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Toby Turner
MURDER HELMET OF SAFETY (equipped with feather duster of redness)
Most comfortable dog at Trader Joe's anyone has ever seen
Thanks for coming with me to see Hector and the #SearchforHappiness - wonderful film, go watch it with your eyes. Also, hear it, too!
Is there any way to upload thumbnails through iPhone in iOS 8? I'm usually able to do it, but now it says 'try again'
I like wearing Heelys. Keeps me on my toes. Or else I accidentally roll into the splits... which looks awesome. Unless I roll into traffic.
I just delivered the best speech on a stage in front of 30 people anyone has ever heard.
Doing a speech thing in an hour (1:30 PST) if you want to look/listen :)…
DJ school. Sunglasses not needed.
Does anyone else upload thumbnails to youtube through their phone? If so, don't update to the new iOS or you will want to rip your face off
BOOTY CHEST SPLINTERS #tobuscus #gryphon
Sometimes I ask things instead of Googling them. I am an irresponsible tweet-maker
iOS 8 seems cool, is there a way to backspace while voice to texting?
Cinema 12!! Upstairs!! Get tickets from me!!
Get some free tickets from me quick!
Audience! 6360 W Sunset Blvd - let's watch a movie. Starts in 30 min! Arclight Hollywood come!
Anyone want to try making a cover for my book, or want to help illustrate? :) tweet sample cover or sketch art to me with #tobuscusbook
It's talk like a pirate day! let's go see a movie in Hollywood!…
Audience!! Let's meet at the Hollywood Arclight at 7:15 - 6360 W Sunset Blvd to see HECTOR and the Search for Happiness!!
AUDIENCE! Let's see a movie tomorrow in Hollywood at the Arclight at 7:15 - Hector and the Search for Happiness (6360 W. Sunset Blvd, LA)!
Gryphon at the puppy barber. At last
There is always a Dark Door at the Red House of Whiteness. #tobuscus
An Attack from Wizard of Darkness!
Just made my favorite song ever. excited to actually start releasing these things more often :)
Good morning, Audience. Have some muffins. And a couple berries. With hummus for some reason. And some aesthetic vegetables on top. #TOBUSCUS
Dude. I am going to always wear this. I haven't plugged it in so I don't know if it's good but I don't even care. LOOK
What's the best gaming headset that can monitor/let me adjust monitor volume but doesn't leak audio noise? #helptoby
I could get them laminated so that they are weather-proof... but we don't have liquid-related weather here
Yes, I do drive around with all of my parking tickets on my windshield. I paid like $70 for them I'm not going to throw them away #tobuscus
how can I remove these parking tickets that my windshield wiper hugs so dearly? ... I shan't.
How to add words to your iPhone dictionary thing:… (thanks @ImHungryinLA!!) #YoureWelcome
STREAMYS VOTE SONG - vote here (you got 15 minutes!)
STREAMY'S VOTE SONG - vote here (you got 15 minutes!)
Me and @bjcalvio looking similar at the Streamys
last chance to vote in the streamys! (vote for me I'll pay you) #lastminutecampaign
One more chance to vote for the streamys! Votes close in 30! (vote for me I'll pay you)
Thanks mom! ❤️RT @cookiezsword: Been voting every single day for @TobyTurner on hope he wins!!!!!!!
When sharing the time of an event, include the time relative to now, as well as the date and day of the week. #HowToTalkToToby
The amount of times I say 'I'm the best' during a date is probably well over the mean
BREAKFAST IN BED #gryphon #tobuscus
Childlike Wonder. #tobyface
I really, really like fajitas.
AUDIENCE MEET ZACHARY @zacharyshirley (also #timdoesnthaveaninstagram)