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Tom Morello
musicmusicians 387,593 followers
90 pounds of cocaine was found hidden on their boat” Mitch McConnell's in laws put the PARTY in Republican Party!
@cubfanet: So next year or so when our Cubbies make it to WS let's protest the blatant ad placements! (Fingers crossed)” Uptown problems
Between retroactive product placement in music videos &shameful #technologyandstuff World Series MVP sponsorship I'm ready to attack w/ROCK
@Cynical_Center:Saw u perform in a church during Sxsw few yrs ago.Ever reconsider the venue or was it always planned?”Was an amazing venue!
@TehFlynSquirrel:teacher told me I should respect our state governor cause "he makes more $ than i ever will"!Thoughts?” Find a new teacher
@born2bear: @tmorello I just started getting into your "NightWatchman" stuff. Wow, I feel stupid for waiting so long.” Thanks mate!
At my kids school the 4 & 5 year olds do community service. They chopped the veggies now dad's helping…
@rlissau: thoughts on the Brainerd building coming down?…” no great memories there but some weird ones. Adios!
Amen. "The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best." Epictetus
After listening to Black Sabbath's Supernaut, Sweet Leaf & Iron Man my toddler asked "Why does that guitar player play so good? I like it."
"Black Spartacus Halloween Machine"
This kid has has got it together for Halloween.
A belated RIP to Mr. Jack Bruce, a pioneer rock bass virtuoso and great lead singer. #SunshineOfYourLove
A terrifying midnight visage from The Morello House Of Horror. #SpookinessIsItsOwnReward
#MarchingOnFerguson is right here for you. My new "finger pointing song":…
@InnerCitySumo: @tmorello Tom, is it true that you were once in Star Trek?” Try twice
Saw this guy last night at the #DolbyTheater. For over 50yrs he's been mystifying, hypnotizing &…
@geosofia: dear Tom, please support the 43 students that are disappeared in Mexico #AyotzinapaSomosTodos” I do. Those responsible must pay
@TheJRomeDopesho: @tmorello you're a bitch” Ok, fine, but that's 'Bitch USA' to u choir boy! #showsomepride #USA
In the studio right now with this old friend making HUGE rock.
Tripping out on this insanely great 16yr old Japanese female drummer. One of the best drummers I've ever heard:…
@that1chicano:what's ur fave scene?” When his bro desperately needs their last $15 for prostitute &Che says he gave it to mining couple
I would not have survived my early days in LA without the love, support and acceptance these ladies…
Rewatched "The Motorcycle Diaries" last night. A beautiful and inspiring film.
@jaketabber82:comment on shooter in Canada?Oh.Psychotic lefties don't comment if shooter is Muslim"I'm against shooting & rightwing sarcasm
bansky asks questions worth asking
Lots of hysterics over this Greenwald post. It's apparently forbidden to explain that actions can have consequences.…
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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced." -- James Baldwin
Take a Stand - A tribute to Manning, Assange and Snowden - Wednesday 26 November at @frontlineclub, London
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Having done a good bit of research I stand with my MST comrades in supporting Dilma in Brazil's election to stop the right wing rollback
"The earth is not dying, it is being killed. And the people who are killing it have names and addresses." - Utah Phillips. Via @TLImusic
"Senators should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we can identify their corporate sponsors."--the Internet
@TheJRomeDopesho: let me sell 40 dollar t shirts while ripping on capitalism, shit you do” my shirts are $20 and union made so Ima rip
@salgado_ro: people in Brazil say u support Dilma. Is it true?” I did in previous election, haven't followed closely enough this time 2 say
Folks have requested I repost my Wall Street Journal interview on race, rock, Ferguson & the noose:… #FergusonOctober
@_justpa_: @1MikeGuzman @tmorello Im reading Orchid Book 3 at the moment, fantastic plot twist!" Just wait! And thanks.
@johndeweythinks: RT for support of Striking Waukegan Teachers. Now into Day 12. #WaukeganStrong #WaukeganStrike” Solid is as solid does!
@_justpa_:If u like “Politics, revolution, power to the people, rage & anger” u should get @tmorello's Orchid.” #ClassWarComicsPlusMonsters
RIP Ox Baker. My favorite wrestler of all time & a hero of my youth. Fond memories meeting him as a kid. Real gentleman and awesome showman
@MEsipisu:@UKenyatta with Mau Mau association chairman Gitu Kahengeri during Mashujaa Day GardenParty at StateHouse
Crazy New Hampshire Pumpkin Riot & #Ferguson Protests draw different response from twitter & law enforcement:… My!
@vph: #HowardZinn loved music &songs of dissent,protest,prophecy. Tom joins our LA Nov 13 show w/incredible cast
@JimmyKane_: @tmorello Tom, will you come back to Brazil someday?” I sure hope I will
@Paxton306: , bro love your music and can I get a shout out today, it's my B-day and 36 years young. rock on!” Happy bday rock out