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Daymond John
.@therealDuke26 @HBOboxing What R U talking about?? R U saying Im wrong 4 keying Sharks cars every time I lose a deal?
.@daisych1 @lmmichel001 agree with D. Success isnt $ & fame.Millions followed Hitler, 12 followed Jesus! Its about passion
Wow @HBOboxing 2 men go 2 war like that & still show amazing respect for each other. #DonaireWalters are true gentlemen!
I love the way Mother Nature paints the trees in the Fall.
.@ShopRedDress No Lie! U R proof that ppl can use their passion &social media 2bring their dreams 2life. Very Inspiring!
Just another mom & baby that can sleep because of @Zipadeezip @alexisfieldspix's photo
How These Parents Went Frm Sleepless Nights to Pitching a Million-Dollar @Zipadeezip Biz on #SharkTank
I think I've figured out my Halloween look!
@ABCSharkTank @TheSharkDaymond these are fun! Perfect stocking stuffer for my kids this year. #SunStache
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@TheSharkDaymond: get @SunStaches check out . Guaranteed delivery for Halloween #SharkTank” well played, Daymond!
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For all those asking about where to get @SunStaches check out . Guaranteed delivery for Halloween #SharkTank
Here comes @SunStaches ( You can't help but laugh with this product!! #SharkTank
RT if you think @kevinolearytv should wear those devil glasses all the time!! #SharkTank
Did you see how we all perked up when they said $8M in sales? #SharkTank
Time to go back into the #SharkTank. What do you think of this next product @ShopRedDress (
Not a big golf guy, but I always love to see women entrepreneurs finding a marketplace. Let's see what they've got. #SharkTank
For all the parents out there, what do you think of @JungleJumpaRoo ( Would you get this for your kids? #SharkTank
Even my dog is pumped about @SunStaches. Anyone notice another #SharkTank product in the shot?
The Sharks are about to start tweeting Live!! New #SharkTank airs now.. ABC.. Pls no spoilers for the west coast fam!
RT if you're watching #SharkTank tonight. Let's go!!
You have no idea how many times I've dropped my phone direction of the screen and this product has saved me! -
Up early (check) healthy bfast (check) worked out (check) heckled @mcuban on @GMA (check) ready 4market to open (check)
.@mcuban @GMA does @BarbaraCorcoran make u feel amazingly smart when U sit next 2 her on #SharkTank? #gmasharktank
.@mcuban @GMA how ugly do you feel when you sit next to the smooth CoCo Brown Shark on #SharkTank ??? #gmasharktank
RT @GMA: "#SharkTank Your Life" with @mcuban! He will take two pitches from entrepreneurs.
Have u ever been in deep thought. Then u look up &realize that he is talking to you! #Blessed
.@sacca @grantyim @mcuban we love Sacca! He talks Smack like us, but has the same agenda as we do to make change!
.@robertblake @sacca @mcuban ha! all fun &games until we find a new rendition of toiletpaper &wipe our A$$ 4ever with $
.@sacca @mcuban this is big boy games! We r teaching &inspiring the next 100,000 Saccas. Just like somebody inspired U
It gets real in the Tank!!! RT Why Herjavec Hated Cuban On #SharkTank…
It should be mandatory that Some things must stay open 24hrs!!!!
Want to tell me what you think about my books? Write some reviews here and I will make sure to check them tonight! -
At bar catching up on UFC. All that matters is @brucebuffer yelling #ItsTime! thats when the fight really starts!
How has #dyslexia helped you in life? Can’t wait to read all your responses. #DyslexiaAwareness
Taking @WellsFargoBank stage! I take crowd #selfie if the energy is amazing.
.@rob_bertholf @BOMBAS companies that air on #SharkTank often take 1month to 6weeks to deliver. Thanx 4 the support!
Rise & Grind! Remember, it is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly!
In St. Louis putting the final touches @BOMBAS style on my #keynote speech 4 @WellsFargoBank tomorrow!
We are humbled to have 2 of our @MogulsMobile products on the @CNBC Best of Travel Tech List @TheSharkDaymond
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