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teebee †
So much bad shit happens to me I swear. 😂
Someone on tinder super liked me 82 kilometres away, what you looking for girl? Netflix and long distance? 😂
Ive done so much for the wrong people, I can only imagine how much I'll do for the right person.
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Never will understand why some people feel the need to upload so many selfies in such a short amount of time
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No manners 😂😂Nlx
Ain't that some shit
Fuck off Monday.
Sunday nights should always be music and bed. Ain't no better feeling than releasing all that negative energy 👌🏻✌🏻️
Fucking hate being let down 😡
See you later Brendan Rogers 😂
This is what you call a Super Sunday 😍
Girls wonder why most lads want one thing from you.. Are you surprised with your Arse & boobs hanging out in every photo 😷
You can get fake boobs babe but your face still looks like a pitbull.
Just watched a girl I know snort a line of Coke on her snapchat story. Do you feel cool now? 😑
Was on it to go out tonight but villa losing has put me in a dire mood. Hmmm
If I see a girl in knee high boots I instantly think of dirty thoughts 😩🔥🔥🔥
Don't fuck with me bitch I'll fuck your best friend and FaceTime your ass.
I'm about to make my mom a cup of coffee for the first time in my life. This is make or break. More pressure than a first date 😂
Keep thinking its Friday 😂😂😂
Why do girls not care if they're in a bikini, but if they're in bra and pants nobody can see them?!
Booking my next tattoo 😁 Geometric cubes all the way round. Can't wait 😍😍😍😍
Those who are heartless once cared too much
Bad choices make good stories
I need to get away
Can we all just take a minute @tweetemilysears 😩😩😩😍fkh65wP
Facebook and Instagram are down, all these hoes are like "hope my likes are still there" 😂😂😂
Nothing scares me more than my panic attacks, drowning in my own air. I can't cope anymore 😩
Have some of this Monday.
Those clear sky cold crisp mornings 😍 I love winter so much!
Why does the weekend go so fast 😩😩😩
Why is there so many games involved with people man, like if you don't have good intentions just fuck off.
Naps are tradition when you're hanging 😍
How you gonna try fuck me get denied and go back to your ex 😂 absolutely no manners 😂😂😂
Call me disgusting, but hangover poos are one of life's greatest creations 😂
Good to see my boy @Tomking1989 last night. See you for food next week bro 😘
I have so many amazing plans for the rest of this year and next year I can't fucking wait!
Why do people post 4 selfies one after the other on Instagram? Get your catfish vein ass off my feed bitch 😂😂
@TyBracey you're one of the best, funniest humans I know! 😂 love your comment here hahaha!! Xx
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Weather is amazing, I'm hungover, fuck my life. #BedFor1
Topknot is gone finally 😂😂9CG

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