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Edward Alex Smith
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Look who came to see me today!!
Lazy Sunday playing with the wife n kid! (They're both more into it then me...) @mezzzannie @princesscupcaake
Cornwalls been keepin' busy with my hair, boys. #suicidesilence #lol
..even takes the fun way out lol
@vgio347 ah, well, see you soon brother!
I love coming home to my bride-to-be. We have the best hangouts, every night. I wouldn't want it any other way. @mezzzannie
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind...
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Babe is out with the girls, I'm in with the games. #ps3 #ps4 #igameonfridaynights
Playing with @princesscupcaake after school. #fall
Great parking job buddy...
Watch Dogs Platinum Trophy! Another one for the collection.
Get “The Devil In I”/ “The Negative One” CD single at @BestBuy + $2 off our new album:
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Even Sophie is getting ready for #slipknot and the #prepareforhell tour! \m/
I have the best clown-bowling shoes.
Awh poor girl, she is not impressed lol
A little overkill, maybe? I thought Halloween was for children..
Brothers in arms. @iinstagrammed @andrewkoeber
Making eggs with the wee one! The easter bunny is gonna have some real old, spoil-boiled eggs next year! @princesscupcaake @mezzzannie
Home sweet home. @mezzzannie
We were sad to see @mezzzannie get the bus this morning.
Came home and @mezzzannie had hid these all over our apartment. To cute.
So long for now, Quinn. It's been an incredible year with you. I'll see you soon.
Was #wcw yesterday? Oh, I must have forgotten because I have mine every day of the week. <3 @mezzzannie
I love waking up with gifts in the mail for Quinn and I from @mezzzannie and @princesscupcaake
This babe, though. @mezzzannie
Lmfao @markheylmun 's face!! Hope you guys are enjoying the book! That was a great show!
#tbt @meggymoo089 and I were a damn cute set of twins.
So.. I'm burning down my deck.
A going away gift! Thank you Kristin! Tag yourself if you want, but almost everyone made the cut!
My mom and sister bought me an Edgar Allan Poe (Raven Included!!) action figure. Mama knows best haha
I sent Annie a picture of us for our one year anniversary and Sophie loved it so much they both started crying and called me to tell me that they missed me. My heart broke the best way possible. I love my girls so much. @mezzzannie @princesscupcaake #love
Robin Williams RIP. A great light goes out.
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Didn't know you were a fan of #slipknot Quinn..
Finally putting RISK: Metal Gear Solid edition to good use. Amazing game, way to much fun. #yeahimanerd #dosomething