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Cliff Bleszinski
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Just wrapped a fun interview for @pcgamer.
Can I have a 16 bit Streets of Rage style co-op brawler starring these two? #TheRaid2
The best way to dilute a creative vision for a project is to add more producers when a project has enough and doesn't need any more.
Cliff Bleszinski Says E3 Is a “Waste of Money” and Will Eventually Die - - pslifestyle
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If eccentric is weird with money can we call @alyankovic "Eccentric Al" finally after last week?
@therealcliffyb also, just because devs have previously worked on certain genres, it doesnt mean they are incapable of working on other ones
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Hearthstone is some sort of heroin withdrawal dream Ewan McGregor is having in that Trainspotting scene with the baby on the ceiling, man.
If you hire talent from a studio that made one kind of game it doesn't mean you're making that very same game they worked on prior, duh. :)
Next time I fire up Hearthstone I'm expecting that innkeeper guy to say "Welcome back you, fookin' addict!" in that sort of Scottish accent.
From the Archives: Our 1995 review of @arjanbrussee and @therealcliffyb's Jazz Jackrabbit
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I'm glad that law recently passed in Japan that requires all residents to be issued a complimentary Shiba Inu.
I could be like "Boss Key is seeking true synergy by innovating with fresh digital content that thinks outside the box for a new paradigm."
Take comfort in the fact that I'm CEO of a technology company now and I still tweet that sort of content.
I'm so thankful my wife warns me that her curling iron is hot because I almost always grab it when I go to the bathroom to take a shit.
RT if unskippable cutscene...I'll be on my phone.
Hah "@MrBFree2011: crowd at the Lincoln waiting for the J. Cole concert. Police just arrived for crowd control.”"
As much as Youtubers have taken over, do their thumbnail pictures for their videos need to be so....dumb and predictable?
Man, now I'm part of the problem too.
If you're tweeting about My Kim K right now, you're officially part of the problem.