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Andy Warhol Museum
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An absolutely beautiful day at Warhol's grave. Tune in live 24/7: #warholFigment
Another great piece about our film digitization project with @MuseumModernArt and @MPC_VFX via @ARTnewsmag
An interesting read about de-accessioning works from museum collections via @NPR -
We're at the end of TC86! Check back to our blog often to watch the video from tonight's opening! #warholTC
Next audience question: was there a lot of material in TCs from family? Answer: yes! From all corners of his family. #warholTC
Next question: area all boxes open? Answer: yes! All but one, which we auctioned off the opening of which at our gala. #warholTC
1st audience question: have people asked for things back from TCs if Warhol took them? Apparently not yet. #warholTC
Also in this box: an announcement for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo performing on Dec. 9, 1976 at BAM. #warholTC
Next out: A Vogue magazine from October 1974. Headline: 'there's a whole new way to look'. #warholTC
Also found in this Time Capsule: a bakelite cigarette holder. Curators telling us that Warhol collected a lot of bakelite. #warholTC
More material coming from hotels: this time 'The Savoy' #warholTC
Next out of the box: a book - 'Rush to Judgement' by Mark Lane - a criticism of the Warren Commission. #warholTC
Next out: a present addressed to Andy and Archie Warhol (Andy's dog)! Awww! #warholTC
Next out of the box: a very interesting LP by a group called 'Northern Front' called 'Furniture Store' with a letter. #warholTC
Also stationary from Four Seasons hotel - curators think he took many things from here! #warholTC
Next out - slippers and a polishing cloth from The Four Seasons hotel in Vancouver! #warholTC
Next out: a photograph of Warhol with a woman named Kay. The letter says she died, and our curators don't know much about her. #warholTC
Next out: an invitation from Roman Polanski to a Vogue Christmas party at Maxime's! #warholTC
Next out: a letter from Polaroid Corporation- they sent Warhol cameras for his use and review! #warholTC
Next out of the box: a small pin that says 'Cinderella married for money". #warholTC
Next out: contact sheet of photos featuring Victor Hugo (we aren't showing other side because there are kids in the audience!) #warholTC
While Matt and Benjamin talk about this piece - does anyone on Twitter have questions? We'll present them at the end! #warholTC
Mail art from this box by Ray Johnson - @nytimes just wrote a piece earlier this week:… #warholTC
Next out: correspondence / mail art from Ray Johnson. Covered in ducks and fish! #warholTC