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Yay! :D Hospital practice did me good I think! -
Make sure to read about the phonecall to the girls parents, sanity prevails, thankfully.
This doxxing incident reminds us of the perils of dehumanising people you disagree with -
But I wonder what the root cause is behind there being very few women to reach the required skil level.
I can only speak for SC2 but it's primarily a meritocracy. You're good, so you win so you get sponsored.
As a team manager, we had Scarlett on for a while for GSTL and she was great but there's no other female SC2 player of that skill level.
Maybe I should look into it myself? I have a feeling it's more complicated than most would claim.
Were there any studies done on why there are so few female competitors in eSports at the moment? I'd like to read them.
Its the HTML5 player doing it, the Flash player still offers all resolutions and is as slow as ever
I'd love to tell you why but Youtube doesn't tell us jack about anything.
Hmm, 480p options seem to have vanished for many YT videos but loading times for higher res is almost instant now, strange.
Stop Motion is still awesome -
Jigging is mandated by galactic law -
haha ok maybe that was unnecessarily mean.
I literally played Borderlands: Presequel in hospital when they took me off the morphine and didnt notice they'd taken it away.
I don't even know how you screw up optimising an Unreal 3 engine game in this day and age but apparently it is possible in some areas
Nvidia needs to get its shit together lately. Presequel has no sli support and framerate is inconsistent to say the least
We're the first Steam curator to pass 300,000 followers. Thanks for your support.
My brain is neither dead nor alive while playing Borderlands : Presequel thats for damn sure. Urghhhhh
Schrodinger's zombie
Games about killing zombies are literally games about killing innocent people, since guilt requires sentience. #pseudointellectualnonsense
New audio blog, on "weaponised charity" -
Or perhaps you'd prefer an "Epic Rock" cover of System Shock 2s Med Sci 1? -
"So little pains do the vulgar take in the investigation of truth, accepting readily the first story that comes to hand." Thucydides, 400BC.
I should again add my personal apology for how badly this was conducted. Doing utmost to make it right for everyone
If you still havent received yours, you can email mailbox at cynicalbrit dot com with your order number and info
We have had Maker Shop issue apologies and offers for compensation due to their mistakes with the 60fps shirts and posters
This is a picture of a fat bear -
"I tried to discuss this with you via Twitter" - well then I think we found the problem.
Was actually surprised that more sites didn't condemn the actual legit misogyny in this game. Maybe they just didnt play it (dont blame em)
Here however is a game we can all agree is a piece of shit -
Ride to Hell: Retribution Stream "Highlights"
And really can we stop pretending it's a "conservative" vs "progressive" political thing? Most of us are as left as they come.
You know whats sad? I read Polygons letter from the Editor and agreed with most of it. Everyone is talking past at each other and not to :(
@Totalbiscuit Politely asking you to acknowledge who came up with those! @gnarcadius @Liamwitz
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[9:27:21 AM] Genna Bain: please tell me you're going to play Fist of Jesus. omg - Disclosing the sickening nepotism going on in our house.
Marineking is cheesing, it's definitely 2011
Currently Ryung vs Marineking in what could be 2011
Olimoleague #10 going on right now -
1) Floor vents are a bad idea 2) Do not let the puppy have left over salad.
Has your evening been unpleasant? Yes, but did your dog take a shit in the air vent? Ahh it didn't? Well then, you have one up on me!
A view from the middle... and it's not pretty. Read:
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Congratulations on $4,800 raised for the anti-bullying charity today folks, thanks to those that contributed -…
Here is a parting picture of an awesome dog -…
Missus is telling me to get off Twitter and I agree with her. Be excellent to one another :x
Are the New Conglomerate a race? Because screw those guys.