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stan lee
The Traveler #6 comic will be won by one lucky member of Superheroes Rewards. Will it be you?…
.@More2History & all my brave #brigadiers thank you for another spectacular season & all the great questions! Until next season Excelsior!
.@DragonKiss83 @More2History ... I encounter. Can't wait to find someone who can actually fly!
.@DragonKiss83 @More2History I don't know. One of the best things about the show is the fact that I'm always surprised by the powers...
.@AnneBreeding @More2History Nope. I just hoped the comic books would sell so I could keep paying my rent.
.@Alex_THiddy @More2History I had to create them. It was my job and I didn't want to be fired. I relate most to Tony Stark (@Iron_Man)
TheRealStanLee's @Ranker_Comics Page gives you their casting picks for Mary Jane Watson:… . Join the #brigade!
.@guy_hulk @More2History It's in the new @Marvel @Avengers film which you can see next year. It's very funny--- worth waiting for.
.@mganai77 @More2History It's fine. It's the next logical step.
Speaking of @TheRealStanLee's creations, is the real Whiplash on #Superhumans right now?
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.@More2History @TerrancePryor great question! Kiss-- about 35 years ago!
Right now on the #Superhumans Season Finale: @WillTrubridge attempts to dive 100 meters with just a single breath of air.
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Alexander the Great did conquer most of the known world by the age of 30... #Superhumans
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A skateboard that goes over 100 MPH? Check it out on #Superhumans while @TheRealStanLee answers your questions!
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P.S. The Season Finale of #Superhumans is starting now! We've still got plenty of answers coming from @TheRealStanLee.
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.@garnerlogan65 @More2History and DC couldn't compete in the slogan department.
.@garnerlogan65 @More2History because I could use slogans like "Welcome to the Marvel Age of Comics"
.@garnerlogan65 @More2History It was like a sporting event, competing with DC. I loved the name "Marvel"
For those who need a refresher, here's one of @TheRealStanLee's favorite #Superhumans, @flyboardzapata, in action:
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.@Entilzha37 @More2History it’s hard to pick 5. This season Francky Zapata John Doyle Orlando Serrell Marshall Ullrich & tonight’s Joel King
Tonight on the final ep of the season watch as we bring together a spectacular super team on a NEW #Superhumans on @More2History 
Last week we asked you to submit questions for @TheRealStanLee. Tonight, our #Generalissimo has the answers. Stay tuned. #Superhumans
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Wanna know our picks for the 10 best actors in @Marvel comics films? Find out on a NEW @SLWOH @Ranker_Comics list:
Check out our video on the Top 10 Best Actors from Movies Based on #Marvel Movies. @TheRealStanLee
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Enough with movie trailers! Find out what your #Generalissimo is ranting about on an all NEW @SLWOH #StansRants:
.@RickSmithJr1 holds the world record for farthest AND fastest card thrown - 216ft at 92mph. #Superhumans
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.@TheRealStanLee is adding to his @twitter legion. Tweet your questions using #Superhumans and he may follow you!…
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Speaking of playing cards, @bicyclecards made cards during WWII that would reveal an escape route for POWs. #Superhumans
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Did @TheRealStanLee find a real-life Wolverine? You don't want to miss this. #Superhumans
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Keep those spectacular questions coming! Be sure to tweet @More2History w/ #superhumans & yr #Generalissimo may join yr @twitter legion
An all-new episode of Stan Lee's Superhumans starts NOW. Keep sending us your questions for @TheRealStanLee using #Superhumans!
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