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Testing a new mobile web layout on photo / video pages for iPhone and Android
Introducing Pingly! A new messaging platform working to evolve email
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Twitpic is 6 years old today! Hacked together the first version over a weekend in February 2008
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Fixed a posting bug in our mobile apps. Get the updates here -- iPhone: & Android:
We apologize for the mobile ad causing redirects from Twitpic, that is against our ad rules and we're working to remove the advertiser
Our updated Android app is available now!
...An update to our Android app is expected to be released in a few days
Check out our updated iOS app - Bug fixes and iOS7 tweaks!
We are hiring an iOS Developer! Check out the position details here:
Photo posting by email has been fixed! Thank you for your patience while we fixed the posting delay
Photos posted by email are currently delayed...we are working to fix this issue now
The intermittent connection issue with our hosting provider has been fixed...sorry for that annoyance!
Some users were receiving an error when trying to upload a photo or video...that issue has been fixed
I (@noaheverett) am very sorry for the issue that plagued us today & I understand how frustrating it was. I thank you for your patience.
We've heard from Google and they have removed the block. Access to Twitpic should be restored...
...we have also conducted a full audit of and removed any party that could potentially cause this issue
We have still not heard from google on this matter and have sent in multiple site review requests earlier today...
Hey @google, can someone from your chrome / safe browsing team contact us?
Working to fix the google chrome malware notice when visiting as this is not true or the case, trying to contact google
Share beautiful photos this holiday season with our mobile apps. Available on iPhone & Android
New update for our iPhone app is out! - Includes UI improvements and bug fixes
Twitpic for Android is now available!
We're very sorry for an unauthorized ad that caused some mobile users to not be able to access, this has been fixed
Fixing a bug in our iPhone app causing blank timelines for some users posting a photo in the app is a quick fix for now