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Treyarch Studios
Miss the #UMGDallas action this weekend? Read the recap and catch up on @DenialEsports' road to victory:
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Congrats to @DenialEsports for their big win at #UMGDallas this weekend! Kudos to all participating teams and some great gameplay!
Best of luck to this weekend's #UMGDallas competitors! If youre attending/watching the action, have fun and enjoy all the great gameplay!
COD:WaW fans will likely appreciate this:
Huge day for the zombies community when @ProSyndicate hits 100k+ viewers on a zombie stream. ZOMBIES AIN'T DEAD BABY!…
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Yesterday marked the #ThisDayInCOD (COD:WaW) anniversary of Pvt. Miller escaping Makin Atoll:
If you went to #Gamescom and you're reading this, it means that you survived...congratulations.
Nuketown as a vacation destination?
Happy belated birthday to our one and only, Nikita Dragovich. #ThisDayInBlackOps
Congrats to @SHGames on the reveal of their #AdvancedWarfareMP and for an exciting GamesCom! We can’t wait to play!
In the home stretch of the 2XP/2XweapXP weekend...we hope you had fun! Also, thanks again to those that stopped by for Friday's #CGN!
The 2XP/Nuketown issues with the WiiU should be resolved. Thank you for your patience!
Crushing it with @II_F0XH0UND_II & @Treyarch's @jrafacz! Still accepting invites. Message "B1ackice" on XBL for an invite. #BlackOps2 #CGN
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I'm hanging in the game lobby with @Treyarch's Jay Puryear and accepting invites. Message "B1ackice" on XBL for an invite. #BlackOps2 #CGN
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Community Game Night anyone? Tonight, @CODBlackIce will host. Message GT: B1ackice for an invite @ 5pmPDT/8pmEST. #CGN
Getting word of some issues with 2XP for the WiiU. Looking into it, stand by.
Tomorrow @ 10am/PDT, we're going to turn on 2XP/2XweapXP + Nuketown 24/7 playlist (ends Mon@10am/PDT). Come get some!
"One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong (July 20-21, 1969)
Wishing the team at @SHGames a very happy 5th Anniversary!