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stan lee
..but beware, for what you seek there is under the care of two stone cold saber tooth cats. Best of luck in our #Stantastic Scavenger Hunt!
Our 5th clue is here for you: Many a mammoth have fallen prey to the black pools of this natural big city landmark...
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The time @TheRealStanLee wrote Marvel editor-in-chief #tomdefalco about a certain X-Men comic #1989 #chrisclaremont
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.@Mblankier welcome to the #brigade! Your #Generalissimo hears your quite a fan. Glad to have you as one of our troops!
Speak Stan’s most famous phrase at this shop and thou shall receive your coveted prize. #Stantastic Scavenger Hunt!
And subsequently have a comic shop named after it...
For clue number 4, wait no more: This world first appeared in The Flash issue #123, allowing the Golden and Silver age of comics to coexist
Find out our picks for the greatest @SpiderManMovie costumes of all time from @Ranker_Comics on @SLWOH: @DanSlott
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...only what lies hidden behind the sign can quench a wanderer’s thirst.
...most photographed by travelers of the world. Although a plentiful pool of water sits at the foot of the marker...
Brace thyself, troops! Here is the third riddle in our #Stantastic Scavenger Hunt: In the Hills of Beverly, there is a marker...
Congrats to #brigadier @jeffkatz_ on finding our 2nd clue at @MeltdownComics for our #Stantastic Scavenger Hunt!
I may not have any real followers on this thing, but at least I'll always have @TheRealStanLee by my side ;D
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or speak Stan’s iconic catch phrase to win a pleasant prize! Jokes also appreciated. Happy hunting heroes!
At this shop you can pick up your favorite superhero books, catch a stand-up comedy show...
Since your hearts be true, here's clue number 2: The word “comic” can mean graphic fiction or a funny man depending on the situation...
Underneath the archway where land meets sea is where your prize might be! Best of luck #brigadiers!
Where the Pacific Ocean meets America’s shore stands the last stop on your trip down Route 66....
Bate thy breath no longer troops, for here comes the first clue in our #Stantastic Scavenger hunt!
What's yr fav candy? Yours truly prefers the #StanLeeCandy @ #Sweet. Go to @WeevItNow & let yr #Generalissimo know:…
Still time to enter our contest & win an @amazon Fire HD6 & more fantastic prizes frm @comiXology & yr #Generalissimo…
Enough with elevators! Find out why your #Generalissimo has had it with them, on a NEW @SLWOH #StansRants:…