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Tony Goldwyn
actor director humanitarian love 232,460 followers
While I couldn't live tweet, I am celebrating THE DIVIDE with these post orchestra performance drinks #TheDivide
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I have just made the chairman of Panasonic a fan of the DIVIDE @TheDivide_WEtv #publicitylikeamother
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Thanks for watching and tweeting tonight!!! So fun! #nothingwithoutyou @TheDivide_WEtv #TheDivide
@michell45874263: @TheDivide_WEtv @tonygoldwyn that Jahmil French is quite the talent did he write that also?”He sure did!
@jessgshantell: Well, I'd like to thank you both for writing the show in general, not just tonight's episode! It's great!”Thanks!
@ohsnap72: @BritneOldford is great! You can feel what she's feeling and understand why she is feeling those emotions love her!”TRUTH!
@jessgshantell: Thanks @tonygoldwyn for writing the greatness that is @TheDivide_WEtv #TheDivide”that was @RLaGravenese !!!
@cardiackidRN: Tony I love you to death but @RLaGravenese gets mad love for his RIDICULOUSLY fantastic writing. #TheDivide”TRUTH!
@lizcriolla: @tonygoldwyn Who directs next episode? @MsAllisonAnders is slaying this episode! #TheDivide”Next week is Janusz Kaminski.
@GiannaCollier: @tonygoldwyn so I've been recruiting everyone I meet to watch #TheDivide & everyone I know LOVES it!”Thank you!!!
@ronabarbar: The acting is getting better with ea episode. Even the actors seem 2B feeding off of the next scene. #TheDivide”Grt writing!
@tonygoldwyn did you see this? AZ prisoner died 2 hours after execution began Still think lethal injection is humane?…
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@waldorfxgrant: @tonygoldwyn Did you pick the majority of these actors?! Love them all. #TheDivide @MarinIreland”Yup. Aren't they amazing?
@tee7979: @tonygoldwyn would you consider acting in future episodes? #TheDivide”Maybe!
@Little_Ms_Molly: GM from UK @tonygoldwyn Hope the @divide episode went well it's 5.30am here!”So happy you like it!
@luvmywelshie: @tonygoldwyn How many verdicts have been overturned by the Innocence Project?” 317 exonerated!
@KelleyF107: Seriously ready for more #JoeAnderson scenes @tonygoldwyn! #TheDivide” Joe is amazing.
@jill_millman: @tonygoldwyn This show grabs you by the.... It grabs you!! #TheDivide” Thanks!
@tonygoldwyn Prev. I believed if a court found a person guilty/innocent the verdict/sentence must b right. THANK U 4 opening my eyes & mind.
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@GladiatorLooHoo: @tonygoldwyn how many episodes do we have this season? I can already tell not enough! #TheDivide” 5 more!
@dani_tga: @tonygoldwyn Who directed tonight's episode, Tony?” Allison Anders.
@Ebony_50: I'm jumping in from east coast, but wanted to express how awesome the writing is on @TheDivide_WEtv! Love it!”@RLaGravenese !!!