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Tom Morello
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"Take this cup from my lips". Here's my song Garden Of Gethsemane live for #HolyThursday:…
Pickin' up some vinyl at thirdmanrecordsofficial in Nashville with axe wizard/impresario #JackWhite.
“The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense." - Pablo Picasso
Good friend Shooter Jennings and I in Nashville tonight after his great set.
@Rocco_S23: @tmorello how about doing an italian album??!!” They're ALL Italian albums!
@OnePaulie: How about doing a traditional Irish music album?” Check Road I Must Travel and Saint Isabelle from Nightwatchman catalog
@zerolaut: how about doing a Spanish album & calling it El Vigilante Nocturno?” I have a song by that name in the works! It's a barnburner
You can't stop Frida Kahlo you can only hope to contain her. #MOMA
@EricFurniss: you melted my face and kicked my ass in Columbus.” Thank you. Face Melter/Ass Kicker was my minor in college.
There’s no objective explanation for why black women make less than white women.
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beautifully written history and reflection on today:…
Video of my @KISSOnline RnR Hall of Fame induction speech:
@GOPHotline: Found u play w/E Street Band. Another reason to never see a @springsteen concert again" Let's put that to a vote in Columbus!
A happy Passover to all
@heyjer: @tmorello favorite album artwork of all time from any artist?” Clash London calling, KISS Destroyer
@firstvinyl: @tmorello Tom,when will you be arriving in Columbus?” in time for the show I hope
The Pat Tillman narrative doesn’t exactly lend itself to swelling music and sonorous sound bites.
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Intriguing idea. How would you like the government to spend your taxes? #TheNewIRS
@JackDaBeanstalk: What do u say on customs forms that ask if you've ever tried to overthrow the US government” I say "still working on it"
Enjoyed the Cesar Chavez film. As a kid Mom & I joined the #UFW grape boycott. Felt like we were changing the world. Which we were.
Just saw an Iron Man kick an Elmo in Times Square
@Justcallmecan: what is your view of J. Mascis? Just wondering.” He once told me he loves manatees. So he's alright by me.
@GramsDamon: "Nobody never got nothin that didn't raise their voice and push"-TM #unionsong #thenightwatchman #lyricstoliveby” True dat
@_yasuzo_jp: year ago today #Deftones #Chi passed away. any unforgettable memories about him?” Real tragedy. Please wear seatbelt all.
Don't talk, act. Don't say, show. Don't promise, prove. #TheFutureIsUnwritten