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Tyra Banks
So U know when U have a nightmare U missed #ANTM yesterday & realize U really did & set UR DVR to record Monday @ 9/8c so U don't miss it again?
So U know when U have a nightmare U missed #ANTM yday & realize U really did? I got UR bck
And then there were 13. Next Mon. @ 9/8c, lots of 'dos are getting did: it's MAKEOVER WEEK! And, who will the competition be OVER for?
.@KARIxMICHELLE U rockin' the same shoes as TyTy, girl? #Fierce minds think alike ;-)
Fashion spreads & contracts & money…oh my! Only 1 can be on top & take home all of these prizes this cycle. Who R U rooting for? #ANTM21
What "in the name of modeling" is going on in Ty's kitchen?! My models R already heating things up in the house! #ANTM21
#ANTM, which models R werk-ing it while wet? #Cycle21 #BoysRBack
Can I get a #BoomBoomBoom up in here? If U got it, #Fierce it!
**Cue DJ record scratch sound** Boyfriend?! @mirjanapuhar Why U gotta go breaking my boy @MatthewSmith3o3's 💛?
.@Keith_Carlos & @KARIxMICHELLE, don't pull the sheets over our #Smize! What R y'all doin' under there?!
.@Keith_Carlos is teaching us a very important life lesson: for some things, there are no words — just dances.
Don't look now but @AdamANTM21 is doing a spread-eagle on the balcony: not the type of spectating Ty had in mind 4 the runway audience...
My girl @KARIxMICHELLE got my boys @Keith_Carlos & @Iam_DenzelWells feelin' fiercely faint! That's 1 way 2 knock out the competition...
SO good to have @MissJAlexander back to show my models how to #Werk the runway! #ANTM21
West Coast, things R getting wet & wild 2nite on #TopModel! Live tweet w/ Ty in 15 minutes!
2WeeksAgo, I came outta the ANTM sky w/this hat.#ANTM21 is on 2nite. WestCoast tune in @9pm BoysNgirls r gettin' WET!
Can #ANTM21 two weeks ago be considered a #throwback? I came outta the sky with this hat on. #ANTM21 is on tonight. West Coast...tune in at 9pm, boo! The boys n girls r gettin' WET! Fierce & Love, Tyra
Next week Ty is showing U the #WetWorldPremiere of the opening credits! Tune in for the #Fierce reveal Monday @ 9/8c #ANTM21 #BoysRBack
.@Keith_Carlos first #Fierce “10” of #Cycle21! And that's for UR PICTURE, not…the other "thing." #BoysRBack #ANTM21
.@MissJAlexander U R #Werk-ing that hairdo! #ANTM, can U guess what era Miss J is repping? #MissJHaiERA
.@yutsai giving my models some tough love...he knows how amazing they can be! #ANTM21
.@willANTM21 Don't let anybody dull UR shine - U betta #Werk what U got! ;-)
The #BoomBoomBoom: DOB 9/1/14. Weight: 7 boys & a whole lot of #Fierce. #BoysRBack #ANTM21
.@_Slowly_Surely Welcome back, boo! ;-)
.@mirjanapuhar U know Ty has to remind y'all to keep it #Fierce ;-)
That’s right — it’s #CyCLONE21, baby! Who's going to take this cycle by storm - guys or girls? #ANTM21
.@MissJAlexander did U just get struck by #Fierce-ness? ⚡
.@KARIxMICHELLE Sometimes U gotta bring it on the runway…even when U can't see it! #ANTM21
Holla if UR on the M & M (@MatthewSmith3o3 & @mirjanapuhar) train! Matthew is pulling out all his tricks (whispering-in-her-ear included)!
Uh-oh — models, U might want to stay on @RomeoTostado's good side…#BoysRBack #ANTM21
East Coast, U ready for a risqué runway? Tonight on #TopModel, when everything comes’s on! Live tweet w/Ty @ 9 PM ET!
Whitney! She was the first model to win #ANTM that was gorgeously.....?
When I saw her in @Usher video I was like, "OMG! That's my girl!" And her name is....?
When I saw her in @howuseeit's video I was like, "OMG! That's my girl!" And her name is....?
Spooky beauty with beautiful scar on cheek #whatittakes
Who says u gotta be a stick to model??? Werk! #FiercelyReal #whatittakes
Smile for us, baby. #whatittakes
Desperately trying to figure out WTF to text right now. Know the feeling?
One word: cheekbones #whatittakes
Look at her lookin' like @beyonce and @tyrabanks' love child. 😜 #whatittakes
Show me what u got! #whatittakes
She got that "What?!" look on her face but she gots what it takes.
She has those mystery eyes...she has what it takes to model. Not sure if she does. She should.
Next week, 14 become 13 - #ANTM, who will survive the unlucky cut? #ANTM21 Find out Monday @ 9/8c!
Models of #Cycle21, how R U feeling?! Let the #Werk begin ;-) #ANTM #BoysRBack
Dun dun DUN! Top 14…Here we go! #ANTM21