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g -host
music rap clubbing 358,260 followers
Get a public enemy or bdp tape young fella !!!
All those Molly and e's and third party drugs these young folk on !! They gonna need a vegetable or fruit in the system here and there!!!!
We spread the word of juicing because we care about the people so @JuicesForLife appreciates your money but please please juice at home !!!!
I need them old doo wop tapes that lord Tariq was going insane on..
About to catch up on ray Donavan
When you leave the studio and come up with a rhyme on the way home is a good / bad thing.. Because u regret that U left but its good to have
To be honest I can be hypocritical ...
I talk peaceful but rap ignorant... GOD forgive me
Working on everything..:
@NYSAnimal: If people won't help make a path for you, make your own, those same people will follow” jewel..
Fill that hard drive up
Emcees and rappers follow @gotinstrumental for the them exclusive instrumentals !!!
Need a new Bruce lee poster for lab ..
If you doing all the the talking you can't be listening ..
On the low summer skipped town ..
Always feels good to have a few pre rolled in the crib waiting
Should count your blessings first though
Don't forget to count them blessings after you count that money !!
People hate me cause I'm real. People love me cause I'm real.
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You ain't supposed to want to smack nobody with shoes and a blazer on..
I try to stay positive but some things just piss me off..