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Edward Alex Smith
So long for now, Quinn. It's been an incredible year with you. I'll see you soon.
Was #wcw yesterday? Oh, I must have forgotten because I have mine every day of the week. <3 @mezzzannie
I love waking up with gifts in the mail for Quinn and I from @mezzzannie and @princesscupcaake
This babe, though. @mezzzannie
Lmfao @markheylmun 's face!! Hope you guys are enjoying the book! That was a great show!
#tbt @meggymoo089 and I were a damn cute set of twins.
So.. I'm burning down my deck.
A going away gift! Thank you Kristin! Tag yourself if you want, but almost everyone made the cut!
My mom and sister bought me an Edgar Allan Poe (Raven Included!!) action figure. Mama knows best haha
I sent Annie a picture of us for our one year anniversary and Sophie loved it so much they both started crying and called me to tell me that they missed me. My heart broke the best way possible. I love my girls so much. @mezzzannie @princesscupcaake #love
Robin Williams RIP. A great light goes out.
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Didn't know you were a fan of #slipknot Quinn..
Finally putting RISK: Metal Gear Solid edition to good use. Amazing game, way to much fun. #yeahimanerd #dosomething
Starting the night off right with my love @mezzzannie <3
Getting some quality alone time with @princesscupcaake. See you later @mezzzannie
"Hey... I see you're in the kitchen. You better get your ass over here and scratch my damn belly. I'm not asking."
#illnino will also be reading my book, A Little Existence during the Mayhem tour. They seemed very interested so I hope they enjoy it! \m/
#SuicideSilence will be reading my book, A Little Existence while on tour and you should too! #YouCantStopMe
Ill Nino: One of my favorite bands of all time and I'll be hanging out with them later. \m/
We are here, we are alive and well, and we are fuckin' READY!!!
Cannot wait for the third and final one of the series is up there.. The Beginning is just a couple more weeks away!
Poor Meggy.. @meggymoo089
"...and what did the angels say after dat, Papa?"
I got posters for the prequel! She'll be out next month! Who's gonna buy it?!
Just chillin' at the beer store like a paws.
I may have trashed my car, but that was not enough to stop me from getting my #suicidesilence cd back! #youcantstopme \m/
Double date with this beautiful babe. @mezzzannie
Movie and champagne night with the love of my life @mezzzannie
A new study says schizophrenia and pot smoking are genetically linked — but don't worry, another study says you're just being paranoid.
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@DavidBHayter If it's not a Kojima joke about Solid Snake *cough in MGS:V I need to hear your character say "War has changed." We miss you.
Just screwing around with @mezzzannie
Got (most) of my babies back! I feel whole again! #film
Got the cutest card today in the mail from Sophie! <3 @mezzzannie @princesscupcaake
Goin' for a cruise with Gizmo.