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Dixie Carter
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My nephew's pilgrimage to hold those who've failed us accountable begins tomorrow. RT @EthanCarterTNA: Tomorrow
A one-of-a-kind debut of a VERY special new talent TOMORROW on @IMPACTWRESTLING. Don’t miss @CMelendezTNA on @SpikeTV 9/8 CT #NotThursday
I LOVE towering over you & YOU!! You don't need girls like this. RT @RockstarSpud: Society.
Love @JamesStormBrand's intensity here. What's his idea for @seiyasanada's rebirth???
BIG series for the TNA Tag Titles starts this WED on @IMPACTWRESTLING . Who do you want to see as Champs? #BestTagsInBiz
DVR ALERT: Don’t forget to check your DVD to make sure it’s recording #ImpactOnSpike on our NEW night WEDNESDAYS! Same time #NotThursday
I am SO ready!! RT @HottyToddy2015: 5 Days left #RebelNation !!! 🔴🔵�
Happy to announce another international multi-year extension! @SuperSportTV
#SixSidesofSteel UP NEXT! Who do YOU want to get the next shot at World Heavyweight Title?
If you missed that Knockouts match, you better find a way to see it. #HardcoreJustice is off the charts. #IMPACTonSPIKE!
These Knockouts are the best EVER!! Tune in now. #IMPACTonSPIKE! #unreal
Stay tuned darlin! RT @champlife: Looks like @TNADixie got big plans when she leaves that hospital bed.... #IMPACTonSPIKE
Don't mess with either Carter! RT @TheMizGuy: Looks like @REALBully5150 messed with the wrong Carter @TNADixie #Table
Congrats to the amazing @hemmepowered on her pregnancy!! What a great journey you have ahead!! for details.
Oh darlin!!! I agree!!! RT @CCPell2WWE: @TNADixie When will @EthanCarterTNA become the TNA champ?!! IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN SOON !
THX Darlin!!! RT @SeanFord96: @TNADixie Wow all these matches so far on @IMPACTWRESTLING have been terrific tonight. #IMPACTonSPIKE!
Tune in to #ImpactOnSpike NOW to hear the REAL story from ME!!! RT @wessywes3: @TNADixie really hope ur not hurting too bad get well soon
I agree!!! RT @cinimodyeslah: @TNADixie im enjoying #hardcorejustice so far this is awesome:)
I really admire @TNADixie, doing anything for her company, such as going through a table. @IMPACTWRESTLING #HardcoreJustice #TNA
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Classic TNA X Division match going on right now. @SamoaJoe vs Low-Ki. #XDivisionIsBack! #ImpactonSpike NOW #NotThursday
Thxxx. RT @RoFloESPN: @IMPACTWRESTLING has had some good shows recently. Looking forward to tonight's show on @SpikeTV #NotThursday
#ImpactonSpike starts in 30 minutes. I will be tweeting live tonight. Let me hear from you. #HardcoreJustice TONIGHT! #NotThursday pls RT