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Cliff Bleszinski
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@therealcliffyb I thought gamers were people who played games, not petty assholes who got all up in other people's personal shit.
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Twitter: where idiots come to argue with jokes.
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People thinking the videogame biz is "scandalous" for hookups clearly haven't seen the service industry. People fuck. Deal with it. Grow up.
So there's some personal developer shit that is being made public today that everyone's aflutter about? jaysus people
1960's spy Shadow Complex-like game on PS4? Sure, sign me up!…
Discussion on classes in @bluestreak going on right now here:…
Right after I make an mmo. :p "@GameOverGreggy: @therealcliffyb @cristian_l4d: You should think about making a moba."
SMITE is my kind of MOBA.
Summer Rain, celebrity child name, or NEW EXTREME MOUNTAIN DEW FLAVOR?!
These guys just walked by me on the street, blasting 80s hip hop.
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Accepted! "@notch:… I nominate Cliffy B, Bobby Kotick, and Phil Spencer (#IceBucketChallenge"
Those who shoot portrait videos, spell VR as Occulus, and think it's not "Lego", it's "Legos" all need a swift boot to the genitals!
Couldn't have said it better. "“Give us the black sheep. I want artists who are frustrated. I want the ones wh...…
As simple as it was, we had our very first prototype playtest this week of Project @bluestreak and it showed promise.
One of my wife's phone notification sounds is the MGS "!" sound and every time I hear it I feel like I've just been caught.
That's not a design, that's a premise. :) "@LanellWilson: someone should make a zombie game where the main character is a bus driver"
My gut says that if Valve is actually making Half Life 3 they're just going to drop it on us one day, Beyonce style. Just shows up.
Kojima just set the new standard for how to announce a game with the release of PT. Announce trailers are so 2 years ago. :)
I think more porn stars and MMA fighters should date said no one ever.
Nobody does these trailers like Blizzard. Y'all can try but nope, still on another level.…