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Tim Minchin
News: Australians! Tim's on The Project on Channel Ten Tomorrow!
News: Matilda in Australia! Tickets for Sydney go on sale tomorrow!
In an hour I'm playing at the media launch of @MatildainOz. This excites me greatly. Bringing our baby home. : )
Watch this tonight, Aussies:… The great @Eddieperfect hosting. I'm playing a tune from #Matilda #MentalHealthWeek2014
News: Australia! Crack up with Tim on Friday Night!
And here's this. No biggy. Only the best telly/film writer ever. (And Joss Whedon). Ha. Ha. (Ha).
As a rule, I don't publish photos of my kids, but my daughter made a robot head & I think it's cool.
@timminchin don't think of us as strangers, more like stalkers you haven't caught yet
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(While we're on @ArianeSherine, go to her profile page & check out the tweet pinned to the top of her stream. Wondrous.)
Also, thank you so much for all the b'day love. It's actually really lovely, this having strangers be nice to you thing.
I luv @ArianeSherine & @NewHumanist, so although one generally avoids posting stuff that's too flattering...…
Hey new rule if you call something that doesn't have two coherently argued sides a "debate" we get to shoot you into the sun.
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Ok, that's all the plugs for today. I'll try to tweet something whimsical or outraged soon.
For US stoners: I'm on @midnight tonight (11:59) on Comedy Central. With @MrEmilyHeller, @rhysiedarby & @nerdist. It's very fun!
And I did the @ProbablyScience podcast w bonobo expert Dr Amy Parish, live @lapodfest:…
So, I had this massive chat with @gabydunn & she somehow extracted some vague sense from it & posted it here:
I got a few things to point your eyes at today, so if you don't like me plugging articles/shows/podcasts, avert your gaze. & your straightz.
... I just watched ep 1 & loved it. And the music on it is by another dear friend, @sibegg. #ScrotalRecall
This, starring dishy @JohnnyFlynnHQ & @AntoniaLThomas (who I have a huge crush on) was developed by 1 of my besties:
I'm helping @beardyman make an Album in an Hour starting at 9pm UK time. Go to to watch the magic (mayhem) happen.
'Storm' fans: There's a thing where you buy the book & get a signed print & get to watch a launch event online.
News: Americans! Tim will be on Comedy Central’s @midnight show this week!
Not in LA? You can see @ProbablyScience with @timminchin streaming plus all other shows. code "science" for $5 off.
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News: Watch Beardyman and Beardy-Tim create an album in an hour! They need your song suggestions!
Speaking of talented mates: this micro-masterpiece by @teekenng one @TROPFEST's #vinefest.
btw The Little Death (see previous) is getting great reviews/reactions. We need to go see Aussie films or they'll go extinct. Get there! ta
Hey Aussies. My friend @joshlaw81 wrote & starred (alongside many other friends) this.… It opened yesterday!
Thanks Toronto. Timothy tired and very happy. Seeya next time.
Further info for Toronto tonight. Show starts 7pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre & goes for 80-90 mins. I think tix are about $35. Yippee.
Torontonians! Come to my final show tonight. Other people seem to like it. You can get tix on the door. Tell your friends. Ok. Carry on. t.
(Has anyone noticed that these days I only express strong opinions in the middle of the night when I'm tired & have had a wine or two?)
Jindal. Intellectual and political cowardice personified.…
.@jianghomeshi Was great! Thanks for having me. I'll find you in a bar somewhere over the weekend.
News: An invite to the online, international Storm Book Launch!
Tix will be avail at the door for @timminchin's show tonight in Toronto at #JFL42:
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Shall we show up to this dude's lecture before my show tomorrow night? Then maybe *his* mob can come to *my* gig.
Hi guys. This is a friend of a friend. Please read, esp if you happen to have Anglo-Burmese blood!
Seriously. Spending time expressing contempt for someone's art is fucking lazy bullshit. Go find something you like & tweet that.
Hey! You can still pre-order a Storm Special Ed' (signed by me in the nude) from Waterstones.
News: America! So F**king On-Demand!
.@thecomedybureau @hulu and it's unedited: twice as long as the Showtune special. Not sure if that's a good thing. :/
Stalls now full for @Laugh4Leukaemia on 9 Oct @KingsPlace. Any Juliets out there, it's time to get your balcony on! x
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News: America! Get yourself some Tim-on-Demand!
Any extremely hip LA jazzers out there not working Saturday 13th who can play a little gig for me? A trio or quartet? Big piano provided.
News: Just For Laughs, Toronto, have added TWO more Tim shows this month, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre! #JFL42