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Tom Morello
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Between 2006 and 2012, white police officers killed a black person at least two times a week: #Ferguson
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Made this in 1999 after Amadou Diallo was murdered by police. Unfortunately even more relevant today.
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@ChrisDos: One person. One instrument. One voice. One take. #ThisConcernsEveryone” get it!
Proud 2 join the ranks of artists on "THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE," a new compilation of protest songs from @AFrecordsPGH
@tmorello from @RATM 15 Now benefit concert 9/26 #seattle Get tx today! RT if u want @chriscornell to join the show
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@billybragg:Playing in support of striking teachers in Galesburg Illinois. #PowerInaUnion" Illinois?Unions?BillyBragg? 3 for 3! #GiveEmHell
@darioad13: stupid question... what is your nightwatchman 1st album ?? one man rev or fabled city ?” One Man Revolution
RIP Uncle Mungai. Kenyan freedom fighter, brilliant orator, family man, Kenyatta's doctor, rose grower, African hero
@Dirkins:Ur solo in Take the Power Back is the greatest solo of all time. It’s not debatable. It melts my face every time.” Ha thanks man
@bretbassbrown: rage have any influence from the novel 1984?” At Brad Wilk's suggestion we nearly called band "2 Minutes Hate" at last min
@DellMayTell: Where's Rage Against The Machine when you need em @tmorello” I'm not the one you need to ask
@PotatoRooney: How many amps and effects did you get through before settling on the Marshall + Ur effects?"Started w that and it seemed ok
@P45K: @DownieSeb if anyone can rock out with a face full of tear gas it's @tmorello =D” It's a well documented fact.
@mattsimpson86:how did 'we got the whip' not make it on audioslaves debut? So good” Agreed. Also track called "Gold" was foolishly left off
At McCartney show I was approached my many fans. On way to the car my son says, "Daddy why do only boys talk to you?" #DudesLoveMe
Raise it up! Donate to 15 Now to spread the grassroots movement nationwide. Donate $5, $10, $15 today! @tmorello RT
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RIP fellow Illinois Entertainer-In-Arms Robin Williams. Thankyou for bringing joy to so many with ur peerless wit. #DeadPoetsSocietyRules
Against death penalty but if instituted 4killer cops, corporate criminals &presidents who go to war under false pretense might be deterrent?
@gapcikman:Lamborgini or rolls royce; buying them is about being capable of workin enough"Sweatshop child laborers just need 2work harder?
@PieceOfShiv13: I'm from STL what are your thoughts on the riots we are having?” I can't imagine people NOT rioting given the situation
@bannbazz: So how about that tattoo? Will you write "The road I must travel, its end I cannot see" for me?” Sure. Apt.
@AshrafIslam_: Which pedals do u recommend to play dinosaur noises?” Don't worry bout pedals channel ur inner dinosaur
@koffeefrkeleven: Or u could find a woman who likes Dungeons&Dragons talk. I did. I have only sold a few dozen albums.” U hit the jackpot
@carpdawgamania:Need advice on girls, can you help?” Yes. Sell 30mil records and it gets a lot less stressful Also no Dungeons&Dragons talk
Cubs win it in the 12th!!