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TJ Manotoc
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Miss watching the FIBA 2014 basketball game between Team Gilas Pilipinas vs. Argentina? Watch catch-up of the...
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Phillipines plays with more heart and relentlessness than any other team in the FIBA World Cup. Trailing Argentina 79-76 in 4th qtr.
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Can we give the Philippines a wild card into the round of 16?
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#GilasPilipinas it's not their record that makes them standout BUT their hearts that make them outstanding. I salute Team GILAS PILIPINAS❤️
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and before I tune out to write my story, big thanks... SALAMAT KUYA @drayblatche for AGAIN PLAYING THRU PAIN. #PUSO #LabanPilipinas
my new wallpaper... u da man Gabe! RT @GaboReyess: Pilipinas, let's sleep tight! #LabanPilipinas #GilasPIlipinas
ARG Coach Lamas said Gilas plays a very strange style of basketball they have never seen but they play it at full potential. High respect
ARG Coach Julio Lamad full of praise for Gilas. Says this IS THE MOST DIFFICULT GAME HE HAD TO COACH IN HIS LIFE.
Blatche misses the final three and… 3RD RANKED ARGENTINA BARELY SURVIVES GILAS PILIPINAS - 85 - 81 #SPAIN2014
Nocioni hits both FT. 85 - 81 ARG
Nocioni hits 1st ft. i can't tell if Gilas has a timeout left
ARG advances ball to half court, moves ball quickly, Blatche finally fouled Nocini. 6.6 sec to go
11.9 sec to go, timeout ARG as they lead 83 - 81
Ping fouls Prigioni. his 4th, no penalty yet
Castro goes up, Nocioni bothers him, travel. ARG ball. Gilas has to foul
Scola pulled out, smaller line up for ARG
Coaching experience time of @coachot now. #PUSO
kicked ball, shot clock reset to 14. 24 sec left in the game, ARG up 83 - 81 Gilas ball, timeout Chot
Nocioni misses 2nd. 83 - 81 final 37 sec Gilas ball
Nocioni hits 1st FT
Prigioni miss sees the drive, Nocioni gets the board and draws the foul. 82 - 81 42 sec to go
Mata misses the three, scramble for the rebound, ARG draws the foul. 57 sec 82 - 81
Blatche for three at shot clock buzzer rims out
Prigino rams into thte Pingris screen. foul
Norwood bothers a Nocioni drive. Gilas ball
Alapag pull up three… BAAAANG!!! 82 - 81 1:55 TO GO
Nocioni misses the corner three. Alapag fouled in transition. no penalty yet
Blatche steals the ball from Scola at the post, but gets called for the travel the other end. still 82 - 78 2:20
wow, Blatche drives doble cluthc, basket. 82 - 78 ARG 2:57
Gabe misses the three. 82 - 76 ARG lead, 3:30 to go
Nocini posts up Ping makes him miss
Mata hits another three. 82 - 76 ARG 4:34 to go
Gilas now shooting 55% from three….
our boys are just oozing with confidence like this is MOA in FIBA Asia 2013 all over again. walang takot, walang kaba. #YANANGPINOY
Alapag pull up three…. and yup….BAAANG!!! 79 - 76 ARG. TIMEOUT 5m to go!
Gabe drives in traffic and hits the tough floater. 79 - 73 ARG 5m to go
Scola gets away on the baseline. 79 - 71 6m to go
Blathce fouled by Nocini, hits 2 FT. 77 - 71 6:30 to go
spewing of three, another one for Mata. 77 - 69 ARG 6:40 to go
dig this kids, Gilas now shooting 51% from three…
and ARG whips the ball around like pros for a three. 74 - 69 ARG
GILAS has gone 2-3 zone
RDO for three.. BAAAAANG! 71 - 69 ARG 8M TO GO
Scola misses the kili-kili shot vs Blatche, RDO get the rebound.
Jimmy - RDO pick n roll, Apalag for three BANG!!! lead down to 5, 71 - 66 ARG timeout 8:56 to go
RDO just shook off Scola like a bangaw, drive baseline reverss, bucket. 71 - 63 ARG
Gilas steal leads in rebounds amazingly 29 - 27. but ARG has 12 - 29 threes, to Gilas 9 - 19. thats the story + turnovers so far