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Dixie Carter
Who do you guys want to see win the X Division title?? @AustinAries or @SamoaJoe?? 2 of the best in the world!! #ImpactOnSpike NOW!!!
Great! RT @Africanhulk3: @TNADixie Because of you & your awesome show, Wednesday has gone from my hated to my most beloved day. I thank you
"So let's do this,". @AustinAries accepts and is fighting @SamoaJoe for the X Division title now!! #ImpactOnSpike TUNE IN
Really? @SamoaJoe wants @AustinAries to challenge him for the X title?
#ImpactOnSpike starts now!!! @AustinAries in the ring now. @SamoaJoe out to face him. .???
Wondering if @AustinAries will go for the #XDivision or the #HeavyWeight Championship TONIGHT on #IMPACTonSPIKE? What do you think?
It's going to be a hard fought battle for @gailkimITSME TOMORROW on #IMPACTonSPIKE. Who else thinks @HAVOKTNA is unstoppable??
So excited to take #BoundForGlory to Japan for the first time! Just announced the full card here:
Awesome birthday present for @CoachHughFreeze today! @CollegeGameDay is coming to the 4-0 @OleMissFB next wk. 1st time! Congrats/Happy bday
They're comin' to our city... Let's welcome @CollegeGameDay & show them what Oxford & the Grove is all about! #WAOM
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U could use help. RT @The305MVP: Enrollment is closed. We don't want help. @graham_williams @DaBlackPope @KennyKingPb2 @fightbobby @TNADixie
LOVED hearing @KirkHerbstreit talk @CollegeGameDay coming to @OleMissFB next week with a win today! Nothing like the Grove!
A great way to cap off dinner with a trip to @SugarDive in Nashville! Best candy store there is!!
Excited for @AmazingRace_CBS TONIGHT 8/7c. Can't imagine better competitors than @RobbieEImpact & @RealBrookeAdams
Fun #ThrowbackThursday with @SergTNAKOM & the talented Naomi Judd. Loved working w/her.
Congrats to @MagnusOfficial & @MickieJames on the birth of your son & future World Champ! Thrilled for you both!
What a win for @AustinAries! Now he has a shot at any #TNA title, any time! Fun night of pure wrestling! What did you think of #NYCGoldRush?
Lots of back and forth so far! Anybody's match - and the winner gets a shot at any #TNA title! #NYCGoldRush #IMPACTonSPIKE
@TNADixie @RealKurtAngle @EthanCarterTNA @RockstarSpud Kurt should remember that YOU are the President of TNA and the world need the Carters
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U think?? RT@AmazingRedKitty: @RealKurtAngle @EthanCarterTNA I think someone as smart as Angle would know better than to disrespect a Carter
Stay tuned RT @theredstandard: The final #Impact from the Manhattan Ctr up next! Wish it isn't the last. More TNA shows in NYC please!
Remember your place Angle RT @RealKurtAngle: @EthanCarterTNA last time I booked u, u made @RockstarSpud fight for u. Stop ur whining, Carter
#HavokVsGail next week is going to be an incredible showing of what being a Knockout is all about! Love our ladies! #NYCGoldRush
Great shows coming up. Thx RT @bman12479: @TNADixie I was in Bethlehem Thursday night great show I love TNA it truly is the superior product
Two of my faves: @MagnusOfficial and @mrkenanderson! Can't pick!!! Who do you think will win? #NYCGoldRush
Awesome match! @AustinAries was #GREAT and who knew Knux was so agile! @TheMenagerieTNA #NYCGoldRush #IMPACTonSPIKE
Who is your pick for the next match? RT for @AustinAries or FAV for Knux @TheMenagerieTNA! #NYCGoldRush
Awesome having @TajiriBuzzsaw in the #NYCGoldRush! What do you think of his odds tonight? #IMPACTonSPIKE
. @The305MVP advanced! Who else will be in the final of the #NYCGoldRush? #IMPACTonSPIKE
That's right! @RobbieEImpact and @RealBrookeAdams start the @AmazingRace_CBS on Friday! Can't wait to watch!
Great match to start the show! @OneWorldWarrior helped build the X-Division and still puts on great matches for us today! #NYCGoldRush
#NYCGoldRush is on NOW! Hope you're watching #IMPACTonSPIKE. Tweet me and let me know what you think!
Less than 5mins until #IMPACTonSPIKE! RT if you'll be watching the #NYCGoldRush!
5 qualifying matches & 1 finals match to determine who will win the #NYCGoldRush for shot at any title #IMPACTonSPIKE starts in 25 min
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Thxxx RT @ROCKSTAR3788: @TNADixie ill be watching TONIGHT & continue to support #Impact Keep up the good work & providing us great wrestling
#ItsFallBecause tonight is the last night of our summer of #TNANYC. Going out with a bang w/the #NYCGoldRush tournament. #IMPACTonSPIKE
A tremendous opportunity for 10 superstars. 1 winner. 1 chance at any title at anytime. #NYCGoldRush on TOMORROW’s #IMPACTonSPIKE
RT @TNADixie: He was small but lived large. Sad you have left us @EricTheActor. Will miss you @HowardStern @sternshow
He was small but lived large. Sad you have left us @EricTheActor. Will miss you. @HowardStern @sternshow
SO saddened about the passing of @RobBironas. Great @TennesseeTitans kicker/big wrestling fan. Our prayers go out to the family of RB#2.
You asked me to pull for you. Well tonight I did @CoachDanMullen. LSUvsMSU