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Tina Ann Graves
Well fuck me running here's my sign! First thing I seen on Facebook this morning! #CrazyBitch
This made my night,right here! #ThreeStooges
I love this! #Annabelle #TheClown 😈😈😈
My timeline has been off the charts tonight can't focus! #ThankYou #LoveYall
Hello 60 hour work week! #WorkFlow #FML
Haters really don't have their own lives actually. Why? Because they are so fucused to live in yours.
People get fake when the shit gets real.
We live in a world in which judgment is more important than getting to know the person.
I'm not invincible or unstoppable, but I stay strong because it's the only way to survive in this world.
Just don't settle for just anyone because your lonely or tired of being alone.That could be a big mistake. Let it happen when love is ready
An #Aquarius will act crazy whenever and wherever they please.
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I can not wait to move to Connecticut and get out of this got damn twilight zone that I am fucking living. Maybe I can use my laptop there!
It's awful I have to finish my Twitter via phone because all of a sudden my Internet connection just zapped! This is so ridiculous!
SCAM!… I got scammed and I don't want other people get scammed like I have. Just warning everyone. #ScamAlert
An #Aquarius will do anything for you and treat you like royalty when they're sure you're THE ONE!
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I work my ass off so that is that. Keep working my ass off! #JustSaying
3 phones with Unlimited data and texting and calling. I hate my $283.00 bill now but when I look what I got. I should not gripe be blessed!
I got a LG tablet for a penny but added 10 dollars to my bill. Gotta love AT&T! #Sigh
I love my #SamsungGalaxyNote4 that phone is a BEAST!
Setting up this phone and tablet is getting on my nerves. I think I need to have a drink. #Headache
My gorgeous baby girl! @kaylilovescookies #Daughter
Ummmm, does this mean I have good luck now? I might not need my hooker boots after all! #Ladybug it was crawling on me!
A new phone and tablet! Yup, I got to get my hooker boots out! #FML