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the ready set
I want a fancy drink from a coconut..🌴
They're playing "gettin jiggy with it" at the coffee bean. more on this at 10.
Off to Maui 😌🌴🌞
Tantrum bouncy castle
I have to wake up in 5 hours to go to the airpoooooort
On another note, cat farts are the worst. Goodnight!
Ever have those nights where you have tons of dreams back to back? Good or bad, I love those.
I think the word hipster will probably disappear like emo one of these days. Pondering the deep thoughts tonight, guys. What's next?
Just heard an adult use the word emo
What if I was messing with you
This is something I haven't played in 5 years //
Fun fact: I'm doing a poll where you get to vote which songs you'd want to hear off of IAID, TANTRUM CASTLE, and SYNTAX. Details soon🌹😁✌️
Getting live set lists and tracks ready is so fun. Remixing/rebuilding tons of stuff for xxxtra live fffun. Much excite.
You can be happy✌️
Backpack didn't want to be interviewed for @MambaUSA #CTYOB, even though we tried asking him questions in #dog
Writing slow songs
FYI- a few of the dates still have VIP tickets, and they all have general admission available!
A cat on the lap is worth 2 in the bush is that the saying
Making a new track for a song from I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming that I haven't played in a while for this tour.. Can you guess which one?
Hope everyone is having a superb Saturday yeahh
Whatcha doin tonight
Little ghost king of Hollywood
Spirit animal: drum fill in Phil Collins "in the air tonight"
If you love Backpack and want to learn an amazing secret about him.. @MambaUSA #CTYOB Hub..
@dakotawint: the new @thereadyset cd is the jam though” thx maaaan
NEWS // @kittaveli is joining us for east coast shows on #TheOutsidersTour! Listen to our song now on YouTube -…