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Torrey Smith
Nice win Terps!!!!
Woke up from my nap and see Marcus has been in the endzone twice!!! Now we need some stops #terpnation
Almost time to turn up!!!! Gotta love this team
Everyone wish @John_Wall Happy Birthday!
Special thanks to my big cousin Major Natasha Taylor and Colonel Mark Valentine for the flag and kind words.
Took a break from my normal music due to a challenge from @libraladii to clean my life up...been listening to different spoken word and motivational things. @JeffersonBethke is amazing! Big fan of his work.
Good morning y'all
Been sitting at home for the last 4 hours trying to figure out what movie we should she is sleep haha
#RavensNation support the Torrey Smith Foundation + order @PapaJohns @TorreySmithWR Special. $1 of each will be donated to the foundation.
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RT @DPOUTZ: @TorreySmithWR is it still true that you've never drank before? Heard that on a Sunday night broadcast 3 years ago...yes
RT @lilduval: Being humble or loyal is either in you or it isn't. It comes 2nd nature to me
RT @Crushboy31: #TitanUp Friday will be here REAL soon!!! are something else
Happy Purple Friday Y'all
The highest level you can reach of simply not giving a damn is Lynch and Rihanna level....we can all use a little bit #noworries
RT @Michael_Fabiano: So the first two TDs of 2014 are scored by players who no one has on their fantasy football teams.....nice!!!
New mouthpiece from @wrightguard
Just googled the words to "Cross Roads" just confirmed I only knew the hook and a couple of words smh 18 years of making up stuff
Do what you do...but watch my shoes...thanks @aceandsmitty @dezcustomz
It's so bad Tyrod and Tandon can order my meal for me no matter where we go to eat
RT @BeerAndBirds: @TorreySmithWR Hip Hop Chicken and Fish will change your life if you've never had it...all the time haha
Really focusing on eating better...not that I eat bad but I love fried chicken haha 1 cheat day a week
RT @buggsey99: @TorreySmithWR Here we are with the First Lady. Hopefully you remember this one. πŸ˜‚ ..trippin πŸ˜‚
My bad I meant Tuesday!! @WWE is next Monday can't miss that haha
Back at it next Monday! See y'all there @jimmysseafood
Good morning y'all...It's game week
RT @ches_howard: GOOOOD LUCK TO MY FAVORITE @TorreySmithWR AND ALL ZEE RAVENS πŸ’œπŸ˜ˆπŸˆ KILL IT TODAY BOYS 😁#PlayLikeARavenARaven....😳
RT @capta1namerika: Ran into an old friend at Walmart😊 good to see ya ...hahaha
RT @lovejazzy94: @TorreySmithWR goodmorning Torrey! Have a great day! #terplove...same to you
Haven't posted a blog in a long time...might do one today
Kicked it with the fam niece and nephews with TJ and @sweeet_teaaa
Ppl keep asking me this question When did Steve Smith Sr. become Steve Smith Sr? My answer Um, probably when Steve Smith Jr. arrived.
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Shoutouts to Daesean Hamilton...young boy put in work
RT @JaimeLyn81: @TorreySmithWR Monday but most of the animals will be gone then...I just want the food haha
When does the state fair end?
Hell of a run Ross!!!!
RT @LWebb21: I'm hot about that TD! Tighten up Tide!....and Nicholls St is retiring your jersey smh no loyalty haha
I see you Clark!!!! Tell the lineman to get out of the way haha
In other news the BIG 10 network is legit
Went to check the score of the game from my phone earlier..I clicked ACC and was confused as to why I didn't see MD haha rookie to the BIG10
RT @SwagReflex: @TorreySmithWR Towson plays at home too...nice
Terps play...Navy plays...and the O's not a bad weekend to be in the area
Debating on heading down to College Park today
RT @buggsey99: @TorreySmithWR I bet you don't remember this pic with me. Lol ...haha
RT @Ms_Vee84: you scared?...nope but I was looking at my cameras to see if someone was knocking on the windows on the 2nd floor 😳