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Tom Cruise
Sorry I can't make it to Austin this week, but I hope audiences enjoy the @drafthouse "Cruise Control" marathon
I always feel so welcome here. Thanks to all my fans in Japan for an amazing time.
Good morning, Tokyo. It’s a day full of press for All You Need Is Kill (aka Edge of Tomorrow).
What. A. Day. Thank you Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo and my fans all over Japan.
Without the book All You Need Is Kill there wouldn’t be an Edge of Tomorrow. I love being here with my fans in Japan. Tokyo - I’m on my way.
Any fans in Fukuoka? Come see me at the All You Need Is Kill event at HAKATA CITY starting at 1:30pm
The Dotonbori River was so cool. Thank you, Osaka!
I’m kicking off the All You Need Is Kill tour through Japan at Dotonbori River at 9:30am. Hey, Osaka - come find me when you wake up!
Konnichiwa, Osaka! I’m in Japan for my All You Need Is Kill tour (aka Edge of Tomorrow for the rest of the world).
Heading to Japan to visit Osaka, Fukuoka & Tokyo and all my amazing fans.
I'm excited to visit Japan for Edge of Tomorrow (released as All You Need Is Kill - based on the book that inspired the movie). Can't wait.
What scene from EOT would you like to relive? #LiveOnTheEdge
Back in the 80s with @RobLowe and @EMILIOTHEWAY. Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold. #TBT
Tom Cruise is in Top Gun form in The Edge of Tomorrow ... Go see #TheEdgeofTomorrow ... such a blast!
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Want the exoskeleton from Edge of Tomorrow? Build one like Peter did!
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Can't stop thinking about Edge of Tomorrow. It is everything summer movies should be. @TomCruise never disappoints.
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.@Brettzel15 High praise! Thank you. I wanted it to be a great summer film for everyone.
Edge of Tomorrow was super good, best movie I've seen this summer, watch it...
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.@GavinBarclay Thanks, Gavin. Glad you enjoyed it.
Did I mention Edge Of Tomorrow is seriously awesome? Way more satisfied than I've been with any other recent action flicks
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‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is exactly what I wanted from a summer movie. Awesome front to back.
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My analysis of "Edge of Tomorrow," the best science fiction movie I've seen in years #screenwriting #scriptchat
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Been thinking, and seriously, people should go see Edge of Tomorrow. They don't make very many smart popcorn movies anymore. Support it.
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Agree with everyone on the internet that Edge Of Tomorrow is awesome. The trailers sell the action but it's also REALLY funny. + ROBO-BLUNT.
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Saw #EdgeofTomorrow , and it's fantastic! Smart, funny, thrilling, and CHARACTER DRIVEN! Thk u! @TomCruise and Emily Blunt r a great duo.
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wow—'edge of tomorrow'. movie of the summer. so imaginative and well done. highly highly highly recommend.
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Hey, world. I have no dog in this fight. See Edge of Tomorrow. Best sci-fi since the Matrix. Then retweet this in an endless time loop.
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Don't let the soap opera-y title throw you-- EDGE OF TOMORROW is a smart & funny sci-fi action film. Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt are terrific.
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Missed me on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week? It's on again tonight. I love hanging out with @jimmykimmel. #LiveDieREPEAT
Wonder which one I'll get? RT @BuzzFeed: Which Tom Cruise character are you?
Tomorrow is finally here. One more behind-the-scenes look. #EdgeofTomorrow
Helicopter flight above Trafalgar Square in London for #EdgeofTomorrow. Incredible experience.