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U.S. diplomats banned from ALS ice-bucket challenge
Quiz: On a scale of 0 to 40, how much of a narcissist are you?
See the real-life people who inspired ‘The Simpsons’ characters
This berry is causing a superfood war between America and Canada
How some people are surviving the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history
A new exhibit raises interesting questions about how much parents share of their children online
Climate change could happen slower in the next decade
"I've lived "The Simpsons Marathon," @HankAzaria says
Darren Wilson's account of what happened the night Michael Brown was killed will remain confidential
This ad is stirring up sexism critiques in Silicon Valley
From Time Lords to crime lords, see the actors who played The Doctor's second most famous roles
5 weird ways stress can actually be good for you
5 unique kitchen gadgets for less than $100
"Climate change could slow for a decade" Nice, but remember, a brief easing of the fever does not mean we're well
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The 6 feistiest ads from the battle to be Arizona's next governor
U.S. furious after Chinese fighter jet does barrel roll over American aircraft
Parents turn teen daughter into police after finding naked cellphone photos
Talked to Bao Bao's keeper about what life's like for America's most famous panda cub
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Crowdfunders raise $225,000 for cop who shot Michael Brown
Some states have banned happy hour
Scientists want to build a tomato that grows 24/7
What life is like for America's most famous panda cub Photo: @NationalZoo
Most powerful thing I've read on the Ice Bucket Challenge --> Living with ALS: 'I can't believe I'm still alive'
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Russian artillery units are firing at Ukrainian soldiers, NATO says
Everything you need to know about "Doctor Who" before the new season premieres