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Andy Warhol Museum
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Warhol's cookie jars! A 2015 London exhibition will showcase artists as collectors.
It's #Friday! Join us for Good Fridays 5–10 pm: half-price regular museum admission and cash bar.
Sneak peek: “13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World's Fair” exhibition opening 9/27! #behindthescenes
TOMORROW: Join The Andy Warhol Museum artist educators at 6pm for a free silk screening workshop at City of Asylum.
The @nytimes writes about Absolut introducing bottles based on a 1980s collaboration with Andy Warhol.
.@MarDixon Warhol pushed against the frame throughout his practice; I can only imagine that this would continue to be the case today. 2/2
.@MarDixon Warhol was fascinated by new tech, cameras, Amiga computer, etc. I think he would explore new mediums and alternative spaces. 1/2
#AskACurator @TheWarholMuseum What type of art do you think Andy would be making if he was still alive?
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We'll have one last #AskACurator answer, then our curators are signing off for the day. Thank you for all the wonderful questions!
.@thepaulrudolph Yes, of course! I have an awe-inspiring moment every time I walk into the 'Silver Elvis' gallery or see a new screen test.
@TheWarholMuseum are there still moments when you still experience the awe-struck "gosh, this is a Warhol" feeling? #AskACurator
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.@LaTribuneDuLard Warhol’s Brillo Boxes were hand painted plywood meant to be copies of an original, very similar to a readymade.
.@TheWarholMuseum How can you distinguish a Brillo Box from a Brillo Box from a Brillo Box from a Brillo Box? #AskACurator
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.@JessaHochman I have to admit I haven’t seen it, but I do love the original Factory Girl, Edie Sedgwick. – assistant curator Jessica Beck
Thanks for this! @mcachicago RT Since @TheWarholMuseum just followed us (thanks!) . . . David Bowie as Andy Warhol.
.@RobertaUWS 28! Some are sketches and some are captured images. We’re working on exhibition loan possibilities for the future!
@TheWarholMuseum How many of Andy's computer sketches have you acquired and will they be on loan to @ModrnArtMuseum in NYC? #AskACurator
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.@Miss_Blis Part of our general museum practice is to restore the collection as needed, which varies from piece to piece.
@TheWarholMuseum how often do you need art restored before exhibition?#AskACurator
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.@Blake_Seven Each selection of an artwork depends on such things as timing, space, funding, and scope. (2/2)
.@Blake_Seven The museum collaborates with institutions and colleagues locally, nationally, and abroad. (1/2)
@TheWarholMuseum What's the criteria for choosing works for touring shows - especially international shows? #AskACurator
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.@LesCultureuses Our 15 minutes often turns into 15 seconds in today’s world. With social media, everybody gets their moment.
Hello @TheWarholMuseum, can we have our 15 minutes of fame now? Is it the future yet? #AskACurator
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Wonderful! @thehenryford RT @TheWarholMuseum We also have a 1967 paper dress that is Yellow Pages themed.#AskACurator
.@wynand_viljoen No, definitely not! Check out emerging artist shows at alternative exhibition spaces and university galleries.
@TheWarholMuseum I other words, is art investing only for the rich and famous? #AsktheCurator
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.@AnneBoelyngirl It depends on the show; anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months is typical. But our gala, for example, took one year to plan.
@TheWarholMuseum #AskACurator how much prep goes into preparing for a reception for an opening of a new exhibit ?
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.@KMDMCR That’s the plan! Everything in each box gets catalogued, put back in its original box, and then stored in the archives.
.@poochiemamma Among the stranger things include a mummified foot and a loaf of bread shaped like a dachshund, says our archival team!
@TheWarholMuseum what's the strangest thing found in one of those time capsule boxes? N
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.@baronetess All but one box has been opened, and it will be opened at our last ‘Out of the Box’ 11/14! It’s been a 6 year project.
.@brookenuckles Great Q! The museum is hosting “13 Most Wanted Men” based on Warhol’s mural intended for the ‘64 World’s fair.
@TheWarholMuseum #AskACurator other than the silver pillows, did Warhol create #publicart or outdoor sculpture installations?!
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Every Wednesday: a gallery talk with Warhol's nephew Donald Warhola – free with museum admission!…
Today is #AskACurator Day! Send us your questions, and our curators will answer them throughout the day!
We've already had some questions for #AskACurator Day! Keep sending them, and we’ll answer tomorrow!
Isabella Rossellini performs 'Green Porno' in collaboration between Warhol and @cmoa + @CarnegieMNH Nov. 21 –
Get your questions ready! It's #AskACurator Day tomorrow (9/17), and our assistant curator is ready to answer.
Opening NEXT week: “Chuck Connelly: My America,” our 2014 @pghbiennial exhibition.
Wednesday is #AskACurator Day! We’re excited that our assistant curator Jessica Beck will be answering your questions!
A fun piece about how a young Andy Warhol painted a bathroom for $400:
#FRIDAY. Finally, right?! Join us for 1/2 price admission and cash bar in our lobby at 5pm!