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Hey, chuckleheads! What'cha doin' on 9/17? Come join us for Geek Trivia Night at @jamminjava! Tix are still on sale:
It's the Attack of the Bowls! Devour zombie brains, eat a d20, or brave the maw of a shark:
Today in Geek History: In 1981, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends premiered. Wake up or you're gonna miss the show!
Animal slippers for any occasion. (So fancy!) Shark, Panda, and Kitten Plush Slippers:
The suspense is killing us! It was a ruff call, but the Employee of the Month Award goes to...
Need an excuse to get an iPhone 6? iPrank Cracked Screen Sticker Pack:
Today in Geek History: BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! Happy Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy Day! The show's first ep aired in 1993.
Don't mess with tiny Leeloo. (She's got her mul-ti-pass!) The littlest Leeloo cosplay:
Hey, local-to-us geeks! Come try & claim the title of Trivia Masters at our @jamminjava Geek Trivia Night on 9/17:
Who ya callin' scruffy-looking?! No one would dare with our latest @starwars women's apparel:
Happy #StarTrekAnniversary! 'IwlIj jachjaj! We're celebrating by learning Klingon w/ @thinkgeek & @rosettastone. ;)
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Today in Geek History: It's a good day for consoles! The Sony @PlayStation released in 1995 & SEGA Dreamcast in 1999.
Turning hardware into software! Floppy disk pillows: by @Pixelskaya
Best board game jailbreak (aka house rule)? You tell us! Help complete our TL;DR Top 10 List:
Now, that's a handy haversack! Carry ALL the things with the Backpack of Holding:
Today in Geek History: @StarTrek: TOS first airs in 1966. It only lasts 3 yrs on TV, but lives forever in our hearts.
Ahoy, fellow Geek Trivia Night-ers! Our next GTN is on 9/17 at @jamminjava & tix are up NOW:
Warmer on the inside! Exclusive @bbcdoctorwho Gallifreyan Symbols Blanket: #DoctorWho
Today in Geek History: Happy National Cheese Pizza Day! Time to feast on pizza for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.
It's dangerous to go alone! Take Kiba the Cosplaying Corgi:
Carry the @RealGrumpyCat around? YES! Does she want to be near you? NO. Mini Grumpy Cat Plush:
Today in Geek History: @eBay was founded in 1995. One of its 1st sales was a broken laser pointer. Happy bday, eBay!
Today's magic words are: Call me the Pokémon prof! Stop by our SkyBridge booth to nab a shiny before we run out!
The con gates have opened! Stop by our SkyBridge booth & challenge the Pewter City Gym Leader to see what it gets ya!
"I choose you, Pikachu!" PAX Primers, come visit our SkyBridge booth & say these magic words to see what it gets ya!
Hey, PAX Primers! Swing by our SkyBridge booth & pick up a raffle ticket for your chance to win a RetroN 5!
WOO PAX PRIME! Find us on the SkyBridge & say the pw: Prepare for trouble! Remember to ask about winning a RetroN 5!
Find us at PAX Prime! Check out our booth on the SkyBridge & get the chance to a RetroN 5:
Today in Geek History: In 1917, the King of Comics was born. Happy birthday, Jack Kirby!
Have your cake and read it, too! Adorable library cake: by Kathy Knaus
Quantum superpawsition! Schrödinger's Cat Earrings:
Today in Geek History: Happy National Dog Day! Show your Captain appreciation & don't forget the Tribbles 'n Bits!
Julienne carrots in less than twelve parsecs. @starwars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board:
What would you ask Jim Butcher? Enter to win an autographed copy of Skin Game & let us know:
April Fools' Joke turned real! Let's drink to that. Das Can-in-Stein:
Today in Geek History: In 1995, Chrono Trigger released in North America on the SNES. One of the best RPGs evar!
Geek parenting FTW! Little boy cosplays Hiccup & his wheelchair as Toothless:
So who won the @collectsideshow, TG, & @empiremagazine Life-Size Han Solo giveaway?! Find out:
Keep the entries coming! What do YOU geek out about? Use #GeekOut & @thinkgeek to enter to win an EPIC prize:
Today in Geek History: Blade released in theaters in 1998. There are worse things out tonight than vampires.
Mmm, tastes like justice. Share a Coke with Batman:
Attn, Internet! @smithsonian needs your help transcribing its collections. Crowdsourcing FTW:
Blast from the past! Retro Video Game Collectible Enamel Pin Sets:
Today in Geek History: H. P. Lovecraft was born in 1890. Happy Spawning Day!
Shots were ordered, but they all missed. @starwars bachelor party: #StarWars
w00t! @Marvel's @AgentM gives us a behind the scenes look of @Guardians of the Galaxy: