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Tony Hawk
Skating a miniramp at a penthouse cocktail party in SF. And you may ask yourself...
Hashtags have emerged from social media to real life at Twitter HQ. #drink #hydrate #bladdercontrol
.@MaxKHill yes, I had to buy some of them on ebay though.
.@NealKarlinsky haha, not really. But I try to keep it interesting and not flood too much. But that will all change on Sat for #THTH14.
.@stevenmunoz61 yes, we are working on a game for mobile devices that will be out this summer. I've already said too much.
.@_skatez_ not really, but I did.
.@IAmRJsDad yes, especially when we are on tour. Look for @birdhouse team in the midwest this summer
.@RCRedskins The president retweeted me a couple weeks ago. That was pretty cool
.@maxymo_18 no, sorry. I have too many already.
.@EliEtten the one with the softest wheels
.@MinghagMcCarthy Devo, Dead Kennedys, X, Fear, Circle Jerks, Buzzcocks, Rezillos, Damned, Clash, Iggy Pop
.@MikeEnsorMedia kinda, I'm sitting in a conference room on a laptop. The view of SF out the window is nice though.
.@iamzoelolz For 35 years. Yes, I'm that old.
.@MarcotheGooch Even though it seemed like a lot of work and lame acting, I enjoyed Animal Chin because it was the first story-driven video
.@1AlexBrewer I always like the stegosaurus because it's the punkest looking
I'm here @twitter and I'll be doing a Q&A at 1pm PST. Hit me up with the important questions and I'll respond.
For a good time, follow me on Twitter April 19. Photo: @msk8blake
Better not shout, better not cry, #THTH14 is coming to town April 19. Feeds will explode with joy.
Lakeside Skatepark preview with @davidloy & @shawnhaleyeah
Thanks to Bo Mitchell @blonde_ambition_mitchell for joining us on Demolition Radiob yesterday & doing solid no-comply's on demand.
Special guest @BoMitchell on Demolition Radio right now, call us at 1877HEYHAWK SiriusXM 41
Shipping goodies for Twitter Hunt (#THTH14). Follow clues here April 19 to find stuff. Info: