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Tori Spelling
television movies actor 1,046,948 followers
Woo hoo! “@TTMobile_us: #AskTori is now trending in USA, ranking 6” #MysteryGirlsChat @ABCFamily
I love both! “@drewembee: @Tori_Spelling is it easier and more comfortable for you to do reality tv or sitcoms? #AskTori #MysteryGirls
Ariel “@theycallmenony: who is your favorite Disney princess? ️#AskTori #MysteryGirlschat @Tori_Spelling
French “@monicaj990: @Tori_Spelling if you could speak another language what would it be #AskTori
Everyone calls me T “@icesk8ngjamie16: @Tori_Spelling Have you ever had a nickname😜!?#AskTorii#MysteryGirlsChatt”
Hope so! “@Joryoryi: @Tori_Spelling #MysteryGirlschat #AskTori I love the show, I'm from Argentina& I'm a huge fan to 90210 & MG! Season 2?”
Showgirl outfit!! So fun “@saraGG14: @Tori_Spelling What is your favorite fashion on the finale episode? #AskTori
English “@theycallmenony: what was your favourite subject in school? ️#AskTori #MysteryGirlschat @Tori_Spelling
Mother! “@EvanSeven: @Tori_Spelling mother may I sleep with danger or death of a cheerleader?? @lifetimetv #AskTori
TEXT!! “@theycallmenony: do you prefer text or phone calls?” ️#AskTori #MysteryGirlschat @Tori_Spelling
Yes! Been to The Derby! “@JenShady: @Tori_Spelling Have you ever been to Kentucky? We love you here! 💋#AskTorii#MysteryGirlschatt”
Thx! Love doing it! “@DramaGirl1811: @Tori_Spelling no question..think its great u take time2 live tweet w/fans #AskTori #MysteryGirlsChat
My kids “@theycallmenony: who motivates you the most to keep going? ️#AskTori #MysteryGirlschat @Tori_Spelling
Scooby Doo “@MCFan84: @Tori_Spelling What was your favorite cartoon growing up #AskTori #MysteryGirlsChat
Yes & hot tamales! “@EvanSeven: @Tori_Spelling are sour skittles still your fave? #AskTori
Tea Cups! “@theycallmenony: What's your favorite Disneyland ride? ️#AskTori #MysteryGirlschat @Tori_Spelling
Me2! love this job! “@D_Clarke13: @Tori_Spelling I just want 2say I love you. Hopefully u get another season. Cross your fingers. #AskTori
LUV2hear laughing&enjoying the show! “@EmilioTay: @Tori_Spelling what do you love most about filming in front of a live audience #AskTori