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Christ this thing really is Call of Duty: Legionary Warfare isnt it?
Does Ryses combat system get any depth at any point or am I really going to be mashing left and right mouse buttons for 6 hours?
LittleVMills cover of Killer Instincts "Maya" theme is just fantastic -…
Wow, so many views on the Beyond Earth video. Thank you. That's a really nice "welcome back" present
Ryse vs Borderlands in Boredomoff 3000! Which will make me want to take prescription medication first? Lets find out!
I mean god it is REALLY hard to be worse at Twitter than me but somehow Gawker employees seem to manage it :P
And yes I did just call him a fucking idiot by email for comparing Gamergate to Ebola. What is it with Gawker and twitter?
I have known him for a while, he's one of the tiny few people in trad games media I actually speak to regularly. He is a good man.
Incidentally, @jasonschreier is sincere when he says he wants to hear about ethical concerns in games media. Please treat him as such
Far more important than any of this tripe is the release of Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise on Steam
@Totalbiscuit That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.
Retweeted by TotalBiscuit
As usual, when presented with such accusations, we ask for proof. If none is forthcoming, we dismiss it and move on. Done.
Apparently [citation needed] is not something people who make videos like this consider
Watching a pseudo-academic criticism of Gamergate and apparently I have a long-standing axe to grind with minority representation!
An answer to a piece of criticism regarding my Legend of Korra video."A lot of his points (cont)
► WTF Is... - The Legend of Korra ?
James Spader is: Metal Fetish Robot
Civ: Beyond Earth and a return to work
Or some large Team fortress 2 tournament. That might work. Dibs on Scout.
Neither side is going to be brow-beaten into submission, if this thing is to end it will be done through discourse not goddamn shouting.
Let me clear, if people reach out to you asking to discuss Gamergate and you say "nope, too late", you prove them right.
Unfortunately there is nothing as smart or as relevant in Beyond Earth as this -
Please don't go. The drones need you. They look up to you.
Was playing Double Action on a server called "Cant touch this" which plays MC Hammer. (cont)
Superbunnyhop talks about the value of gaming beyond 60fps - - busts framerate myths
It's one of those days where we need some Sabaton -
I just bought a ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ plush, what the hell is wrong with me?
I can't comment on the story, I know nothing about Legend of Korra, you'd have to ask my son about that
Same damn enemies over and over in a fairly boring environments
The combat system appears to have a little more depth than some have claimed initially. Definitely repetitive though
You know outside of the shoddy port I dont actually hate Legend of Korra
I'm happy to see Gawker medias turnaround. From literally stalking celebrities to condemning the stalking of celebrities. Great work.
It's cool btw, keep the scrutiny up. I might tire of answering the same questions but you still have the right to ask em ;)
There's a spiritual successor to the Specialists Mods? Well my day plan was just altered -
Why on earth does Giant Bomb never get this level of scrutiny on their quick looks I wonder? So strange. Oh well.
As usual the good old "its a review!" argument rears its ugly head.
They may have more involvement in Harmony alignment, but I did not go down that route. They have no involvement in Supremacy
Some people are claiming the aliens are a "major part" of Beyond Earth. I saw no evidence of that being the case, neither did IGN
A masterclass in how to properly cover tragedy and not glorify the perpetrator -
Yeah I’m trying to call but so is the rest of the world it seems so hey :D
Heh, trying to call into this NPR show reminds me of trying to win prizes on those Saturday morning kids shows in early 90s.
That's a bit of a criticism I definitely don't get. You generally introduce things at the start of videos....
"I don't understand the purpose of putting the trivia coverage at the front of the video". You dont know why the intro is at the start? O_o
That's just the nature of grand strategy, take first impressions as they are, a tool in a varied toolbox.
As stated in my video, there's gonna be stuff that people discovery 2000 hours into the game that I didnt cover
BTW I missed discussing the Aliens in Beyond Earth. My encounters with them were limited to the (cont)
I am coming to the conclusion that Twitter is a major negative force on the internet. Consider the (cont)
Sorry guys we didn't tweet a hashtag enough today so harassment across the internet didn't end. Also we didn't find Kony :(