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The insanity of being accused of being "bought off" by fuckin dancepads.
For those wondering how so many Korean teams with so few sponsors can get so many new players, most are not paid salary
People are hyped that they got to play every mage secret in the new Naxx wing. Please, I do that on ranked ladder.
As usual, something really positive and Youtube comments have to ruin it. Turning mine off was the best decision I ever made.
I get it, channels are nothing without viewers but there's a huge difference between seeing an ad and paying $300k+ of real money to someone
Went to Tim DeLaGhetto video about him paying off his parents mortgage. Top voted comment is claiming fans did it. Barely surpressed rage.
Our team @axiomesports is doing an AMA over on the Starcraft subreddit -
I expect better of than to spread peasantry and misinformation -
Stream: DOTA2 is satanic, but I can't stay away.:…
We will soon have divorce and disownment lawyers specialised in cases where people picked Dwarven Sniper.
Disclosure in Youtube games coverage makes its way onto BBC Radio with this industry discussion -
I'm sorry that sometimes the EU gets shafted but that's how timezones work.
I'm starting to find those complaining about my stream times a bit annoying. I live in the US, I'm busy during the day, what do you want?
For the ladies, please vote here if you're interested in a women's fit of our upcoming shirt
Stream: Smite with Hafu, because DOTA is satanic:…
Our new premium poster coming this week
Releasing a new tshirt and poster this week. I personally think it's the best design yet.
This Twitch viewbot twitter needs to come down until it can properly detect hosted channels -
Most amusing comment I found on Reddit today "I don't much care for TB's Fox News style tones myself"
Seems like the practice is much more widespread than even I thought. I'd love to know who besides Yogcast is doing that.
I was surprised to hear that 15% of those surveyed were approached by Youtubers asking for money
Seems like a lot of it is probably coming from app-sites for iOS/Android games.
Of developers surveyed, apparently 29% of them were asked for payment by a traditional games site for coverage -
You're not even trying anymore are you? -