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It doesnt in any way make it the decent thing to do however and hopefully the benefit is only short term
I think the fact that Sacred 3 is still in the top 10 list despite universal panning demonstrates (cont)
Half the team goes afk to allow enemy team to finish game. We get abandons and low prio queue. Oh DOTA.
Blizzard removes Artifacts from Heroes of the Storm -
2014, still not doing reviews. Wonder if Giant Bomb has this problem with their quicklooks.
The Axiom players will be starting off by competing in Battle Realms
For my first "Nice Things" video, I'm working on a title I've wanted to do for a long time, Giants Citizen Kabuto
The GoG Mix I made back in 2008 - - I've been on that site for a looong time.
We are very proud to announce that @axiomesports is now sponsored by @GOGcom -
► WTF Is... - Sacred 3 ?
Stream: DOTA2 is Satanic, because it causes unholy rage.:…
IT'S 50 BLOODY DOLLARS. In no way is it worth that.
Recorded a short audioblog about Sacred 3 thus far, full video coming later -
I'd love to have told you about that sooner but they released the game before the embargo was up, seriously.
Outside of the humour I'm finding very little to like in Sacred 3
Reddit was upset that I told my large number of casual SC2 fans something they may not have known? Ok, I didnt post it for you.
Hearthstone: Deck of Legends vs Naxxramas Plague Wing
There is a Hearthstone video today it's just been stuck in processing hell for 10 hours, now it's 360p, almost....
The insanity of being accused of being "bought off" by fuckin dancepads.
For those wondering how so many Korean teams with so few sponsors can get so many new players, most are not paid salary
People are hyped that they got to play every mage secret in the new Naxx wing. Please, I do that on ranked ladder.
As usual, something really positive and Youtube comments have to ruin it. Turning mine off was the best decision I ever made.
I get it, channels are nothing without viewers but there's a huge difference between seeing an ad and paying $300k+ of real money to someone
Went to Tim DeLaGhetto video about him paying off his parents mortgage. Top voted comment is claiming fans did it. Barely surpressed rage.
Our team @axiomesports is doing an AMA over on the Starcraft subreddit -