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Tom Morello
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@UKenyatta:Dr. Mungai was a leader who mentored many Kenyans in politics&business” Kenya's Pres @ my Uncle's funeral
@MaxDewing: where is rage against the machine when we need them more than ever??” A legitimate question
@Jake_Abb: I'm thinking about buying this here Rage shirt from '99. Is it legit or a bootleg? Thx.…” bootleg
#VMAantidote: post a vid of a great live tv performance to balance out that VMA bullsh*t. RT! James Brown:…
@bannbazz: Hey Tom, when do you think you can write that lyric for me? Still waiting so I can get that tattoo! :-)” Ok where do I write it?
@AFlockaDevos:WorldWideRebelSongs one of the greats.Tom is the Chuck Norris of guitar.He's never outta tune you're just listening wrong.”Ha
@slayer825chick: @tmorello you are one of my fav musicians And today is my bday Can I please get a bday tweet?” Happy birthday!
@BootsRiley: Here my interview that Fox News was so upset about:…” This is amazing. Look at their faces!
@McFlyus: u just devastated me by admitting to being a huge KISS fan. It's OK, Tom, ur still one of my idols.” Thanks but its no secret
“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains."--Jean-Jacques Rousseau
@stewiemack: My first was KISS Unmasked. The joy of brining it home and dropping that needle #Shandi” I'm a huge KISS fan but oh my
@jethomme: Experiencing one's kids picking #KISS records requires serious tolerance from loving parents. Ugh. Bon chance!” Au contraire!
Took my kids to Amoeba Records. 1st record store visit. Their vinyl picks? 3 KISS records, 1 Judas…
My kids 1st record store visit. Their vinyl picks? 3 KISS records, 1 Judas Priest picture disc, 1 Clash. #NOFROZEN
@deckeratc: @tmorello you rocked the NATCA Convention in 2012 in Denver. This year Street Dogs in Minneapolis. Thoughts?” They're great!
@rpdunn8: @tmorello Who was your favorite on the VMA Red Carpet tonight??!!” Lol
@FifteenNow: @tmorello from @RATM 15 Now benefit show 9/26 #seattle Get tx! RT!"
@Oshburgh: I'm hoping @tmorello shows up and starts climbing on the sets. Best #VMAs moment ever. #RageAgainsttheMachine” Wasn't me!
At #BookSoup today getting literate with one of my favorite people on the planet (and fairy godmother…
"Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible."--Frank Zappa
@RyanTFallon: Love listening to @tmorello's Nightwatchman albums. Badass.” Thankee
@evan_greer:Actual email response I just got to our #Ferguson campaign: "Watch FOX NEWS and learn the facts." #NotIronic #ThereIsNoHope” !!
The Commandante & The Boss survey the battlefield. @springsteen