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All the private jets flew into Vegas for the fight! #MayPac via @boxingfanatik
CRAZY FACT: @FloydMayweather will earn Lionel Messi's yearly salary in 5 minutes tonight.
Can't bite my tongue much longer. @SkySportsBoxing need to quit glorifying Carl Froch and focus on the task in hand and that's #MayPac !!!!!
#DOUBLETAP of you think #MayWins #TheMoneyTeam
#DOUBLETAP If you think #PacWins
3hours 23 minutes till #MayPac but who's counting! HYPPPPEEEEEDDDDDD
For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world..............ITS May Pac FIGHT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Floyd Mayweather's earnings breakdown tonight : $180,000,000 for the fight $15,000,000 per round $5,000,000 per minute $83,333 per second #MayPac #MayWins #DOUBLETAP Mayweather fans
Pacquiao's fight purse for #MayPac Per second $43,981 Per minute $2.63 million Per round $7.91 million
Manny Pacquiao fight night purse breakdown for #MayPac PER SECOND $43,981 PER MINUTE $2.63MILLION PER ROUND $7.91million
Mayweather's earnings: $15,000,000 per round $5,000,000 per minute $83,333 per second Fight purse $180,000,000
I really don't think we've seen Mayweather have to step out of 5th gear yet. Tonight Pacman will bring out his A-game I truly believe this.
Tonight's fight gloves options for #FloydMayweather which ones you guys like? #MayPac
The fight gloves for the champ #floydmayweather choices choices choices..... #MayPac #PacWins #TheMoneyTeam #TeamPacquiao via @grantworldwide
What Floyd & Manny are fighting for: The new $1 million WBC belt, made of gold, silver, emeralds & Italian leather. #MayPac
What Floyd & Manny are fighting for: The new $1 million WBC belt, made of gold, silver & Italian leather. #MayPac
ITSSSSSSS FIGHT DAY! #DOUBLETAP if you're hyped! #MayPac
Mayweather when asked about the fear of losing? "I'm gonna make $200 million dollars, did I lose?"
Nice to see the respect between two great trainers, Mayweather Sr and Freddie Roach. #MayPac
The calm before the storm. In 24 hours from now, the two best of today will go head to head! #MayPac
146lb #MayPac #TheMoneyTeam
Mayweather vs Pacquiao #MayPac
Manny Pacquiao ripped and ready!
Mayweather with @50cent #MayPac
Mayweather signing the most lucrative contract in boxing history!
Manny Pacquiao giving away £2.5million worth of tickets to fans for free! #MayPac
History in the making! And they say boxing is dead! #MayPac
Weigh Ins: Floyd Mayweather 146 lbs vs Manny Pacquiao 145lbs #MayweatherPacquiao #MayPac
Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao WHO YOU GOT!? RT for Floyd Mayweather Fav for Manny Pacquiao
Just been told Jamie Fox will sing the U.S. national anthem tomorrow night! #MayPac
Jamie Fox will sing the USA national Anthem tomorrow night! @floydmayweather
Shaq interviewing the champ @floydmayweather via @mayweatherunlimited
Mayweather's outfits choices for tomorrow night. #MayPac
It's May! Today's the best two fighters of this era weigh-in, tomorrow they fight! #ILoveBoxing
Watch the official Mayweather vs. Pacquiao weigh-in TODAY @ 6pm ET/3pm PT, LIVE from Vegas!!
Mayweather - "When it's all said and done, come September, my career is done." #MayPac
'The Fight of the Century': Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao. The most expensive boxing match in history... #MayPac

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