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Ok it's bloody hot ! And I don't like Kensington ... I prefer Dean St !
sitting in the garden cause i am locked out of the house
#NowPlaying Come Fly With Me - Live At The Sands Hotel And Casino/1966 by Frank Sinatra……
To my Graphic Design buddies - How to buy a graphics card, Six things you must know about GPUs
Queen's speeches are usually weird. But this one was weirder than usual
Hmm watching sombody use windows to run #indesign and wanting to scream at every freeze of the screen #graphicdesignproblems
Airport bar Drunk Guy. I walk by. DG: Alicia! ME: Alicia?! DG: Alicia Florrick! ME: Elsbeth! DG: What?! ME: Elsbeth Tascioni! DG: I know! #?
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I need windows open to #sleep !
I think I've bruised my finger ...
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Frank Sinatra (29), Michael Jackson (10) & Robbie Williams (5) #Music
90s groove !! ♫ I Wanna Be The Only One (feat. Bebe Winans) – Eternal, Bebe Winans…
Please R/T if this makes you proud to be a Lib Dem
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#newtwitterfont on its main website .... I actually quite like it, very modern yet stylish
My new friend a #frog or a #toad not quite sure which ... Anyway I nearly mowed over it but it moved just in time #garden #wildlife
How to improve ones standing in UKIP ... Have a Tea Cake before Lunch #sarcasm
I hate moths so much !
@PositiveLad One of my student using you to set context to his research project
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Don't get too carried away, Mr Farage. One won't be asking you to form a conga, let alone a Government. One can assure you.
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Oh GOD I'm so bored of being reminded I didn't go to university. SO BORED. And what?
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A bar chart you won't see on a UKIP poster near you
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I think I got too excited at the idea of Bill Oddy back on #Springwatch
In honor of the news that Ab Fab is coking out as a film I am changing my to Patsy Stone ! and @Taishalation is Eddy Monsoon
As much as I am loathed to say it, the #libdems are looking tired ... We need to go back to our roots a bit and redevelop ourselves
Clegg "Farage just doesn't offer the solution to the problems we are facing as a country" - TRUE! Fear is never a solution
This Clegg interview's being shot like a Paul Greengrass movie. #skynews
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Close up of his hands !!! FFS
This camera man is gonna go right up Cleggs nose in a minute
We don’t need a new leader we need a new crisis manager ! #LibDems
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Will Young (8), S Club 7 (4) & Emeli Sandé (4) #Music
Agree with many others who congratulate SE Lib Dem Euro Team - inc @antonyhook @GoodallGiles and @catherinemep
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#Chiltern Euro results CON -10623 UKIP - 9304 GRN - 2663 LAB - 2417 LD - 2323
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Just heard the LDs came 3rd in Eastleigh tonight …. I am deffo moving to Germany !
If the Lib Dems get no MEPs I'm moving to Germany !
Ok off to the count ! Working the Yellow Tie ! #libdems
Bet half of liberal youth will be hoping to get rid of Clegg so that they can stand for leader themselves. president of uni society to DPM
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I need a huge coffee, lots of caramel and sprinkles NOW #coffee
#EP2014 #Turnout so far today: FR: 15.7% (+0.9 pts) HU: 11.5% (-2.2) HR: 7.6% (+1.6) AT: 7.9% (-0.2) IT: 16,4% SI: 8.3% DK: 20.4% (=)
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Off to the Election count this afternoon at 5pm #euroelection
They used to call condoms rubbers... Rubbers were used by children to erase their mistakes. Used by parents to prevent theirs.
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