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Tim Minchin
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Heading to Geelong to see @mattpav29 & the mighty @Fremantle_FC play. I intend to yell ignorant advice from the cheap seats. Should work.
Newspapers seems to be just adverts for fear. "Get your fear here! 2 for 1 fear! Buy terror, get xenophobia free!"
Also posted without comment, except to say it balances a few points in previous posted article.…
Sharing this without comment, except to say it has some stuff I hadn't thought about, so may inform you too.…
Well, if nothing else, my facial hair is ready for first day of filming tomorrow.…
Watch every Tory paper shove a camera up his nose, looking for the ugly shot @pollytoynbee on #edmilliband #torypress…
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Haha! Tobinick, you're more likely to win the lottery. RT @ScienceBasedMed: Lawsuit leveled at Steven Novella & SBM:…
News: Tim and Dennis Kelly interview the West End's new Trunchbull!
This is incredible! I'm a big fan of Ralph. If I may call him Ralph. RT @SteadmanArt: @timminchin new portrait.
It's true, I have a nudity clause in all my contracts. (It stipulates I have to be nude at least once in all film/tv roles.)
Of course, you're right, @Maisie_Williams doesn't need saving. She would kill me soon after. (Which is good, cos I'm really rather busy.)
I'm gonna write an ep where I marry Daenerys (thus becoming Stepfather of Dragons) & save @Maisie_Williams from someone big/mean. Hero.
Why am I not in Game of Thrones S5? My beard's big, my hair's long, I like killing people. I can do a non-specific British-ish accent. FML
. @UnrealMcKay Yeah, I've heard it's ok. :)
Really worth reading this primer on Israel/Palestine if you're befuddled.… Thanks @TomChivers for link.
Londoners. Try to see Shakespeare in Love (@SILonstage). Laughed & sobbed. Heartbreaking work by @tom_bateman & Lucy @BriggsOwen. x
I love reading anything @pollytoynbee writes. This is particularly great.
But... It was a wonderful, beautiful night! Thank you all for coming. I promise I never take my audiences for granted.
2/2 So wanna clarify: There was 2hr40min of comedy. As headliner, I was booked for 35mins, but did 50. On early, so finished early. :) x
Thanks all for gorgeous reactions to the gig in Hyde Park tonight. A few people have said they were disappointed by my set length... (1/2)
To be clear, football is this sport:…
(Apologies to non-Australian followers who find my football tweets incongruous. Everyone has their fetish.)
It's almost the birthday of the greatest small forward since Napoleon. Check it, @mattpav29
News: Storm, performed live at the Hammersmith Apollo, now up on Tim’s YouTube channel!