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Edward Alex Smith
Didn't know you were a fan of #slipknot Quinn..
Finally putting RISK: Metal Gear Solid edition to good use. Amazing game, way to much fun. #yeahimanerd #dosomething
Starting the night off right with my love @mezzzannie <3
Getting some quality alone time with @princesscupcaake. See you later @mezzzannie
"Hey... I see you're in the kitchen. You better get your ass over here and scratch my damn belly. I'm not asking."
#illnino will also be reading my book, A Little Existence during the Mayhem tour. They seemed very interested so I hope they enjoy it! \m/
#SuicideSilence will be reading my book, A Little Existence while on tour and you should too! #YouCantStopMe
Ill Nino: One of my favorite bands of all time and I'll be hanging out with them later. \m/
We are here, we are alive and well, and we are fuckin' READY!!!
Cannot wait for the third and final one of the series is up there.. The Beginning is just a couple more weeks away!
"...and what did the angels say after dat, Papa?"
I got posters for the prequel! She'll be out next month! Who's gonna buy it?!
Just chillin' at the beer store like a paws.
I may have trashed my car, but that was not enough to stop me from getting my #suicidesilence cd back! #youcantstopme \m/
Double date with this beautiful babe. @mezzzannie
Movie and champagne night with the love of my life @mezzzannie