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Tina Ann Graves
This is the face of working 3 12's in a row with a total time of driving of 6 hours with no sleep hardly. I will be good and crazy in the morning. #WorkFlow
I work like a man, 24/7 365 who else is gonna do it? #HustlersMentality
I got 4 hours of sleep instead of 2 yesterday. Burn those candles at both ends, Tina! #WorkFlow
Fun in the sun on the east coast. I'm paying for it dearly lol #SunBurn after 10 visits in the tanning bed I should be back on track.
My trip to Jersey is in motion! Yay! #BlackAndWhiteSelfie
Single until I know it's real. I have a chance looking like a skeleton before I reach my destination tho! #LMAO #OhWell
24/7 365 #StrongWoman #GoGetter only way to be, baby!
If I had a twin I would be in deep do-do! #JustSaying
Southern born, southern raised! Bitch please, it's going to take a strong-ass man to handle me. #INeedGoodLuckWithThatOne, move along!
My current mood! #SnappedOutOfIt thank god! #GladToBeBack
Soulmate, #Facebook comes to my mind. Sigh!
This is how I fucking roll, no ands ifs or buts about it. #CantPlayAPlayer
I'm going to miss her! #Hate2SeeHerGo
This has to be the most classic picture, ever! This was sent to me so therefore I take it as a sign. #singlewoman #ItIsWhatItIs
Time to roll this 12 hour shift! #WorkFlow #BossBitch #StrongWoman #NoTimeForWeakness
I've been off work for the last 2 weeks. I wish I was back on the east coast! #WorkFlow
When everything seems lost, just PRAY. Because when Prayer comes up, Blessing comes down. #Amen!