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Running a little late on the show, guest is having technical issues.
Can you believe real websites are still peddling this tosh? -
When was the last time I actually spent any amount of time complaining about FoV? Which video? Its a meme at this point, rather than truth.
I do find the "aint nobody got time for that" complaints kinda amusing though. Evidently hundreds of thousands of people "got time for that"
"no one wants to watch someone click through menus and complain about FOV settings for 10 (cont)
No my rusty decade old understanding of UK law does not count :P
As some have pointed out its quite possible that since Youtube is a US company, you're bound by it anyway. Dunno, ask a lawyer.
Regardless its my belief that disclosure should be first priority regardless of your country of origin
Worth noting people in non-US countries have different rules to abide by, FTC only covers US channels.
Ever since the XB1M13 scandal, companies have been VERY aware of the issue of disclosure and falling foul of the FTC
As an FYI I got a look at the contract for the deal and it says disclose as per FTC regs. They pretty much all do these days
Seen some of the sponsored content for Shadow of Mordor popping up on Youtube, some of it (cont)
► WTF Is... - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ?
Ok, dogs have calmed down. New puppy is here and everything seems fine. Tomorrows podcast guest is @Proton_Jon g'night
Our video is almost an hour long so it could take a while to process. Game isnt bad and neither is port.
Sorry, they changed the release date of Shadow of Mordor at the last minute, so we're still uploading. Bloody 'ell
Honestly if people could resist buying day 1 none of this would be a problem. But they cant :P
Reading a few forums (yeah I know my mistake) about this whole Shadow of Mordor brand deal thing (cont)
Dear scammers, "Monetization disabled for no reason, click here" is not a convincing way to hijack my Youtube account.
Day 427: People still dont understand what an implied failure state is. Also I may be a pigeon, further research required.
The correct answer is 7, yes
Just how many clothes am I wearing right now? The real question everyone should be asking.
Shame really because the rest of the article is good. It's almost like the author was fulfilling some strange quota with that paragraph.
Perhaps one of the reasons why sites dont get taken seriously when they attempt to inject gender (cont)
Oooh Galaxy Trucker is out on iPad. That's a boardgame and a half
Impact is fighting Center in the monthly finals of Olimoleague, after beating Supernova and MKP -
Anyway, thankfully we have other people willing to help so we got it with no strings attached. Pls no more of this nonsense PR firms :x
Bear in mind however it could simply be a breakdown in communication. I have no idea, it was frustrating however.
The message we got was "we can give you prerelease code but only if you do this paid brand deal". We refused, naturally.
I very much disapprove of this practice and hope it doesn't become commonplace. The mixed messages regarding review copies are troubling.
I'm not involved in any brand deal, however I was able to gain access through other means, you can expect an assessment at launch.
As an FYI, Shadow of Mordor on PC was given out early to a bunch of Youtube channels for brand deals. Expect lots of content on launch
I could keep going on about this, but I'd rather get back to work. Working for the consumer is the "surprising" way I got to where I am now.
The thick irony of accusing someone of making "bold unsubstantiated claims" in a bold manner, without substantiation.
This one tickled me - The fact that you're surprised is why you're not relevant, Buzzfeedwannabe #372
We wanted to put out 144fps Revolution wallpapers but the console gamers couldnt tell the difference ;(
As promised, the 60fps revolution wallpapers in a variety of resolutions with and without text
There's nothing quite like carpeting bombing a base with 200 bombers, only to have them all shot out of the sky in 3 seconds :D
Been working on a video for it, along with a video for like 23598235 other games. So far I quite like it.
CranK is playing Planetary Annihilation. He is getting pretty good pretty fast.
Of the many things people get extremely angry about on the internet, the practice of selling a tshirt is one of the more puzzling
8 character name limits in 2014 games. Why do you exist?
We present the next episode in our series of Progamers vs older RTS with Earth 2160 -
Really though I'm fine with people recommending their own game as long as they're not trying to pass themselves off as neutral 3rd parties
They also recommended Space Base DF9, which perhaps should be renamed to Broken Wage
Seems the only curator recommending Broken Age is... its own developer? -
(this image was created by me for demonstration purposes, it represents some arguments I've read)
Of the many valid criticisms of the Steam discoverability update, this is probably not one of them -