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Tom Morello
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Tripping out on this insanely great 16yr old Japanese female drummer. One of the best drummers I've ever heard:…
@that1chicano:what's ur fave scene?” When his bro desperately needs their last $15 for prostitute &Che says he gave it to mining couple
I would not have survived my early days in LA without the love, support and acceptance these ladies…
Rewatched "The Motorcycle Diaries" last night. A beautiful and inspiring film.
@jaketabber82:comment on shooter in Canada?Oh.Psychotic lefties don't comment if shooter is Muslim"I'm against shooting & rightwing sarcasm
bansky asks questions worth asking
Lots of hysterics over this Greenwald post. It's apparently forbidden to explain that actions can have consequences.…
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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." -- James Baldwin
Take a Stand - A tribute to Manning, Assange and Snowden - Wednesday 26 November at @frontlineclub, London
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Having done a good bit of research I stand with my MST comrades in supporting Dilma in Brazil's election to stop the right wing rollback
"The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses." - Utah Phillips. Via @TLImusic
"Senators should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we can identify their corporate sponsors."--the Internet
@TheJRomeDopesho: let me sell 40 dollar t shirts while ripping on capitalism, shit you do” my shirts are $20 and union made so Ima rip
@salgado_ro: people in Brazil say u support Dilma. Is it true?” I did in previous election, haven't followed closely enough this time 2 say
Folks have requested I repost my Wall Street Journal interview on race, rock, Ferguson & the noose:… #FergusonOctober
@_justpa_: @1MikeGuzman @tmorello Im reading Orchid Book 3 at the moment, fantastic plot twist!" Just wait! And thanks.
@johndeweythinks: RT for support of Striking Waukegan Teachers. Now into Day 12. #WaukeganStrong #WaukeganStrike” Solid is as solid does!
@_justpa_:If u like “Politics, revolution, power to the people, rage & anger” u should get @tmorello's Orchid.” #ClassWarComicsPlusMonsters
RIP Ox Baker. My favorite wrestler of all time & a hero of my youth. Fond memories meeting him as a kid. Real gentleman and awesome showman
@MEsipisu:@UKenyatta with Mau Mau association chairman Gitu Kahengeri during Mashujaa Day GardenParty at StateHouse
Crazy New Hampshire Pumpkin Riot & #Ferguson Protests draw different response from twitter & law enforcement:… My!
@vph: #HowardZinn loved music &songs of dissent,protest,prophecy. Tom joins our LA Nov 13 show w/incredible cast
@JimmyKane_: @tmorello Tom, will you come back to Brazil someday?” I sure hope I will
@Paxton306: , bro love your music and can I get a shout out today, it's my B-day and 36 years young. rock on!” Happy bday rock out
@EddieTrunk: “@alana6541: @EddieTrunk What's your favorite @Aerosmith album?” Rocks.” It's beyond dispute
@bugunion: Thanks for your support of working folks. @FairPoint workers are fighting corporate greed! #solidarity
Racists who are too chickenshit to express their true feelings in public by using the N-word these days substitute the word "thug"
@JakeCastonia: 1st day on the line against @FairPoint Enough is enough. #solidarity #corporategreed IBEW local 2327
If people dislike the sound of ur music that's fine but if people dislike YOU over what ur music stands for then ur def on the right track
@GTheurge: @tmorello @Dodygreg You wrote a comic, Tom?” Yes, ORCHID, on @DarkHorseComics
@OccuTV: @tmorello is your song creative commons or protected?” If ur talking about. "Marching On Ferguson" use it for whatever you want.
@LindseyTeamster:took pics of u walking @PortDriverUnion picket line. Excited to see my fave one in @Teamsters mag!
@Dodygreg: Very Nice comic ! I hope the second tpb is as good.” Thanks!
For a brass knuckled nurses union the Ebola scare is just another fight:… #CNA
Would a Voices show be complete without songs of dissent? No! Our LA Nov 13 includes @tmorello & @JoeHenryMusic. Tix…
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“There are two things a person should never be angry at; what they can help, and what they cannot." - Plato
@HUMPTYSCRUMPTY: @tmorello @MMFlint Why not a song about the shopkeeper just trying to earn living ?” I have 4 albums full of those
@MMFlint: Tom Morello's new and searing "Marching on Ferguson". Listen:” Thanks Mike!
@mjpohl63:Betcha anything his story is made up.Dont belive it at all” I'd be happy to refer u to Mary Morello who will set ur shit straight
@SOdomgb: Looking at Tom, I wouldn't have known he was black. Doubt cops would be able to tell either.” Um they can tell trust me
The Wall Street Journal and I talk about "Marching On #Ferguson" and the noose in my garage.… #FergusonOctober
#NewMusic Descarga “Marching on Ferguson”, la canción de protesta de @tmorello
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