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Tom Hanks
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Opinion: Women’s World Cup is the best Soccer of the year. Hey FIFA, they deserve real grass. Put in sod. Hanx
Took #HanxWriter to the baseball game last night. Here are the first two innings... Hanx
Five letters. 2 words. And he always will, no? Hanx
Heard this an hour ago. A perfect song, actually. Hanx
Don't tap, hunt and peck, or pinch out an email! #HanxWriter launches today!
Our world now exists in two eras: Before and After #HanxWriter. For free!
.@AppStore The Future. Will be written. On a #HanxWriter. This I vow. It's Free! Hanx
.@AppStore Shook-shook-shook. Shook. Then flip the LP over every 17 minutes or so. #HanxWriter
.@AppStore Second best, within arm's reach of the record player on a Saturday afternoon. I go shook-shook... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore Over morning coffee anywhere in the world, but best at my kitchen table as the griddle heats up... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore Star Walk - for the Astronomer inside me. Uncrate - for the hip consumer inside me. #HanxWriter
.@AppStore Boxing Timer. For exercises. When the bell rings, I move on to the next one... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore See answer to Question 3! #HanxWriter
.@AppStore and pin to your bulletin board or refrigerator door so your household can behold your genius. #HanxWriter
.@AppStore so strongly that you need to see them ASAP - and print them out immediately... #HanxWriter
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.@AppStore but the notes and passages and journal entries that you want to have stick around for a bit... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore If you have writing to do, do it on a Hanxwriter. Maybe not a term paper or legal brief... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore or with the proceeds from a just-published debut novel. #HanxWriter
.@AppStore and a present you buy yourself when you first go off to Graduate school... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore so as not to bother the other passengers so much. The Golden Touch is the luxury model - all shiny and crisp... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore The 707 is modeled after those typewriters meant for air travel - smaller and quieter... #HanxWriter
.@AppStore You have the Prime Select - a reporter's desktop machine. Hit it hard. Bang away. Leave it out and ready for use... #HanxWriter