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Tyler Cruz
My website is up for auction. Only 35 minutes left! Current high bid is $259:…
Affiliate Marketing Income Report: July 2014
@tomordonez No insofar as general tutorials, but you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified in the future.
Free-to-Play? More like Free-to-Earn :)
It's been a couple weeks since my last blog post! Here's a new one for you:…
An Update on My Real Estate Investing
Sweet - just got 3 months of Netflix for free... thanks @netflix!
Just finished Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons ( HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Best game I've played in a while. Beautiful.
The Easiest Way to Watch Netflix Outside of The United States!
@RealDesmondOng Yeah, and Copeac. Both are no more :P
Hah. Was cleaning up some files on my computer when I found this. More proof that everyone struggled in the beginning
My affiliate marketing folder on my HD (ad creative + landing pages)...
In case you missed it... here's my Affiliate Marketing Income Report for June 2014:…
Affiliate Marketing Income Report: June 2014
Zipper just got back from his neutering...
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@LukePeerFly How's that pool coming along?
An $85,000 Profit Monthly Report: A Guest Post by AffEngineer!
I just rewrote my blog's About Page as it needed updating at
@getcoldturkey @FelixBelzile I did a blog post about ColdTurkey at… and I'd LOVE to see those bugs I mention fixed!
How I Dramatically Improved My Online Productivity
For you real estate investors out there: Cash-only:… Snowball method:…
Can anyone recommend self-exclusion software? Browser-specific plugins don't really work since I use 3 browsers...
Affiliate Marketing Income Report: May 2014
My Affiliate Marketing Income report for May is now up!…
@SimplyShil Heh, but I spend a long time researching YouTube videos before I ever attempt anything new :P
Found an awesome website if you're looking for and comparing rental properties: (whether as an investor or renter).
@MHurson Sure, thanks! I'm half Filipino and I'm Canadian so it's a perfect match :P
Can anyone recommend a good designer to create me a custom/themed e-mail template for my newsletter?
So I’m Thinking of Investing $200,000…
God, having to manually go through the process of "renewing" expired SSL licenses is such a pain in the ass. There has to be an easier way..
You can create a professional website with Livecity website builder! *ad
@BigGains26 no sorry. Have you tried stm?
Here's another. Even less traffic, but over 1,000% ROI!
@LCharlie Wuh woh, now I need to be accountable since someone cares :P Will try to have one up later today.
A newish traffic target. So frustrating when they convert so awesomely but only have limited traffic...
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I've been having a very difficult time concentrating on work over the past few months. Can't seem to focus longer than a few minutes...
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Still grinding away... will have a couple of new blog posts up within the next day or two.
My interview at BoxOfAds:… (Lifetime discount available here:…)
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Affiliate Marketing Income Report: April 2014
April's Affiliate Marketing Income Report is now up:…
Interesting. Fiverr takes bitcoin as payment now.
An In-Depth Look at BoxOfAds