! See you there!
When you come home and you are loving your makeup so much you hate that you have to wash it off. Know what I mean??? #SculptInStick #WhatLipstick? #Beautytainers #TYRABeauty
Yo! My snapchat is @tyrabanks4real. Check me, boo!
ZigZags on Zyself Art by TyTy
"Mirror mirror on the wall of haterism" Don't worry. Even Princesses get hated on.
.@Caitlyn_Jenner's show debuts tonight. Makes me think of @MsIsisKing. TyTy is still so proud of you.
Caitlyn's show debuts tonight. Makes me think about my precious top model @msisisking. Thinking about you, boo. TyTy is still so very proud of you. #WarriorPrincess.
Kocktail anyone? Has no booze but is tasteeeee! (And it's made with tea and real flowers!)
Just to be in your presence feels like I've been photographed w/royalty. Happy 60th bday @The_Real_IMAN
I'm at a quirky dinner right now. Sippin' on this pretty #mocktail. I'll share some pics of the grub. Stay tuned
You'll see why I love this girl so much on September 14th. #FABLife
How you look when you tried to watch #Sharknado3 but your cable was trippin'.
I'm lookin' at YOU! Do YOU live in the L.A. Area? Do YOU know all about the direct selling biz? Have experience in (and a fierce passion for) Customer Service? TYRA Beauty is hiring a customer experience obsessed Field and Customer Service team member (a.k.a. "Beauty Agent") to join our ranks. Think
When you think you're tall but get reminded that ummmm...maybe you're not THAT tall...
Are you read for more Fun And Beauty in your life? Get ready, @FABLifeShow is gonna be Fierce! @ChrissyTeigen @mrjoezee @LaurenMakk @livingwithleah #FABLifeShow #DIY #Home #Fashion #Beauty #Business #Food

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