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Toby Turner
AUDIENCE! Let's see a movie tomorrow in Hollywood at the Arclight at 7:15 - Hector and the Search for Happiness (6360 W. Sunset Blvd, LA)!
Gryphon at the puppy barber. At last
There is always a Dark Door at the Red House of Whiteness. #tobuscus
An Attack from Wizard of Darkness!
Just made my favorite song ever. excited to actually start releasing these things more often :)
Good morning, Audience. Have some muffins. And a couple berries. With hummus for some reason. And some aesthetic vegetables on top. #TOBUSCUS
Dude. I am going to always wear this. I haven't plugged it in so I don't know if it's good but I don't even care. LOOK
What's the best gaming headset that can monitor/let me adjust monitor volume but doesn't leak audio noise? #helptoby
I could get them laminated so that they are weather-proof... but we don't have liquid-related weather here
Yes, I do drive around with all of my parking tickets on my windshield. I paid like $70 for them I'm not going to throw them away #tobuscus
how can I remove these parking tickets that my windshield wiper hugs so dearly? ... I shan't.
How to add words to your iPhone dictionary thing:… (thanks @ImHungryinLA!!) #YoureWelcome
STREAMYS VOTE SONG - vote here (you got 15 minutes!)
STREAMY'S VOTE SONG - vote here (you got 15 minutes!)
Me and @bjcalvio looking similar at the Streamys
last chance to vote in the streamys! (vote for me I'll pay you) #lastminutecampaign
One more chance to vote for the streamys! Votes close in 30! (vote for me I'll pay you)
Thanks mom! ❤️RT @cookiezsword: Been voting every single day for @TobyTurner on hope he wins!!!!!!!
When sharing the time of an event, include the time relative to now, as well as the date and day of the week. #HowToTalkToToby
The amount of times I say 'I'm the best' during a date is probably well over the mean
BREAKFAST IN BED #gryphon #tobuscus
Childlike Wonder. #tobyface
I really, really like fajitas.
AUDIENCE MEET ZACHARY @zacharyshirley (also #timdoesnthaveaninstagram)
I'm growling and pacing and doing sporadic exercise like a Richard Simmons lion.
This is my fav thing I've made in a while. Thanks for supporting it :)…
Twitch broke - reinstalled OBS then started writing instead of streaming!! aaaaahhhhhh
Don't ask what's wrong. Ask what's right. Silly nugget.
What should a show featuring me and gryphon be called?
Need another brilliant graphic designer, any art wizards around? #graphicdesign
The amount time I spend crying to my own text messages that I write because they're beautiful is certainly above the mean. #tobuscus
Aahhh!! Thank you for nominating me for a Streamy! Go vote if ye so choose!
I am a fan of forward movement.
Negativity is not a positive choice.
Nevermind. I'm gonna watch Steve Jobs interviews.
Which Rock & Roll documentary should I watch right now?
Pacing is my favorite exercise. Well, second favorite.
Hold your phone in your left hand when you're being creative with it - left hand is controlled by right brain. #tobuscus #yourewelcome
Dear Siri, Stop assuming I want to spell words incorrectly. Cordinator is not a word. Love, Toby #tobyrant
I like that Twitter forces us to be concise. Makes us smarter.