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T Williams
basketballnba 185,938 followers
The honking of the Horns is hilarious out here serious road rage man..📣📣
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Why dont Gemma Run Away with him smh..... SOA
Son Of Anarchy.....,,
@Annaonthereal: @TheRealTWill hey I sold you 7 pairs of polos in mall st Matthews at journeyz in louisville. It was a cool day. 👟👟”kool
@ofwgoat: @TheRealTWill goodluck with everything this year T Will I hope all is well with you and your family” 👌
@HitmanHolla: @TheRealTWill I'll be waiting on the $ call lol” hahahahha hahahahha I know you
@B_Raw334: @TheRealTWill I think the 76ers could use you this season ha they need someone good like you” no they set and wish them well
@ofwgoat: @TheRealTWill just keep grinding idc what jersey you put on I just wanna see you play again man” I can truly respect that
@joshsuhoski: @TheRealTWill @MoneyTeamT_ that would be nice to haha no matter what color we'll still be routin for you in boston”appreciate
@SSJ_17: @ofwgoat if doc can send u a txt sayn if he was there they wouldn't let u go then he could have gave you a shot on the clips”🙊🙊🙊🙊
@Alumni401: @TheRealTWill need to back to the boys in green asap!!!!” They have hella players
@phood4thought: @TheRealTWill Louisville fans will always appreciate your time in the Ville! #L1C4” I will have a house there in the end
@HitmanHolla: Word.. I might battle suge in a one round .. Jus to tell him what I wanna tell him! Lol” let's set it up @Shotgunsuge103
@BallinOMAR: @TheRealTWill ha u already kno, got some new heat on deck” I know you do, imma go hard on the court and off
@joshsuhoski: @TheRealTWill @MoneyTeamT_ well I'm routing for ya it'd be nice to see you in green again” or another color,just wanna hoop
@B_Raw334: @TheRealTWill damn, well keep doing your thing bruh! You still one of my favorites” and I appreciate that
@dlf1992: @TheRealTWill Try to play in China” If it comes to that I would love to but I think everything is full over there
@BallinOMAR: @TheRealTWill keep gridin bro, u gon stick soon im tellin u. Holla at me if u out this way” already be ready for KOTD
@Celts4ever: @TheRealTWill well i just figuered it was bugging you 💁” once again I don't care
@ofwgoat: @TheRealTWill ayyy T-Will I better see you on someones roster this year in the NBA” ha oh ok
@BallinOMAR: @TheRealTWill how u been bro? Comin out to boston anytime soon?” Naw bro not to just come chill but imma see if I can hoop
@Celts4ever: @TheRealTWill well sorry ....” Stop saying sorry it's not that serious it's your twitter not mine
@B_Raw334: @TheRealTWill true but you too good to not be in the NBA!! The D' league too easy for you bruh” well I don't play there, thanks
@BigHomieMpact: @TheRealTWill you jinxed my 9ers last night fam. It's beef” hey lil brother hahahahha I needed them to win
@Kevo_Johnson15: @TheRealTWill Ayee my man Big Respect !!!! Big fan . How you looking, trying to get back in it?” Im great
@Celts4ever: @TheRealTWill hahahhahaa um idk should i stop 😂just wanted to show my love to you sorry” That's Not Love That's wasting space
@joshsuhoski: @TheRealTWill @MoneyTeamT_ I know I'm pissed he should still be ballin for us” Appreciate That Truly.....:
@B_Raw334: Bruh I wish @TheRealTWill was still a Celtic! Dude was money” they will be good they have warriors, and Gods plan Is Elsewhere
@Celtic_Pride18: @TheRealTWill i like stopped watching for 5 mins and that escalated quickly” lol very
@Kevo_Johnson15: @TheRealTWill Yo TWill WER you been at !? Fans missing you” man you don't write me I'm right here grinding and praying
@MoneyTeamT_: Damn wish we still had @TheRealTWill on the team #Celtics” all good I will be in the garden soon
@HisStankness: Steelers scored 3 TD in "T-Mac 13 in 35 seconds" style.” Hahahahahhaahh
This is the Wildest Last 4 min Of A Half I've Ever Saw Wth.... Steelers 24 Points In 2:54 WOW
@HisStankness: The Steelers think they're doing something now...” They are
@KayBoogiee_: “@TheRealTWill: Here Comes The Steelers....” Wohoooo” hahahhhh there they go
@JoeyProcell2: @TheRealTWill hope u Have a blessed evening man. Totally be awesome if u followed me.” YouHave A Blessed One As Well
Here Comes The Steelers....
Got A Rest In Peace Daddy Tatt And He Even Dead Yet !! @Tsu_Surf #RealShitRightThere
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@HisStankness: @TheRealTWill What's the bet?” It don't matter man Dm Me Bro Bro
@Tsu_Surf: Pretty teeth... It's art when I eat 😂�” man get That shit outta my timeline foo
@HisStankness: We play the Texans in 2 weeks y'all.” Let's make a small bet on that one stank Texans got JJ, best player right now
Charron was funny but he def didn't 3-0 @Shotgunsuge103 Two Diff Styles And I'm Gonna Pick A Grown Man Every Time.... Win For Suge
" size 12 But A 13 Bcause The Snub Don't Fit In The Timbs " @Shotgunsuge103
" I Take His Soul Out Like His Shoes Don't Fit " @Shotgunsuge103
" I Took A Father From His Son For This " @Shotgunsuge103
Changes Channel, Never Again.........
I was better off Cutting my money down the middle betting on These Niners Man...... Sometimes I Think He close His eyes when he Throws...
@Celtic_Pride18: @TheRealTWill Redsox too?” I don't watch baseball but I know about big poppa lil
@theprophecy005: @TheRealTWill the best to do it is in new england” not even close Brady is great and his rings help but manning is GOAT
@Celtic_Pride18: I wish you stayed in boston longer we would have turned you into a Pats fan @TheRealTWill #TB12” lol I love Brady