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Tony Goldwyn
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@AMC_TV @TheDivide_WEtv must come back 4 more! Only thing missing is the billions of others who should see it! @tonygoldwyn @RLaGravenese
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Final 4 chances to for #SexwithStrangers playing thru Sunday only! @BillyMagnussen @LEasonNYC Get it before it's gone!
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THIS! #spoileralert !!! @TheDivide_WEtv "Characters reach point of no return in dark, shocking season finale"…
@AMC_TV You have to bring @TheDivide_WEtv back for Season's 2-5 at the least! Quality matters #JustSaying! @tonygoldwyn @RLaGravenese
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I refuse to believe this is the end of @TheDivide_WEtv. I mean look at the news these days...this show is NEEDED. #TheDivide
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@RLaGravenese @TheDivide_WEtv @tonygoldwyn thank you for taking us on an amazing ride and giving racism a real voice which hopeful we all
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“@tangelaekhoff: We need to talk @RLaGravenese. Who is sharing secret black things with you???You know too much. #TheDivide”LOL!
@tonygoldwyn @MarinIreland @TheDivide_WEtv *jaw drops* OMG!!!!! *SPEECHLESS* 💊💉🔪🔫😨�#TheDivide##TheDivideSeasonFinaleasonFinale
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@TheDivide_WEtv i got a million questions in my mind right now!! amazing cliffhanger finale!! @tonygoldwyn @RLaGravenese
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@RLaGravenese @tonygoldwyn thank you for this show! I can't say how important this show is & we need more shows like this on tv! #TheDivide
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There you go WC #Dividers !!! We can't thank you enough for watching and tweeting with us thru r 1st season!!! #bestfansever @TheDivide_WEtv
“@mixedchick94: @tonygoldwyn @TheDivide_WEtv fart fart fart in my drunk Mellie voice #TheDivide”LOL!
Yes. That did just happen. BOOM! @TheDivide_WEtv #TheDivide
And a shout out to director #LaryssaKondraki for this KILLER episode! @TheDivide_WEtv #TheDivide
Ok fasten your seatbelts. Shit is about to get REAL! @TheDivide_WEtv #TheDivide
“@buzzbugs: @tonygoldwyn well I will certainly try if I knew what a hyphenate was? Is it painful?”VERY
This was a really sweet scene between Terry & Christine. I loved them talking 2 each other so honestly @tonygoldwyn @MarinIreland #TheDivide
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“@buzzbugs: @tonygoldwyn is it possible to be a Divider and a gladiator too ? Am I disloyal? Lol ...” NO! Be a hyphenate like me!