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Tina Ann Graves
Just Google Tina Ann Graves or the Wolverton Mountain Woman you will find me one way or another! I'll be back when I can! #PeaceOut XOXOXO
Getting an #Aquarius trust is one of the hardest thing for anyone to achieve. They just don’t trust people easily
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Here is my blog too The Wolverton Mountain Woman! #Blogger #Writer
Here is my book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.… … The Wolverton Mountain Woman #Author #AuthorsLife
Here is my 'bookstore' better price for paperbacks… … The Wolverton Mountain Woman! #Author #AuthorsLife
#Aquarius speak their mind and don’t care about how they’re perceived by others
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Thank God for my social media because I don't mind at all to put my feelings out there! I just need my laptop! #PrayingHard
I hope my car slow its roll for awhile, I really need a break there! I mean seriously I do. That was too obvious needless to say! #SMFH
I am really sick of the phone calls too. They done enough damage to my income tax this year! I will handle them Thursday! #RealTalk
Whatever that is going on around me I am putting it on my #Instagram because I am to the point that I really don't give a fuck! #Boom
I am hoping 2 get my laptop this week! I have my finger and toes crossed for that one! I am really getting sick of this situation! #Truth
RT "@iTinaGraves: People should obviously start minding their own business. #JustSaying"
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@iTinaGraves A toast: Here's 2 mystery and its allure that makes us think it's a crime 2 let it remain unsolved and endure. (;>))
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@iTinaGraves Happy Easter Tina! Hope yours is wonderful! Run from the Chocolate-strawberry filled eggs! Run! :)
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@iTinaGraves Luv You Darling! Happy Easter. Sending a Bunny with full Basket of Love. #HipHop
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I love my daughter so much she is gonna be 20 next January. Man I can't believe it. #Daughter @kaylilovescookies
The lights has went out in Conway, Arkansas! Kayli look at your MAMA! #FML
Haunted House 2 and I am a bad-ass motherfucking mama! #Heeeeeey