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Treyarch Studios
On this Labor Day help veterans find meaningful careers after their service by supporting the Call of Duty Endowment:
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If this is a long, holiday weekend for you, enjoy and be safe. And few things can keep you safe like 2XP...just saying.
We're now live across all platforms. Go forth and may the 2XP gods smile upon you.
Gave @TheOfficialA7X's "Waking the Fallen: Resurrected" record a listen and it put us in a #tbthursday kind of mood.
Making plans for the long, 3day weekend? No? Well, then by all means, allow us to help. #BlackOps2
Miss the #UMGDallas action this weekend? Read the recap and catch up on @DenialEsports' road to victory:
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Congrats to @DenialEsports for their big win at #UMGDallas this weekend! Kudos to all participating teams and some great gameplay!
Best of luck to this weekend's #UMGDallas competitors! If youre attending/watching the action, have fun and enjoy all the great gameplay!
COD:WaW fans will likely appreciate this:
Huge day for the zombies community when @ProSyndicate hits 100k+ viewers on a zombie stream. ZOMBIES AIN'T DEAD BABY!…
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Yesterday marked the #ThisDayInCOD (COD:WaW) anniversary of Pvt. Miller escaping Makin Atoll:
If you went to #Gamescom and you're reading this, it means that you survived...congratulations.
Nuketown as a vacation destination?
Happy belated birthday to our one and only, Nikita Dragovich. #ThisDayInBlackOps
Congrats to @SHGames on the reveal of their #AdvancedWarfareMP and for an exciting GamesCom! We can’t wait to play!
In the home stretch of the 2XP/2XweapXP weekend...we hope you had fun! Also, thanks again to those that stopped by for Friday's #CGN!
The 2XP/Nuketown issues with the WiiU should be resolved. Thank you for your patience!
Crushing it with @II_F0XH0UND_II & @Treyarch's @jrafacz! Still accepting invites. Message "B1ackice" on XBL for an invite. #BlackOps2 #CGN
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I'm hanging in the game lobby with @Treyarch's Jay Puryear and accepting invites. Message "B1ackice" on XBL for an invite. #BlackOps2 #CGN
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Community Game Night anyone? Tonight, @CODBlackIce will host. Message GT: B1ackice for an invite @ 5pmPDT/8pmEST. #CGN
Getting word of some issues with 2XP for the WiiU. Looking into it, stand by.
Tomorrow @ 10am/PDT, we're going to turn on 2XP/2XweapXP + Nuketown 24/7 playlist (ends Mon@10am/PDT). Come get some!
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong (July 20-21, 1969)
Wishing the team at @SHGames a very happy 5th Anniversary!
Thanks to Tumblr's callofdutygaming115 for this cool #BlackOps2 GIF:
15min reminder that our #WeekendWarrior code giveaway will happen here at noon/pst: See you soon!
We're feeling nostalgic for some #BlackOps. Let's suit up and go for a plane ride:
So, let’s try this again: From our family to yours, have a safe and happy 4th of July!
From out family to yours, have a safe and happy 4th of July!
For those in the US who are cutting today short for the holiday weekend, safe travels and enjoy the 4th of July!
On #ThisDayInCOD, Alex Mason and Jason Hudson set out to rescue Frank Woods.
Special thanks to the Call of Duty community for always having our six. Without you we wouldn't be here. #bestfans
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Sorry, but we just couldn’t help ourselves…
Creating a 3D model of the Blundergat was fun, but what does it sound like? That's where our audio team came in:
Blundergat: Some assembly required:
Dempsey with a little perspective...
Our 3D printer was hungry, so we fed it some Blundergat renders: #BlackOps2
A 3D printer about to make our Zombies Labs a little more interesting:
Congratulations to the Evil Geniuses for winning this weekend's MLG Championship Anaheim!
Best of luck to all of this weekend's MLG Anaheim competitors! Here's what you'll need to know to follow along: