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Cliff Bleszinski
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I'm in Montreal, and I'm speaking here tomorrow evening. Expect insights, candid truths, and zero memes.… #bonjour
Wait, this David Anthony guy created Call of Duty?!…
Some men just want to watch the world burn. Some just want to cause a minor annoyance for others.
So should I sell my Facebook stock and just join Ello or what.
"I'm so cool I leave social networks before they catch on."
Bought The Vanishing of Ethan Carter today. Can't wait to dive in. Welcome back, adventure games!
To increase your social engagement propose to your girlfriend on Twitter! #badadvice
I'm literally sitting with an animator at my desk reading your responses to consider for the game.
Best first person FOV value in your opinion is?!
So, every game has to have a launcher now, eh?
Installed CS1.6 on my monster rig at home and it crashes when I go to find a server wat.
What Bungie was saying, man, is that when you gaze into the abyss it also gazes into you, man.
Oculus courtside Jack Nicholson simulator.
"Welcome to the internet, where everyone knows everything, and no one likes anything."
"The Signal" was one of the better sci fi movies I've seen in some time.
Completely forgot @prattprattpratt was the guy sleeping with our hero's girlfriend in "Wanted." #barry #fuckyoukeyboardtotheface
Well, @RoundaboutGame is my jam this week oh my god I haven't enjoyed cutscenes like this since the Uncharted series.
Day Z style game, everyone is rugby players, and your plane crashes in the Andes. "Craft useful items!" "Scavenge!" "Eat your friends!"
2pm competitive analysis test at work of another F2P shooter. Overheard: "This overhead map is shaped like a dick." "Space dicks?!" o.O
We’re going to give away 5 shirts today! Follow us & when prompted, reply w/ a custom # + #bosstee for chance to win.Winners chosen randomly
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You too can have a case for your console that makes it look like a Mars Rover, sure, why not?!…
Tonight I showed my wife Coming To America and she then realized that @FrankieFaison was in it and @BansheeTvShow mind blown.
Dude is like "really guys, this meeting sucks."
Update. Important gamestop meeting is still going.
Grabbed a nice dinner and happened to walk by the longest @GameStop meeting in history. #sellmoarusedgaems
Haha wow. "@kathunter: China's Massively Illegal World of Warcraft Theme Park - IGN"
Just burnt through volume one of The Auteur by @RickSpears and my god it was good.
Pretty sure Jimmy Graham just killed a cameraman.
I follow entirely too many LA and NY comedians whom I've never, met.
Artist I know just posted this picture of himself and his dog. So much win here.
@GearsofWar @GearsViking @therealcliffyb @blacktuskstudio Happy 3 year anniversary to the greatest shooter of all time: Gears of War 3.
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TIL there's a talented artist out there named Joe Studzinski, which is the coolest name since Jean Claude Van Damme.
Didn't have a lot of interest in "The Order" until this video sold me on it.…