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GLADOS? GLADOS is SHODANs petulant teenage daughter who liked watching Invader Zim a little too much.
#greatwomeninvideogames What about the greatest PC villain of all time, SHODAN? -
I'm sorry if that pun felt a little forced
#greatwomeninvideogames Kreia, single-handedly elevated the story of KOTOR2 and took it to some really interesting places.
Steam is not letting me install The Stalin Subway, I think it's trying to tell me something
By specialist I'm not talking about me. There are guys who really commit to a single title, they're the specialists.
The problem of course is finding out accurate information about what is available now. Worth looking to specialist Youtubers for that
My advice to consumers is if you buy early access, buy in because you want what is available RIGHT NOW, rather than what might happen later
In a twist of irony I just backed Judged: A Court Simulation Game for the tier which lets me design (cont)
With Kickstarter success for videogames noteably diminishing as of late I do wonder if Early Access will be next
"Usually his WTF vids etc do have the audio added after." completely false. 99% of WTF is videos are commentated during live gameplay
Relying on consistent sales from an unfinished game to finish a game seems like a terrible business model
Don't worry, @Totalbiscuit, in the final game that first texture is crispy bacon.
Retweeted by TotalBiscuit
Content Patch - Double Fine & Spacebase DF-9 under fire - Sep. 21st, 2014
In 30 minutes I will play a short preview build of "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter" on the @GOGcom stream
Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it's Maybearlene
Is this Final Fantasy 15 character aware that he appears to have a bear on his head?
You wouldn't debate via pager....
Those who would prefer a different Twitch chat, also rebroadcastin via host mode on my Twitch channel
Day 1 of Redbull Battlegrounds DC is live -
Aight so, last few weeks I've been attempting to put together a round table podcast where industry (cont)
Quake Live's Question Mark
Ahh, so the problem is that feminist work wasn't being critiqued through song! Thanks Polygon! That explains so much!
► WTF Is... - Reprisal Universe ?
"Why do you sub to yourself?" Dat Battlecruiser of course
The true scandal is that I refuse to give subscription money to Jesse :P
Just so it's public record, here's a list of the people and projects in the industry I've given (cont)
Turns out we can have the discussion, because this writer has the spine to tackle it. Well written, (cont)
Read the criticism of my "definitions" video on Errant Signals forum. It was interesting, (cont)
Not my usual metal fare, but listening to @soulkhan - Invisible Hand -
CONTEST: First person to kill my NPC in Wasteland 2 and present proof gets a PC game of their choice. GO!
Going back to overclocking in a big way. Ran this generation on stock, so it's time to clock! Getting a beastly radiator and waterblock
Building a new rig around the 980/5930k/DDR4 platform. The missus has been eyeing up my Titans for a while. I mean, who wouldn't? ;)
That sound you hear is the collective sigh of relief from sites and Youtubers that aren't going to (cont)
Seems to be some rumour and speculation regarding the Vanishing of Ethan Carter stream I'm doing on (cont)
Quake Live, still damn fun and these new modes really help ease you back in
This weeks Co-optional podcast is now available to watch on Youtube -
Watching the "Game 24" stream and curious as to what on earth is gonna end up being shown -…
I am horrible at Heavy Bullets
Of course I insult my viewers, but as a British man I'm infinitely better at it than my competition.
I dunno man I founded my business on the radical notion that giving a shit about consumers might be a good idea, I just got lucky I guess
"How do we make money if we dont create clickbait?" 1) Talk about framerate a lot 2) ??? 3) Profit!
Well, I want orange, so let's just hope they don't give me lemon-lime
Hmm, now I need to replace the desk