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Afternoon Blast featuring a "Morning Rush" , "Go Hard" & one "Wheatgrass shot !!
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Take a cab if you drunk too much..
Tired ... A lot of work
If you know me just give me about 2 weeks to get back to normal because I'm gonna swear I'm the equalizer for a minute!!!!
Peace n blessings to all ..
Ray Donovan is crazy
@jazze_aquarius: @therealstylesp what's wing though?” Right now I'm wing because I just ran out of bud ..
Had friends and family at the crib and had a ball... Syndicate shit!!!
Fuk is he posting?? When you ask yourself that multiple times about your homie it's time to unfollow and let him go into the wing abyss..
Hurts when u Gotta unfollow a niGGa u luv RT @therealstylesp: When u realize u gotta unfollow a homie because he is being wing on the net
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When you realize you gotta unfollow a homie because he is being wing on the net!!!!
The power of self control makes you more powerful
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I have two drinks or three shots .....that's my new limit .. Then i light up a lot to stay balanced ....
Somebody is always watching you try to be the best you that you can be....
Family n friends.......And friends that become family....
Peace n blessings to all!!
Just realized my doctor is the one who caught the Joan rivers case .. I know she couldn't have had…
New location opening soon! 🏆
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Fellas when your lady goes to the nail salon light a few up go with her a get a back massage.. Bonding with benefits ....
Peace n blessings to all...
Get your No Selfies T shirts Hoodies and Iphone Cases don't miss this one!!!
Get your No Selfies T shirts Hoodies and Iphone Cases
Peace and blessings to all...
Let the good times roll ..My brother @REALSHEEKLOUCH Louch g day . With that courvoisier cake by…
Peace and blessings to all!!!
My office is anywhere I'm at!!!! Always ready to do business !!!!
Love is love everywhere around here...
I'm 180 - / 180+. I'm just trying to stay on the positive side of things..
We care for you @JuicesForLife so we stepped our water game!!!
Praying and planing and then praying that the plan works..
Peace and blessings to all from the @JuicesForLife crew . Enjoy your day
You can lose money and gain it back!! But once you lose respect that's it !!!!
We Never let money come between the family in this thing of ours!!!!
If u truly felt good about yourself u wouldn't feel a need to point out other peoples flaws or spew negativity. Stay humble or get humbled!
On stage with my bro funeral fab killing it..
Me and my sis the queen b.. Backstage chilling...
Yall rapping niggaz, better take note, u gotta rap to have years in this game at a high level, that microwave rap won't last
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Sometimes A NO Is GOD's Way Of Saying Not Now... Keep The FAITH! #HZIC
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