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Wash us soar! New Firefly magnetic poetry will make your fridge shiniest in the 'Verse:
Today in Geek History: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! What are you dressing up as this year? (The geekier the better! <3)
'Til time & space do us part. Whovian makes a custom TARDIS to propose:
ATTN: horror fans! We've teamed up with @collectsideshow! Enter for the chance to win a Pinhead figure or TG goodies:
Today in Geek History: Aliens are invading! In 1938, Orson Welles' radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds aired.
Warning: May contain traces of Boba Fett. #StarWars Sarlacc Bundt Cake: by @yummycrumble
Let the gourd gutting & carving begin! So many pumpkin templates to choose from:
Level up your look! The Sprite Bag by Pixelle:
Today in Geek History: Happy National Cat Day! All hail our cat overlords.
Parenting. You're doing it right. Dad dresses up as Leia to accompany his daughter's Han Solo:
We're still geeking out over @Marvel's Phase Three announcement! Which film are you most excited to see? #Marvel
Leads to a secret room of beverages! Level-Up Pipe Mug:
Today in Geek History: GERONIMO! It's Matt Smith's born day. Happy birthday, 11th Doctor!
It's geekier on the inside! Epic wedding cake: by Divine Cakes
Still need pumpkin carving ideas? Our 2014 Geeky Pumpkin Templates are in! Check them out:
Today in Geek History: He who laughs most, learns best. Happy Birthday, @JohnCleese!
w00t! Go Team @NerdistDotCom, GO! Join them in their @ExtraLife4Kids gaming livestream for kids in need of support:
Marvel or DC? Which superhero (or villain) will you be dressing up as for Halloween? Vote now:
Goats, giant slides, and pumpkins--oh my! Timmy's at Cox Farms today to pick some pumpkins!
The hoodies of the starship Enterprise. Perfect for any mission! @StarTrek TOS Hoodies:
Today in Geek History: Gattaca released in theaters in 1997. There is no gene for the human spirit.
In case you missed it, a sneak peak of the next Captain America:
Our monkeys recently got into @DOTA2 & were inspired w/product ideas! Vote to make them real:
Today in Geek History: It's a good day for guacamole. Happy Mole Day!
Ready to travel through time and space! TARDIS control room pumpkin: by EmpressofSquee
The pumpkin Gotham deserves. Exclusive Bat-o-Lantern shirt--only $5 for a limited time only:
Today in Geek History: Christopher Lloyd was born. Great Scott! Happy birthday, Doc Brown!
One Pillow to rule them all and in their slumber bind them. One Ring Pillow: by RbitencourtUSA
Huzzah! Our very own Cap'n Whimsy is in the running to be @FastCompany's Next Top Office Dog:
Own Hyrule and beyond! The Legend of Zelda Monopoly:
Today in Geek History: The Nintendo Game Boy Color released in 1998. A backwards compatible Game Boy? In color?! YES!
Yoda & Darth Vader finally go head to head! @starwars hot air balloons at @balloonfiesta:
Beards of honor & glory! Beard Hat & other goodies on sale--use code SAVMOR for extra 20% off:
Today in Geek History: The Lord of the Rings trilogy comes to an end! The Return of the King was published in 1955.
Great Hera! Family builds Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet out of LEGO:
Keep your toesies warm all year long! Narwhal USB Heated Plush Slippers:
Today in Geek History: Happy Birthday, Mae C. Jemison! The astronaut inspired by @StarTrek's Uhura was born in 1956.
Give her cookies or she'll force choke you! Little Princess Vader:
Hm, what to wear for Halloween? Timmy's got so many costumes to choose from! Take a look into Timmy's Cosplay Closet:
Stand with us! In Oct the profits from this keychain go to Pacer's Bullying Prevention Center:
Today in Geek History: Happy 91st birthday, Walt Disney Company! The studio was founded in 1923.
These *are* the wedding bands you're looking for. R2-D2 & C-3PO wedding rings: by Juan Hidalgo
Halloween: Cosplay style! @HollyConrad shares a few tips on how to fancy up your costumes:
For studying in your common room! Harry Potter House Lounge Pants:
Today in Geek History: The Evil Dead released in theaters in 1981. Wait! Put down that Necronomicon Ex-Mortis!
Yep, pretty much. An honest guide to cosplay: by @dorkly
Behold, the mighty Exacli-brew! Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser:
Today in Geek History: Happy Dessert Day! Have your cake and... BRAAAIIINSSS! Zombie Ice Mold:
This belongs in a mewseum. Indiana Jones-inspired cat bridge: by @CataCreations