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the wanted
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Heey booys.. Watch our TWFanmily Videooo.. 😍We love yoouu😍.. Rt pleaseee πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ @thewanted
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So if you spend Β£25 on merch you can get Wanted World merch free! Pretty bloody good
Max caught a hammerhead shark in Tampa. It's swimming free now #wantedwednesday
Amazing show and crowd at Universal Studios #wantedwednesday
It's Wednesday... WANTED WEDNESDAY #wantedwednesday
β€œ@MTLTheWanted: @thewanted me and my friends are leaving in two days for the last show!!! Girls from montreal on their way!” See you soon! x
β€œ@Ruthfreckles: I have a feeling @thewanted will reply to me today.” trust your instincts ;)
@thewanted I went to all three of your florida shows and y'all killed it, thank you so much
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β€œ@dawnwilliams48: IM SEEING YOU TOMORROW @thewanted!!! CAN YOU TELL THAT I'M EXCITED??” haha yes we can tell! x
One of my fav pictures that I took at the concert in St.PeteπŸ˜‚
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β€œ@twextremelover: @thewanted oh so I don't get a hello?” We just gave you 3!
β€œ@Bieber_onyou: @thewanted i love you guys so much until the end of the world ❀️” we love you too x
β€œ@lollykate12: @thewanted why are you leaving when you haven't tweeted me yet. πŸ˜’β€ we're still here!
Hello hello hello!
β€œ@NatalieeTW: will you ever notice me x” it's possible ;)
β€œ@idkmanitstw: how much do you love the twfanmily?” More than you'll ever know x
@thewanted Amazing to be able to say I was in this crowd πŸ’•
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β€œ@Tiara_Tw_Mahone: hah you love us though(;” we do x
β€œ@mrs_george05: Can't wait to see you tonight! I know it will be the best night of my life <3” no pressure ;)
Just watching @thewanted at STB last year on tv! So amazing when @NathanTheWanted comes up thro stage! Love being there for that x
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Enjoyed meeting and greeting our VIPs in Atlanta. Can't wait to get back in stage tonight
Checking of the sound in Houston
β€œ@MushaTheWanted: β€œ@darthraderrr: waiting in the m&g line for ya!! @stephrollins91” AW” see you soon x
β€œ@siobhansykes1: The question really is are you boys ready ??!! Hmm xx” we were born ready x
β€œ@triptoyear3000: since you're in Texas u have to do a hoedown throw down dance on stageπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€ no-one needs to see that!
Dallasssssssss. Texassssssss. Are y'all ready?
β€œ@khyagott: what are you doing right now” erm, tweeting x
β€œ@SamSykesTW1D: ARE YOU EXCITED FOR TONIGHT??? Can you tell I AM!” Well you're shouting so yes, we'd say you are fairly excited xx
β€œ@_amyTWx: not so poetic there eh” have you tried rhyming Phoenix?!
β€œ@tropicladao: save the howdy for when you get to Texas.” Well that's us told :)
Howdy Phoenix....
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β€œ@ily1R_TW: thank u so much for the most amazing night of my life!!! ill never forget it :')” glad you enjoyed it x
β€œ@Biebs_TheWanted: so Arizona tomorrow :)))” sure is x
β€œ@wendycarolinaaa: Thanks for tonight @thewanted!!! You will always hold a special place in my heart. ❀️” cheers Wendy x
Take a bow Los Angeles. Great night, thank you x
β€œ@megs1dtw: What does being poets have to do with "Hey Hey"? #confusseled” go back a few tweets. It will fall in to place ;)
β€œ@LucyMaeCarr: work it jay work it” @KevinMyers & @psymington make this photo lol x
We can't "Hey Hey" everywhere in the world but we love you all. #RegretsBeingPoets
β€œ@OllieTWMusic: How's LA treating you? x” very well thank you. It's good to be back x
β€œ@ilovemursx: how about hey hey UK???” That too. But we're in LA sooooooo....
β€œ@PaigeTheWanted_: Can i just please get a tweet off you already?!” We'll think about it x
β€œ@vicky_maxgeorge: can I lick your faces ;)” will you brush your teeth first? Actually, the answer is still no, you can't ;) x
β€œ@IsaTH_TW: I'm not because I live 902384 miles away :)” that's far. Where exactly is that?