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christina grimmie
"He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor him who loves wealth with his income; this is also vanity." -Ecclesiastes 5:10
"For when dreams increase and words grow many, there is vanity; but God is the one you must fear." -Ecclesiastes 5:7
So I know I ask for prayer a lot, so I'm gonna flip it this time. I wanna spend some prayer time...anything I can pray for you guys??
Be strong in the LORD and in his mighty power
I have never felt so crappy before. Now I think I'm losing my voice. Why.
Why are people so mean to people
My dog has been sitting on my bed like this for 5 min straight. What U want
guys I just can't wait to tour. seeing all those new amazing places...sshh I've always wanted to see Scotland :O AHHH SO EXCITED
Were coming towards the end, don’t forget were doing this for a great cause. If u win what vid we makin?!
Why on earth is every website in history asking my phone if it can use my current location like no rotten tomatoes doesn't need my location
@TheRealGrimmie fact about me: when you follow me ponies come flying into your room and give you hugs
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Fact about every girl ever: when they look perfect in a selfie they post I promise yu they took like 80 n carefully picked the best one
Wanna thank @bid-Needham for the honor of playing last night at the amazing event!! #dreambiggala I support you guys.
I love all of yur selfies of love, guys aw ❤️
It's chilly out.🍃❄️
Can't wait to perform at the tree lighting.....PLS COME!!!!
Crying at the awkward.... I awkwardly and snarkily interviewed #TeamGwen omg the times were good @NBCTheVoice
I love forgetting that I have a phone sometimes
OH MY GOSH I had to explain to each of them after how I'm not like that n we laughed n hugged and AH GOOD TIMES Season 7❤️ @NBCTheVoice
I interviewed Season 7 of the Voice and made them feel very uncomfortable. PLS enjoy the awkward @NBCTheVoice
Reminder I am still indeed the mother nugget
I can't seem to wrap my mind around anything bc yur mind cannot physically wrap around anything can I get a "o no she di'idnt"
Guys I love you so much. GEEZ Louise fruit basket supreme of the King of that one place
Elvish inspired necklace. Find me in Rivendell 🌳🎶😭
Met with my love of dearest sister. ❤️ God gave me you 🎶