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Tori Spelling
television movies actor 1,046,742 followers
Liam & Stella are doing a Homemade Lemonade, Dessert, & Dog Treat Bar... #SummerFamilyFun
That's it for tonight! Thanks for watching @MysteryGirls tonight! Stay tuned for season finale next wednesday! Its gonna b major! #AskTori
PBJ “@Booster5781: @Tori_Spelling grill cheese vs. Pbj sandwich.. who wins? #asktori
50 Shades “@Brittle_Bear: @Tori_Spelling #AskTori the hunger games or fifty shades of grey?”
Peanut butter “@pl8dtrpl6: @Tori_Spelling What kind are your favorite cookies? #AskTori #MysteryGirlsChat
Teacups “@Cindi_Relli: @Tori_Spelling What's your favorite Disneyland ride? #AskTori
He makes unbelievable lamb chops!! “@NicolePDempsey: @Tori_Spelling fave food dish that @imdeanmcdermott makes for you? #AskTori
Nutella “@theycallmenony: chocolate or nutella? which one is your favourite? #MysteryGirlsChat #AskTori @Tori_Spelling
Unicorn! “@theycallmenony: What's your favorite mythical animal? #MysteryGirlsChat #AskTori @Tori_Spelling
70's orange red “@LisaG2876: @Tori_Spelling Love your manicures....what is your favorite color to wear? #AskTori
Hi!! “@barrman: @Tori_Spelling if you said hi to me that would rock #AskTori
Apple Pie“@xelaruizalex: @Tori_Spelling What dessert are you most excited to bake this fall? :) #AskTori
Read minds “@DramaGirl1811: @Tori_Spelling If u could have any 1 super power, what would it be? :) #AskTori #MysteryGirlsChat
Devils Advocate and The Game “@raceduddete: @Tori_Spelling what is one movie and tv show you can watch over and over again? #AskTori
Thanks! Means alot to me. “@dawn_reed0412: @Tori_Spelling #asktori no question. Just wanted to say you are an awesome mother!”
One of my fave places “@James_TheMan: @Tori_Spelling do u like the beach #AskTori
Would love to take my kids! “@AussieMel_76: @Tori_Spelling Do you have any plans to come to Australia any time soon? :)#AskTori
Almost everyday! “@JosephR43510843: @Tori_Spelling do you ever bring your kids on set of Mystery Girls #AskTori