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What a game @Wilnerness590 Player of the game for the #BlueJays = John Gibbons #chessmaster
Please Edwin, please don't be on PEDs...please! #BlueJays
I don't like how Gibbons pulls his starters when they're pitching well @Wilnerness590 - especially with an inconsistent bullpen right now
#tbt to when long hair and bandanas were cool. *correction: bandanas were never cool
Mental reps before real reps. Big back day - single arm rows! Video will be posted tomorrow.
My favourite form of cardio! Work is in my blood! #fitness first!
Rise and Grind! Puttin' in work before work.
Do it for yourself and nobody else! #muscleandhealth #fitness #lifestyle #fitfam #weightlifting #bodybuilding
Running Keeps Me Happy - Why do you love running?
Doing some urban shooting around #Toronto - I love this city!
Took my Nike+ SportWatch for a test run to see how it stacks up against the Nike+ Android App. VERDICT: The watch is more accurate and easier to run with than my phone. 5K in 24.42 on a windy winter afternoon
Lose a bet to me and I will slap the sh!t out of you - sorry kid
Keep It Simple Stupid! CHALK. BAR. IRON. YOU! Go lift something heavy!
I've had enough of this horrid #Toronto winter - #tbt from last summer with the kid - #summer #cottagelife #boyz
Forgive me Instagram for I have sinned, it has been 9 weeks since my last posting. I fell off the grid but I'm back! - you are the only social media outlet for me
I don't care about your Facebook Movie...I really don't #msgtoeveryone #thismeansyou
This is not just a pre-game speech for football - it's a speech for life!
One of the most amazingly inspirational videos I have ever seen and heard!
It begings - summon the New Year's Resolutionists #DoYouEvenLift #muscleandhealth #fitfam #lifestyle #health
I posted a new photo to Facebook
Today's the day of delusions and broken promises. Happy New Years! #diet #nutrition #lifestyle #muscleandhealth #nye
Shrugs are so simple, but it's crazy how many people get it wrong. I've been doing it exactly how Gabe shows them...
And the award for 'Worst Offensive Line' goes to...the Miami Dolphins! #NFL