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Tim Minchin
News: America! Get yourself some Tim-on-Demand!
Any extremely hip LA jazzers out there not working Saturday 13th who can play a little gig for me? A trio or quartet? Big piano provided.
News: Just For Laughs, Toronto, have added TWO more Tim shows this month, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! #JFL42
I've mentioned the wonderful @AuntyDonnaBoys before. But look, one of their vids is currently viral-ing! :)…
It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so horrendous. @BHAhumanists
News: Special Gala Performance of Matilda in aid of BBC Children in Need! #CiN
Hipsters are doing the Water Bucket challenge. It's the Ice Bucket challenge, but before it was cool.
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Oh my, it makes my heart ache.
The Autumn New Humanist is out now! Featuring @timminchin, Stuart Hall, @marcuschown on cosmic myths, and more…
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Heading to Geelong to see @mattpav29 & the mighty @Fremantle_FC play. I intend to yell ignorant advice from the cheap seats. Should work.
Newspapers seems to be just adverts for fear. "Get your fear here! 2 for 1 fear! Buy terror, get xenophobia free!"
Also posted without comment, except to say it balances a few points in previous posted article.…
Sharing this without comment, except to say it has some stuff I hadn't thought about, so may inform you too.…
Well, if nothing else, my facial hair is ready for first day of filming tomorrow.…
Watch every Tory paper shove a camera up his nose, looking for the ugly shot @pollytoynbee on #edmilliband #torypress…
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Haha! Tobinick, you're more likely to win the lottery. RT @ScienceBasedMed: Lawsuit leveled at Steven Novella & SBM:…
News: Tim and Dennis Kelly interview the West End's new Trunchbull!
This is incredible! I'm a big fan of Ralph. If I may call him Ralph. RT @SteadmanArt: @timminchin new portrait.
It's true, I have a nudity clause in all my contracts. (It stipulates I have to be nude at least once in all film/tv roles.)
Of course, you're right, @Maisie_Williams doesn't need saving. She would kill me soon after. (Which is good, cos I'm really rather busy.)
I'm gonna write an ep where I marry Daenerys (thus becoming Stepfather of Dragons) & save @Maisie_Williams from someone big/mean. Hero.
Why am I not in Game of Thrones S5? My beard's big, my hair's long, I like killing people. I can do a non-specific British-ish accent. FML
. @UnrealMcKay Yeah, I've heard it's ok. :)
Really worth reading this primer on Israel/Palestine if you're befuddled.… Thanks @TomChivers for link.
Londoners. Try to see Shakespeare in Love (@SILonstage). Laughed & sobbed. Heartbreaking work by @tom_bateman & Lucy @BriggsOwen. x
I love reading anything @pollytoynbee writes. This is particularly great.
But... It was a wonderful, beautiful night! Thank you all for coming. I promise I never take my audiences for granted.
2/2 So wanna clarify: There was 2hr40min of comedy. As headliner, I was booked for 35mins, but did 50. On early, so finished early. :) x
Thanks all for gorgeous reactions to the gig in Hyde Park tonight. A few people have said they were disappointed by my set length... (1/2)
To be clear, football is this sport:…
(Apologies to non-Australian followers who find my football tweets incongruous. Everyone has their fetish.)
It's almost the birthday of the greatest small forward since Napoleon. Check it, @mattpav29
News: Storm, performed live at the Hammersmith Apollo, now up on Tim’s YouTube channel!
@BBCOne: The new Doctor lands Saturday 23rd August.” It's about time. (And other things, but mostly time).
News: Storm the Illustrated Book!
BALLAS! Sorry. As you were.
.@AmyBalmain :) I've never done my own news. @shell_here & @angryfeet are in charge (and are amazing at it, must be said).! tx
News: Tim’s to be in a major mini-series for ABC TV!
Surely Her Majesty would call this a "Onesie" rather than a "selfie". MT @ThePoke
Guess how many paper airplanes we've thrown over the past 500 shows w/#Matilda500 by 6/23 for a chance to win 2 tkts!
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So, so proud of and impressed by @TheRSC & the NAS (@Autism), and the entire @MatildaMusical company.…
Follow Ron on twitter, @HighCourtNSCP) & learn more here: Perhaps consider donating. He's made huge sacrifices.
Wow! Ron Williams has won again. Oz High Court rules it's unconstitutional for gov't to fund chaplains in schools.…
Not including the birth of my kids, I think this might be the happiest I've ever been. #cheese @HeritageOrc…
If I were in London, I would definitely go to this: Amazing line-up, fantastic cause. 2 nights only. @artsemergency
News: Tim is part of JFL's 42 in Toronto this September!
News: Tim & his band to play Hyde Park in July! Presale 9am today! #reminder
News: Tim & his band to play Hyde Park in July! Presale 9am tomorrow.