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Cliff Bleszinski
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The opposite of Alfred Hitchcock is Batman Divorcepussy.
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Here's a selfie movement I can get behind.…
I'm going to invent a new kind of #selfie. It'll be taking a pic of your own balls. It'll be called the #ballsie.
I can confirm this. "@IGLevine: RT @LiamZubizarreta: @IGLevine I love you bro. --I send my love to all bros everywhere!"
The comedic timing of the animations in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 is some of the best I've ever seen.
Arya Stark's nickname should be slow poke.
Apparently, Chelsea Clinton announced today that she is pregnant with her first President.
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@therealcliffyb Hey Cliff, level designer on @SeePerspective here. check out what I'm working on nowadays!…
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That friend of yours that has CleverScreenName78 and you remind them that 78 people before them had the same genius idea for a name...
If you say Alien Blue five times in front of a mirror Neytiri appears behind you and wet willies you with her tail boner thing.
.@ecgconf is next week in Raleigh, NC (USA)! 1-year IGDA membership included with select passes. Learn more:
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NC folks - let the NC Utilities Commission know that you support solar energy in NC. Duke Energy fail, shame.
Someone just picked up on my SEPTEMBER 8TH tweet where I complimented Macklemore. Let it go, folks, I stand by my opinion, and fuck off. :)
In case you savages didn't see, the amazing Jade Raymond is on Twitter. Finally. Follow her @ibjade and be nice or leave.
Need a pet? Consider getting an older cat from a shelter. It's important to look out for our senior kittizens.
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Virgin Airlines is like "We've got nothing. It'd ruin our company name entirely."
Well, now Southwest Airlines has to tweet a picture of a man with a jumbo jet in his ass to keep up as the "cool" airline.