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Hearthstone and WTF is Super Time Force Ultra complete for tomorrow :D
Reminder, the "Swatter" getting 25 years in prison is a fake article, quit circulating it. The pic is from here -
I baptize you in the name of God, the sons of Starcraft and the holy cloaked ghosts -
Flash is back, such a great moment.
I didn't get where I am by complaining about writers. I got here by complaining about options menus damnit!
I think I'm done feeling depressed about games media and instead motivated to make more of my own and improve it for my viewers.
Flash vs Zest in the grand finals, gotta watch this, whoever wins, we win -
It's essentially a team game that you play with yourself
Super Time Force Ultra is the most original and interesting game on a mechanical level that I've played in a long time
Meanwhile, in the mainstream media - - Am I in the Twilight zone?
Oh god this series is already amazing.
Taeja vs Flash is about to start - or you can use my chat on
I'm extremely disappointed with the stores service this time around. Its strange, they've done fine up to this point
If you ordered early on and it hasnt shipped yet, email a screenshot of your order to mailbox[at]cynicalbrit[dot]com
The 60fps Shirts go off sale on Tuesday forever, if you wanted to pick one up, now's the time -
If you wish to provide feedback or critique, making a video or writing a blog is a good way to get your point across. Comments, not so much.
We found that was the result of sub-only chat on Twitch. Once you get to a certain size it's just a crowd yelling, not a discussion
Seems reasonable, paywalls can filter out huge amounts of negativity and create a more pleasant, safe environment for everyone.
Pewdiepie turning off comments and considering whitelisting commenters in return for a charitable donation -
The insane last moments of Life vs First -
Stream: 3k MMR, road to TI5 begins - DOTA2:…
OlimoLeague - YongHwa vs Journey
Streaming DOTA2 live at perhaps a more EU friendly time? -
A great post by @MissAngerist that I can't help but agree with -
A solid post that addresses fandom/fanaticism and how best to deal with it when it gets ugly -
"You spent too much time on the crafting mechanics in Lichdom", as I should, its the core of the game.
FYI that article being circulated about a kid getting 25 years in prison for swatting gamers is a fake.
Large ISPs wish to block municipal broadband providers expansion. CAN'T IMAGINE WHY THAT WOULD BE
If there is a media personality or site that hasnt decided to stereotype and insult millions of people this week, please let me know.
If you thought British TV was bad enough when dealing with the topic of Twitch, don't worry, the French are worse -
The Olimoleague finals caster has lost its caster due to tech problems. I will substitute on
► WTF Is... - Lichdom: Battlemage ?
200,000 people viewed my wordy blog. That's pretty awesome. I wonder how many actually got to the end?
The latest Co-optional is available on Youtube, sorry for the delay -
I made it to potato tier! -
The chat sucks so subscribers are free to use mine instead with hostmode on -
Flash vs Scarlett is happening RIGHT THE HELL NOW -
My most difficult battle today was trying to get the dogs away from the discarded pizza box they found during their walk.
That is not how you spell Professor. Phrofessor is a famous rapper if I recall correctly.
And Phrofessor Layton vs Phoenix Wright just came out on the eShop. Day just keeps improving.
It is critical that we critique critically the critical crits
Did you miss The Tabletop last night? For some of the silliest and greatest Hearthstone games you've ever seen -…
Funny how every "I have a reason to turn on my Wii U again!" seems to come from Platinum Games.
I don't look forward to playing future titles all that much but I will make an exception for Bayonetta 2.
Your crits can also crit. Now that's a mechanic I can get behind.
Oh neat, GOD Factory is out. I enjoyed that when I saw it at PAX a while ago, I wonder if it's any good.