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Thomas Lennon
Photoset: Yes. #TheMeltdown season is over. But moments like this one from @thomaslennon will live on in...
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I am giving you enough time to take an Ayahuasca trip before my appearance on tomorrow's @meltdown_show on @ComedyCentral
Watching @alfredyankovic crush it at The Hollywood Bowl.
Just got home. What did @BarackObama's address say our response to Bieber's fake underwear bit is going to be? #ScorchedEarth
Shooting promos for The Odd Couple.
Thumb's been hovering over "buy it now" for 15 minutes.…
@thomaslennon how about, this week at least, instead of buying your fav NFL teams gear, people donate that cash to local women shelters?
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Just sold the sitcom rights to "My Son the Juggalo"
Just got Subdivisions twice in a row on Slacker and it was the happiest I have ever been.
#TBT My boy @thomaslennon & I a few years back in New Orleans. We love you Ms.@Joan_Rivers!! Rest in Peace!!
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Dropped my son for his first day of kindergarten today. Does anybody know what age you're supposed to pick them up?
Practicing my "In the Night Kitchen" Halloween costume, which involves baking a bread loaf airplane onto my wang. #trialanderror
@zachward: TheState -- wow, I've never seen a timeline of The State this detailed.
With the sound turned down, every episode of "Sherlock" looks like the Morrissey-Marr origins story
"Beware Mr. Baker" on Netflix is amazing.
The reason I'm not up for an Emmy. Thomas Lennon Talks About “Cantaloupe Tape”
Another day that our nation wakes to news of a Scott Weiland Doppelgänger
Thrilled to be filming "The Odd Couple" with @matthewperry and Garry Marshall.
Here's @kenmarino & me in a photo cutout.
ALS has impacted many lives, including mine. Join me in supporting ALSA and participate in the #icebucketchallenge!
In the Dangle shorts for the #alsicebucketchallenge
#tbt: me and @seanonolennon in NYC 1996. Metropolis stages. 106th & Park Avenue
A good song for a bad mood: Shadow by Bleachers on #Spotify…
If you haven't seen "Moscow on the Hudson" - Robin Williams will make you cry even more today.
Stunned about Robin Williams. Funniest person I was lucky enough to meet.
To whomever just tried to use my credit card at a CVS in New York, I just hired a Liam Neeson Lookalike to hunt you down.
Did those ottoman humping guys ever have a reunion? I'd like to see how their hump-styles evolved.
HBD Dangle! Dude, I'm in ur backyard for the 'Western Surfer' party in a cowboy hat & shorts but no one else is here? @thomaslennon Bday!
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Kids with chainsaws do the darnedest things!!!
#Parent Tip! When my son's had too much sugar, I just kneel down, look at him with my dead eyes, and remind him that we're in Carcosa now.
East Coast! In less than one hour, Garfunkel and Oates premieres on @IFC! We are so excited! Let us know what you think!
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NFL: Have Weird Al Yankovic headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.… via @Change
I wonder what sound ghosts make when they see Tilda Swinton?
"Wait, HOW FUCKING long until school starts again?" - every American parent at this point in the summer.
None of these? Might as well just tell me not breathe.