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Thomas Lennon
Festival Supreme 2014: A Spooky Animated Video!
Courtesy of @mshowalter -- here's The State, NYC, early 1990's. #tbt
RENO 911 The Complete Uncensored Series out on DVD Tues Nov. 4 w/ @thomaslennon @KerriKenney @NiecyNash About/Order
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Family and I were just walking down the street singing "I'm going to pee from the chandelier... From the chandel-la-heeeere" #winning #pee
Is there already an app that adds digital Mardi Gras masks to people you're FaceTiming or did I just make a billion dollars?
My Pinterest board of how to make a sex robot from soup cans and dryer sheets isn't getting the traction I expected.
Learning "This Charming Man" is a process, not an event.
My friend and stunt double Kim Koscki passed away. He was Dangle whenever it was really dangerous. So sad right now
yvettenicolebrown's photo shooting the 6th episode of @TheOddCoupleCBS oddcouplecbs
It's that great time of the week when Twitter ruins SNL for the West Coast.
Wether I win or lose on @midnight tonight, I'm sporting a @theholdsteady T-shirt. #positivejams
The new issue of @EW, guest-edited by @KeeganMKey & @JordanPeele includes this super cool spread about The State!
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Poking around the French Market with @pftompkins
Quiet afternoon in the French Quarter
#hyperlapse of The French Quarter, rainy Sunday.
Hope #TrueDetective covers the time Colin Farrell stole my parking space at the vegan cafe, and we got in each other's faces, then hugged.
My friend has started a Dangle Fest in New Orleans --…
Photoset: Yes. #TheMeltdown season is over. But moments like this one from @thomaslennon will live on in...
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I am giving you enough time to take an Ayahuasca trip before my appearance on tomorrow's @meltdown_show on @ComedyCentral
Watching @alfredyankovic crush it at The Hollywood Bowl.
Just got home. What did @BarackObama's address say our response to Bieber's fake underwear bit is going to be? #ScorchedEarth
Shooting promos for The Odd Couple.
Thumb's been hovering over "buy it now" for 15 minutes.…
@thomaslennon how about, this week at least, instead of buying your fav NFL teams gear, people donate that cash to local women shelters?
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Just sold the sitcom rights to "My Son the Juggalo"
Just got Subdivisions twice in a row on Slacker and it was the happiest I have ever been.
#TBT My boy @thomaslennon & I a few years back in New Orleans. We love you Ms.@Joan_Rivers!! Rest in Peace!!
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Dropped my son for his first day of kindergarten today. Does anybody know what age you're supposed to pick them up?
Practicing my "In the Night Kitchen" Halloween costume, which involves baking a bread loaf airplane onto my wang. #trialanderror
@zachward: TheState -- wow, I've never seen a timeline of The State this detailed.
With the sound turned down, every episode of "Sherlock" looks like the Morrissey-Marr origins story