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Those closeminded to dialogue dont get to be part of the conversation and that conversation will get heard whether you like it or not
Damnit there is so much insanity surrounding this. It's been insane for 3 months and I'm so tired of it.
The behavior towards @davidpakmanshow today is disgraceful. If you harass a journalist for trying (cont)
And it recorded without any sound. Shoulda seen that coming. Fuck me.
We're hoping to build my new machine over the weekend so I'll have more headroom on very demanding games.
Lords of the Fallen video recorded in 60. Some minor drops from time to time, that game is intensive, as is capturing it
I dont think anyone should be condemned for refusing interviews. I turned down MSNBC because I didnt think I'd get a fair shake
It doesn't seem right to force those who want to watch in HD to also watch at 60 if their connections or computers cant handle it.
I'd say Youtube needs to give an option to watch 720/1080p 30 though. Mostly due to performance issues on some peoples computers
Some people asked for a 30vs60 comparison video. Implying that my audience would be blind enough to need that.
It will be interesting to see what people think once Blizzard finalises its plans for the other WCS regions.
Without this stuff I would have expected many Koreans to retire and our team would certainly have an uncertain future.
Blizzard also announced some weekend events in Korea with WCS points. This came up in discussion with them a lot over the past few months
Oh cool we can finally talk about the new leagues in Korea for SC2. Great news and needed frankly (cont)
Halflife 3! Exclusive to iPad! #scarystoriesin5words
As @SkyWilliamsTho - some of yo mofuckers need Jesus. Enough of the silliness, back to productive works.
Everytime I hear such outrageous things it reinforces my belief that sanity and discourse is the way to go, CUZ Y'ALL CRAZY
It's a good job I don't believe in guilt by association otherwise everyone who posted on Reddit would be a racist necrophiliac. Geez
Did a Redditor really threaten to tell me about 8chans "awful boards"? YOUR SITE HAS LITERAL PICTURES OF DEAD CHILDREN ON IT
"30fps standard for all platforms" #ScaryStoriesin5Words
Hint, you do not upload 400GB/hr footage, that's why you encode it... You work with high bitrate, encode to lower when you're done
For those tech-minded, here's an account of what happened. I record in fairly high bitrate. It's (cont)
Spent most of yesterday testing codec solutions for 60fps, capture. Couple of tests -
Interestingly they chose the picture that was taken when I went to speak in Sweden about diversity in games design. Appropriate.
I am sorry to disappoint those who thought I wouldn't be able to handle that. I will try and take more painkillers to make it fair next time
My interview with @davidpakmanshow discussing ethics in games media is up -
"Hmm, these Youtube comments aren't loading... wait a second, these Youtube comments aren't loading! :D"
Well it's finally happened, they're porting mobile versions of old PS2 games to 360 now -
At least with the BBC I can say "My name? It's Pratchetts" fault and they'll instantly understand.
It's at this point that I start to regret using TotalBiscuit as an identifier. "We have here today a crazy person called TotalBiscuit!"
I've been contacted for several interviews regarding ongoing events, the BBC got in touch, so no need to pester the poor reporter
While you're waiting, my wife made a new video with our awesome dogs -
I'm shooting for 60fps but its a very demanding game and I'm not sure my capture drive can keep up with it. I've ordered an SSD to replace
Game has crashes a few times for me and has alt-tabbing issues. It's not been crazy unstable as it has for some though
Alright, suit off. Fluffy robe back on. Back to Lords of the Fallen. I will let you know when the interview goes live
It is entirely possible that I will be mistaken for Dustin Browder. My glorious mane seems to have run off to warmer climbs
I apologise that I was not wearing my glasses during the interview, I can't find them. As a result I am 25% less credible.
New Video! Kumo & Taichi : Let's Play with Balls --…
Retweeted by TotalBiscuit
Gonna continue doing what I think is right, if it aligns with your opinions and goals or not, you won't be harmed by listening to varied PoV
Ethics in Games Media: Stephen Totilo of Kotaku comes to the table to discuss
The "TotalBiscuit thinks Warhammer copied Halo" guy is still a heretic.
In conclusion, Twitter is terrible :P
I admit to not thinking that way in the past and I deeply regret using my audience as ammunition to (cont)
I don't like my viewers going after people that disagree with me. Dogpiling is entirely unnecessary, I can handle my own critics just fine.
I like articles like this but I really wish they would give specifics. Is (cont)
Oh, oh wow. Can I have it? -
I'd say the discussions of such matters should take into account multiple viewpoints but I guess written form is limited length-wise
If I were to add any addendum to it, its my longstanding view that scores should be abolished, which would end many of these arguments
My opinion remains unchanged btw, I fully support Danielles right to discuss those issues and I think it was done well
Recent events reminded me of the video from a year ago regarding Dragons Crown and "what can you say in a review?" -