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Tom Morello
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The Last Internationale w/Mighty Brad Wilk was awesome on Letterman last night. If u missed it check the interweb
@Jon_Favreau: #chefmovie is back! Look for it at a theater near you this weekend.” Go see this people It's fantastic
Jail Guitar Doors show! @waynekramer @tmorello, Jackson Browne,! Last year's was amazing!
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Make sure to catch The Last Internationale on Letterman tonight! Great band with my man Brad Wilk pounding the drums.
Celebrating the birth of chriscornellofficial with some old friends. @soundgarden
Great time celebrating birthday of @chriscornell last night with some old friends
Want to know how you can support #Ferguson? Go here: #JusticeForMikeBrown
@bannbazz: @tmorello On a piece of paper, then you can just direct message it to me on twitter or tweet it” remind me which lyric u wanted?
important read: “@EdgeofSports: edited by the great people @thenation my piece on Jackie Robinson West & #Ferguson
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Wallace Shawn on #Gaza: "The Anger of the Palestinians Cannot Be Ended by Killing Their Children"…
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@UKenyatta:Dr. Mungai was a leader who mentored many Kenyans in politics&business” Kenya's Pres @ my Uncle's funeral
@MaxDewing: where is rage against the machine when we need them more than ever??” A legitimate question
@Jake_Abb: I'm thinking about buying this here Rage shirt from '99. Is it legit or a bootleg? Thx.…” bootleg
#VMAantidote: post a vid of a great live tv performance to balance out that VMA bullsh*t. RT! James Brown:…
@bannbazz: Hey Tom, when do you think you can write that lyric for me? Still waiting so I can get that tattoo! :-)” Ok where do I write it?
@AFlockaDevos:WorldWideRebelSongs one of the greats.Tom is the Chuck Norris of guitar.He's never outta tune you're just listening wrong.”Ha
@slayer825chick: @tmorello you are one of my fav musicians And today is my bday Can I please get a bday tweet?” Happy birthday!
@BootsRiley: Here my interview that Fox News was so upset about:…” This is amazing. Look at their faces!
@McFlyus: u just devastated me by admitting to being a huge KISS fan. It's OK, Tom, ur still one of my idols.” Thanks but its no secret
“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains."--Jean-Jacques Rousseau
@stewiemack: My first was KISS Unmasked. The joy of brining it home and dropping that needle #Shandi” I'm a huge KISS fan but oh my
@jethomme: Experiencing one's kids picking #KISS records requires serious tolerance from loving parents. Ugh. Bon chance!” Au contraire!
Took my kids to Amoeba Records. 1st record store visit. Their vinyl picks? 3 KISS records, 1 Judas…
My kids 1st record store visit. Their vinyl picks? 3 KISS records, 1 Judas Priest picture disc, 1 Clash. #NOFROZEN
@deckeratc: @tmorello you rocked the NATCA Convention in 2012 in Denver. This year Street Dogs in Minneapolis. Thoughts?” They're great!
@rpdunn8: @tmorello Who was your favorite on the VMA Red Carpet tonight??!!” Lol
@FifteenNow: @tmorello from @RATM 15 Now benefit show 9/26 #seattle Get tx! RT!"
@Oshburgh: I'm hoping @tmorello shows up and starts climbing on the sets. Best #VMAs moment ever. #RageAgainsttheMachine” Wasn't me!
At #BookSoup today getting literate with one of my favorite people on the planet (and fairy godmother…
"Without deviation from the norm progress is not possible."--Frank Zappa
@RyanTFallon: Love listening to @tmorello's Nightwatchman albums. Badass.” Thankee
@evan_greer:Actual email response I just got to our #Ferguson campaign: "Watch FOX NEWS and learn the facts." #NotIronic #ThereIsNoHope” !!
The Commandante & The Boss survey the battlefield. @springsteen
Back in the day with fellow Illinois suburbanite #VinceVaughn. #tbt #Swingers
@OUTERNATIONAL_: New Video #FutureRock produced by @tmorello !… RT this!” Great vid from Outernational!
Between 2006 and 2012, white police officers killed a black person at least two times a week: #Ferguson
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Made this in 1999 after Amadou Diallo was murdered by police. Unfortunately even more relevant today.
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@ChrisDos: One person. One instrument. One voice. One take. #ThisConcernsEveryone” get it!
Proud 2 join the ranks of artists on "THIS CONCERNS EVERYONE," a new compilation of protest songs from @AFrecordsPGH
@tmorello from @RATM 15 Now benefit concert 9/26 #seattle Get tx today! RT if u want @chriscornell to join the show
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@billybragg:Playing in support of striking teachers in Galesburg Illinois. #PowerInaUnion" Illinois?Unions?BillyBragg? 3 for 3! #GiveEmHell
@darioad13: stupid question... what is your nightwatchman 1st album ?? one man rev or fabled city ?” One Man Revolution
RIP Uncle Mungai. Kenyan freedom fighter, brilliant orator, family man, Kenyatta's doctor, rose grower, African hero
@Dirkins:Ur solo in Take the Power Back is the greatest solo of all time. It’s not debatable. It melts my face every time.” Ha thanks man
@bretbassbrown: rage have any influence from the novel 1984?” At Brad Wilk's suggestion we nearly called band "2 Minutes Hate" at last min