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Hearthstone: Gimmicks vs Naxxramas Frost Wyrm Lair
Finally beaten it after near perfect draws. What a slog, I'd certainly not have made that the last challenge, soured things greatly.
The main problem is it has is that it appears extremely combo centric but lacks significant draw. Good topdecks required.
Coming to the conclusion that as much of an idiot as I am, the Paladin class challenge is terribly designed.
Apparently people dig it a lot, it's just maybe the worst banner I've ever seen.
This is on the Steam frontpage -
Note the line "calm the fuck down, cooler heads prevail", something my detractors apparently did not read. Naxx time, have a good day.
Just a reminder of what I actually said, so that if you hear people twisting it, you have the facts -
@Totalbiscuit I don't recall a time when you stood against equality in the game industry
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Which is the reason why the internet's idea of "social justice" is something i want no part of. Justice through lies and abuse? Not justice.
Those interested in "social justice" today have called me a misogynist thug, a nazi and a variety of other interesting lies.
A reasonable stance will look extreme to the extremist.
It is interesting. Spent 4+ years helping indie devs wherever I can with huge exposure, yet many turned on me the last few days.
Is it time for motivational.avi again? Videogames -…
A rock cover of the Hearthstone soundtrack by @LittleVMills -…
Last chance to qualify for OlimoLeague August Finals is this week! Sign up for OlimoLeague 4~~
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Sad to hear that @ChanmanV is taking a step back from the scene. On the plus side that's an hour less of Richard Lewis talking about LoL.
Introduced the parents to Dominion, after my dads insistence that he does not enjoy games he was 3 points off winning.
For those asking, ISIS just beheaded an American journalist. Sad, sad world.
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I think it was ASDAs own brand of dogfood.
The skeletons in my closet are... Read:
Had a nap and dreamed I had made an anime. Woke up to SJW spreading lies about me. Thanks god I haven't made an anime.
Can I just videogames?