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Cliff Bleszinski
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Who am I. I used to hate football and now every Sunday I'm one of Those Assholes. I don't even.
Saints vs Lions = "BONGGGGGG!"
But Barry- *Obama pounds desk* I SAID NO JOE. You can't set the nuclear launch codes to OWNEDLOL. *Biden tears up* You're not my real dad
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The most redneck rap group is the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Tang Clan
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My son just asked what erectile dysfunction is so I told him it's when your anaconda don't want none regardless of the presence of buns.
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Sex is a lot like Mario Kart, you go really fast, you throw some bananas, Wario is there.
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FUN PRANK: Leave a falcon to someone in your will, you never had a falcon, but everyone will be like "where the fuck is the falcon?"
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Just watched Videogames the movie on netflix great insight from then and now! @wilw @therealcliffyb Another reason i love games! :)
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at this point tattoos of writing on your ribs is basically the new tramp stamp
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Just played my first 1v1 15 minute match in @bluestreak and WON. My armpits are sweaty now. @BossKey
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Kid "I saw Halo 5 Master Chief dies he had this bomb" me "was it spikey?" him "yeah" me "pretty sure that's Halo 2 remastered" him "Nope!"
"A vision without a plan is just a dream."
Our concept artist Jay just said the phrase "Shark Lamborghini" about a weapon sketch in Friday's show and tell.
@therealcliffyb Go back to Epic and make Gears good again please xD
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If Ebola was as contagious as the news makes it seem we'd all be fucking dead by now.
"so he has to kill these German sold--" "he'll do it!" - Brad Pitt's agent
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Ariana Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte endorsement is coming any day now.
His full name is actually Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry
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Best Titanfall trick jump videos are...?
After 4,000 reports showing off how their shows are pirated, HBO finally starts to make itself easier to acquire.…
You're damned right, Shoshanna. RT @SarahKSilverman: just found out there are still people named Cliff
Someone hook it up, I want to check out this Magic Leap stuff ASAP.
Been saying this for years about shorter/cheaper games.…
@therealcliffyb The community involvement from @BossKey already is astonishing. It's a shame more of the 'big boys' don't follow suit.
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Aaaaand, just like that Far Cry 4 shot to the top of my wishlist.…
If you're not already following @BossKey you might want to. We're asking questions about your tastes in shooters for a reason... :)
The most productive conversations usually happen in the hallway immediately after the scheduled meeting adjourns.
The man who won NYCC 2014. Photo taken with cosplayer’s permission …
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Friend just showed me this cosplay and I'm dying right now. So good.
Every October, the pumpkin spice must flow.
Finally. "@newsobserver: Federal judge in NC overrules state's gay marriage ban, making those marriages legal."
Watch my brother in law get his watch stolen by Margot Robbie at 1:17. lol.…
We just hired @MeatPlowz at BKP as Principle Technical Animator. FUNFACT: He put the animation bones in the giant dildo bat in Saints Row 3.
"For your second screen experience we're going to display your in-game health!" said no one ever.
Shadow of Mordor Orcs Y U No Stay Dead?!