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Tina Ann Graves
That's me 110% Have a great weekend #Instagram I will catch you on the flip-side of #Sunday
I work at a hospital and I worked oncology the other night. When I tell people that I'm 40 they look at me in shock. They thought I was 26 to 33. I'll take that compliment I sure will. I will be 41 next month. One of my patients told me why I look so young because I'm good people, I have a good hear
I’m mistaken for a flirt when I’m friendly, a bitch when I’m blunt, shy when I’m quiet. You just can’t please everyone.
Instead of a priority, you made me an option. So now you’re history, lost and forgotten.
I don’t hate my haters, but I won’t ever surround myself with such negativity. I’m better than that.
Don’t mix between my personality and my attitude because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.
Never let anyone think they can just step over you.
#Aquarius have the hardest time opening up to love. When they do, they have the hardest time closing up to the one they feel for.
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My Blog (Link) Tina's Words and Tina's Thoughts #Author #Writer #Blogger!
My (update) on Outskirts Press, don't get me started!… Just Saying! #Author #Writer #Blogger!!
#Aquarians harsh words may hurt your feelings now but their silence will break your heart.
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I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas night! It's mandatory. New Year's Eve is party time for me. I have to look for a date. #WooHoo
I have noticed that a tablet is a lot better to look at Instagram rather than a phone or laptop. The laptop is better for Facebook. #Truth
My Facebook is jumping-jumping! Lots of action going on there! #Whew
Thank you Instagram for getting rid of the fake accounts. I have about 2 thousand more #JustSayin I wish Twitter would do the same!!!!
I don't have the kids this weekend and my checking account looks pretty fucking good for a good-time! #Boom
I am starting to be myself again. I sure did miss her! #JustSayin
#quoteoftheday this is real shit right here nothing but the fucking facts! Relationships on up........
I have worked 5 12s in a row with 10 hours of driving time 70 hours in 5 days. Yup, I am ready to sleep all day and all night. I just need a 'cuddle' buddy! #PeaceOut I have the next 4 nights off thank goodness!
This song is becoming addictive too me, the lyrics! OMG! #TakeMeToChurch
My favorite snack food,ever! #ButterFinger
There are two ways to get everyone to hate you. Either do something wrong, or do something really right.
Everything happens for a reason and what was meant to be will be.
Be thankful for what you have because it could all taken away tomorrow or any minute.
Your future will always be the outcome of the decisions you make in the present.
Don't worry about hard-times because some of the most beautiful things we have in life come from changes and mistakes.
#Aquarius always have a smile on their face, even in the hardest of times.
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#Aquarius is the most faithful partner and will give you the world, until you give them a reason not to.
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My Blog (Link) Tina's Words and Tina's Thoughts #Author #Writer #Blogger!
My (update) on Outskirts Press, don't get me started!… Just Saying! #Author #Writer #Blogger!!
#Aquarians are great at distancing themselves from people, so be careful how you treat them.
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I got to focus on the positive at the moment leave that negative shit at the door! #Boom
My Facebook is jumping too well all my social media is. I can't wait to dive back into my writing and blogging. I will have a new book soon!
But I know life isn't going to stop and I have to keep moving along and do the best I can and hope for the best in the meantime! #RealTalk
I am so sick of my emotions right now. I unblocked and hopefully be friends. I am at that point. It's really hard to describe my feelings!!!
I have re-installed KIK and that's the place to get me from now on. I may or may not accept you it depends because I don't have time play!!!
I have changed my number I need to send it to a select few because they need it. I will when I get time. I've been too freaking busy!
I have worked 5 12s in a row, 60 hours plus 10 hours of total driving time 70 hours in 5 days. I will be glad to sleep all day and night!!!