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Total Film
Team TF are heading home after another awesome Comic-Con. Stay geeky, San Diego! #SDCC
LEGO Smaug... Spot the little scale-size Bilbo Baggins #SDCC
Duncan Jones revealed the first #Warcraft trailer at Comic-Con. Here's what went down #SDCC
Just been to the #PixelsMovie arcade in #SDCC. Couldn't clear one wave of space invaders. Our 10-year-old self is crying in a ball of shame.
Watch the explosive #MadMax: Fury Road footage that debuted at Comic-Con right here #SDCC
Godzilla 2's monsters and a King Kong reboot confirmed at Legendary's Comic-Con panel #SDCC
Ant-Man! Thanos! Guardians 2! 10 Things We Learned From Marvel's Comic-Con panel #SDCC
Guardians Of the Galaxy 2 set for 28 July 2017 - straight from the Gunn's mouth. #SDCC
Chris Pratt and James Gunn appear via video from London to confirm Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 - it's arriving 28 July 2017! #SDCC
Age of ultron trailer earns standing ovation from crowd AND cast. Top money shot? Hulkbuster. Or Serkis - as Serkis. #SDCC
Josh Brolin arrives on-stage - #Thanos is here! #SDCC
Spader: "I've always played humans up till now..." #SDCC
Bettany: "it's the most exciting thing that's ever happened to my children." #SDCC
Anything hemsworth would like to do as Thor? "Turn him into a woman." #SDCC
Renner was convinced to play Hawkeye by RDJ washing his car in a thong. Apparently. #SDCC
RDJ: "I become a little less significant every time... which is just fine." #SDCC
Every Age Of Ultron-er is here bar Joss and Johansson. #SDCC
Downey Jr's chucking flowers into to the crowd to sounds of Michael Jackson #SDCC
Quickie teaser showed our hero on a flying ant. #SDCC
Corey Stoll set to be Yellowjacket in the film... #SDCC
Lilly's playing Hope Pym but "can't say anything else" #SDCC
Rudd: "popping my comic con cherry is as advertised!" #SDCC
Plus director Peyton Reed - who's been to comic con over 20 times. #SDCC