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We havent received code for it despite several times of asking so, that seems to be the truth
More specifically, there are console review copies going out, but not PC, according to @botherer
According to @botherer - there won't be review code for Shadow of Mordor. As usual, be wary, particularly of the PC port.
Our flag flying high at Bloodstock 2009 -
Grats to @BLOODSTOCKFEST for breaking attendance records again in 2014. My my how you've grown.
"Lets ignore this person because they might have conservative views" "Lets ignore (cont)
A reminder that "videogames make you X" is not new and is frequently extreme -
Co-optional Podcast 16th of September with Wowcrendor:…
A theory Kotaku. Perhaps Smash Bros for 3DS didnt render Peachs "upskirt" for performance reasons and little more than that. Just an idea.
Most of what we did at Uni during Law was making distinctions, attempting to prove that one thing (cont)
"I don't get why getting stuck in Monkey Island is an implied failure state, but getting stuck (cont)
CranK with some hard hitting journalism -
Personally Glitchhikers bored me greatly, but its free so give it a shot, see what you think -
Yeah so I'm told it is just 30fps. Instant avoid. The very idea of a fighting game at 30fps, geez.
The last Naruto game was awful 30fps bollocks. Did they at least fix that this time around?
There's this giant anime thing all over my Steam and I dont know whats going on
Anyway it doesnt matter if people disagree with me, just that they understand why I think the way that I do.
Some people still have trouble grasping the idea of an implied failure state. Either that or I suck at explaining it
Well he says they aren't reviews but they are reviews (followed by no explanation). THAT DON'T IMPRESSA ME MUCH!
Heart was able to beat Flash 2-1 in the offline WECG qualifiers but unfortunately lost to Cure in the finals
In defence of specific definitions
You can pick up the interesting gun-fiddling simulator Receiver free on the Humble Store today -
It's the classics that get ya -
.@wheezywaiter aka the guy that schooled @wilw and I at King of Tokyo, just put together an amazing 1000th video
Honestly I've had some weird problems regarding controller prompts without one plugged in lately, I should probably reinstall everything
I'd love to play Minimum but the damn thing just spins me around as soon as I get into the game like I had a controller plugged in (I dont)
This weeks Jimquisition offers a good introduction to review embargos and the whys and wherefores -
We won't improve the transmission, but we will offer optional microtransactions due to customer feedback
We are controlling the transmission.
Looking to get in touch with ex-employees of Mucky Foot to talk about how wonderful Startopia was, feel free to contact me via Twitter
Microsoft buys Minecraft, a game the Xbox can actually run.
Cool, @AxImpact wins the Olimoleague #6 3-1 over Armani after beating Arthur, PSiArc and Center
Impact is fighting Armani in this weeks Korean weekly finals -
Note to companies, it is generally a very bad idea to say "would you be interested in this (cont)
► WTF Is... - Train Fever ?
My office shall now be known as my Buttery Biscuit Base
Hey so I want to apologize for the times I've referred to a group of people on a forum as a single (cont)
Personally I love to dive into a mechanically rich game. True beauty comes from a perfect combination of imperfections.
Craig Stern on the notion that perfection in game design can only be obtained through simplicity -
Consider anyone who "calls for war" and brags about the size of their "army" to be past the point of wanting reasonable discourse.
Finished Psycho-Pass, goes on the list of "anime for people that don't generally like (cont)
That said I do only have 2 trains so it's more of a mild Train Cough. Trucks OP
7 hours later, still playing Train Fever. Still not sure if I like it o_o
My old home town is in Train Fever for some reason. Now I get to deliver goods to Spennymoor
Here's a cool blog post about some of the less obvious things Destiny does well with its UI -
Two Bad British Dota Players Try Strife Again
Fable Anniversary for PC seems a bit naff