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Ok locked myself out of my NatWest Banking App ! Problem is my old number is still connected to the app & I can't get back in @NatWest_Help
Riding the bus again ... 6 rides this week #buswhore
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: S Club 7 (15), Amy Winehouse (6) & Destiny's Child (4) #Music
Working like a Trojan at the moment ... Weirdly enjoying it and now for food ... #mmmfood !
#melikey #londonlook #work
There Ain’t No Party Like An S CLUB Party . . . #SCLUB7 #Bringitallback #SC7
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Sitting in a bus station freezing my ass off !
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Nina Simone (6), Etta James (6) & Peggy Lee (5) #Music
Reader Steve Shadbolt has sent this image of the fire @ Didcot Power Station. Story updated @
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My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Robbie Williams (28), Sigma (6) & Everything But the Girl (5) #Music
And I need a double shot caramel latte! And I need it now
And I caught the earlier one cause I wasn't standing around in the pissing rain ! #commuterproblems
Ahh and the bus is quite again ^^ #bus #commuterproblems
#awkward moment when your mum starts dancing to the YMCA … #hiding
Brit holiday checklist Passport: ✓ Swimming trunks: ✓ Tea bags: ✓ Sudden raging cold: ✓
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The guy sitting next to me on my bus stinks of weed and is as high as #NigelFarage ego !
UKIP have the same colours as the Standing at the Back Dressed Stupidly & Looking Stupid Party from Blackadder.
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The Purple Prat strikes again ... HIV going untreated even in small numbers is still a public health risk !
Nice going, Ukip! You've struck a blow against the Westminster elite by resoundingly re-electing the same person in a different badge!
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The hell of one sided earphones has hit me people !!! I may not survive this bus trip #commuterproblems
I need a new #mug .... This office one is getting really really stained
Ok so I actually feel asleep on the bus ... I never fall asleep on the bus. I have a disease I swear. #disease
Hell. Says rather a lot. Germany has just made tuition free. Look at us. FFS (courtesy of @thanksdan)
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That was a #BusTrip I'd like again ! Quiet, quick and I don't have a headache
Lasagna for lunch. Been craving it for days ! #nom #garlic
@LondonTom_92 Just time then to retweet this to give @youthconcern another vote in the Lloyds #Commfund BNX £3K vote!…
Retweeted by Tom Pirouet
... Don't ask me to do something then start talking to me and then moan at me for not telling you I have done what you told me ..
I made it into the office, 25 minutes late ! #commuterprobs
Our next Prime Minister will be decided in the wards of the NHS:
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I was right ! It's students and kids that make my bus late ! #commuterprobs #BusTrip
"Kind close your mouth, you are not a cod fish" #Snap #damn
I feel a trip to @Selfridges is LONG overdue !!! MoneyMoneyMoney
"I'm spinning around" #KylieMinogue ... Well actually I'm still sat on my bus
Now imagine delaying an A&E visit when you unknowingly have an extremely mortal disease because you're afraid of debt
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American friend was ill, couldn't get any sick leave, kept going to class, didn't even visit a GP until she passed out in the shower.
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Ebola is probably more of a threat in America than here, given that their healthcare system encourages delaying A&E visits until late stages
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We all know if there is a tractor ahead of you on a main road nobody is getting to work on time #commuterprobs #BusTrip
Contemplating a new pair of gloves from M&S, brown leather, soft inlay ... Works both in work and at home #DecisionsDecisions
8:07... So I have to make up 7 minutes this morning already to get in on time #BusTrip #commuterprobs
Ok Tom, enough lulling in the past, pick up and move on !!! and if all else fails listen to #Eurovision
Just as I was getting over you, you decided to message me ! WTF!!!! Do you have a camera somwhere ..? Oh no Tom is happy TIME TO SHIT ON HIM