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Joel Serino
Hours Before His Death, Michael Hastings Sent This Email Saying He Was Being Investigated By The FBI…#FreeBB
Check out our interactive map showing worldwide cables UK spies worked to hack into: #GCHQ ...
It's as if the no-thing-ness, the void, was function with the potential to be form. — Psy (@KarmicBytes) December 14, 2014 via @karmicb...
US President says police shouldn't bully or arrest journalists.Journalist Barrett Brown sits in prison for 2+ years #FreeBB Sentencing Dec16
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"Rape and murders going down"… That's because sick people now work for the gubment. Why not count those in your data?
Reminder: FBI seized USA's founding document to be used as evidence against Barrett Brown #FreeBB
Justice For All? Barrett Brown is being sentenced Tomorrow, let's watch closely... #FreeBB
It's1984. Ministry of Love bring Barrett Brown in front of a judge for sentencing. And yet, American media has already abandoned him #FreeBB
Be sure to follow me on for our coverage of Barrett Brown's sentencing hearing on...
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Barrett Brown: USG Response to Unseal Motion… Cites tweet incitement by @FreeBarrett_
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How badly do Gov's want to STOP journalists? Ask BB in Texas, Nicky Hager in NZ, @ioerror in Germany, @wikileaks? #FreeBB
Reporters Without Borders lists Barrett Brown as the sole journalist imprisoned in US.… Sentencing tomorrow. #FreeBB
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Hey "media", are any of you going to report on Barrett Brown? @FoxNews @msnbc @CNN @ABC -- not an important matter? #FreeBB
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The private cyber-intelligence complex that BB was investigating when the FBI interrupted him.…
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Who is covering the trial of ground-breaking investigative journalist Barrett Brown? Jailed after expose. #freeBB.
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Journo's mom threatened by @FBI who were in with CIA torture, he gets upset, Govt try to jail him for 105yrs #FreeBB
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I hope that Barrett Brown walks free tomorrow. Anything less is an injustice. #FreeBB
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The @FBI, yeah, you know, the guys who sat in on the torturing with CIA, threatened BB's mom. #FreeBB #RT Cut & paste
People will test you to no end just to get a reaction out of you... do not give them the satisfaction of knowing they got under your skin.
From Ferguson to Oakland: A full report on 17 days of riots and revolt in the Bay Area ...
The President signed H.J.Res. 131 into law on December 13th, 2014 via
Why property destruction has been central to the new wave of struggle against police violence ... — The Mass Deception (@MassDeception1) December 14, 2014 via @MassDeception1
Pic of Prince Charles & Duchess of Cornwall paying friendly visit to secret GCHQ hacking unit ...
We have new evidence from Snowden linking GCHQ to the Regin malware ... you'll want to read to the very end ;-) ...
Donate to help #Santa fight #surveillance, & get cool gifts! Stickers, #privacy phonecases, & SyncStops! #encryt...
.@SpeakerBoehner killed #FOIA reform, thereby demonstrating his loyalty to banks is greater than to the American people. #shame — Ryan S...
Baby boomers were revolting in the sixties. Then they grew up & turned the world to their favor. Now they want us to believe they support us
Champagne socialist? I don't drink and I believe in decentralisation. If anything I'm an appletiser anarchist. — Russell Brand (@RustyRo... — 9/11 Consensus Panel (@Consensus911) December 12, 2014 via @Consensus911
This is what Taiji doesn't want the world to see.... Jan 28, 2014 Striped dolphin slaughter…
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Spy Community Specification for InfoSec Markings… How Snowden docs are digitally classified-tracked below visual info.
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Now printing: To Change Everything — CrimethInc. (@crimethinc) December 11, 2014 via ...
You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time. ~ M. Scott Peck…
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Bush and Cheney knew about all of it. Every. Last. Bit. #TortureReport — Slate (@Slate...
The U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on H.R. 83 December 13th, 2014 via
.@SpeakerBoehner You talk a big game about government being beholden to the people, so why won't you bring the #FOIA reform bill to a vot...
Democracy ≠ ██████ — Joel Serino (@thinq4yourself) December 11, 2014 via @thinq4yourself
The President signed H.J.Res. 130 into law on December 12th, 2014 via
Nothing to see here... Citizen Run Database Shows Over 1,000 People Killed by Cops in 2014 -... — The Anti Med...
The Rapid Rise of Green Bonds — Anonymous (@OpPinkPower) December 11, 2014 via @OpPinkPower
Meanwhile, House passes intel bill w/#NSA language "the exact opposite of what the House passed this summer" #FOIA…
Brill Xmas campaign from @privacyint - check out the awesome gifts in return for donating!
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