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Tom Morello
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Does any of this make anyone reconsider the narrative that the NATO intervention in Libya was a stirring success?…
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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."–Mark Twain
@Mike_Knowles: Interesting times when u have to clarify that ur opposed to thekilling of children. by interesting I mean horrifying.” Bingo
@__ezzy__: good 2 see you woke up, wouldn't answer questions about #BDS break boycott" no BDS when RATM played #factcheck
@atif_shafique: why did RATM break up precisely when we needed you the most?" Prob needed most during Bush but I agree it's foolish
I am always opposed to the killing of children @cocoasaurus that's where we differ
@Legas101: These same people you're sticking up for are the same ones who cheered in the streets on 911.” The dead toddlers??
@mpslater:when Hamas has terrorists in tunnels under a kibbutz w/children is that ok?" How many times do I have to say it: it's NEVER ok
@Kyle7735: When u hide behind children bad things happen. What would you do Tom?” I would never kill children and work backwards from there
@GovtIsrael: Israel has the right to defend against little terrorists” Some of them sure are reeeeal little. #cognitivedissonance
Good listening in these troubled times is Steve Earle's "Jerusalem"…
Israel Unveils New Defense System To Deflect Accusations Of Human Rights Violations
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Tayyeb Shehadah throws STONES at Israeli soldiers before he was killed, shot under his eye as you can see on the mask
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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."–Scott Adams
Venezuelan super conductor/social justice warrior #GustavDudamel rocking #Beethoven's 9th Symphony…
@nerdsingerbeej:Interesting find in local comic shop - @tmorello wrote a comic book called "Orchid" very much looking forward to this.” Go!
Some of your favorite metal dudes high school photos. #YaGottaStartSomewhere #tbt
@Buzz_Patriot: That actually happened, in California, in the 60s.” I can get behind THAT 2nd Amendment vibe!
@youngnique90: @tmorello what would you recommend as a beginner guitar” a cool looking one
For @nytimes, accidentally shooting down a passenger plane makes you a "war criminal"--unless you're in the US Navy.
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