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the ready set
@beck0in0black: @thereadyset HINT: old or new jam?”circa '08
Snap: ReadySetMusic // posted a short teaser of one of the live remixes. Can you guess what song it is?
Picked what I wanted to play from tantrum castle.. The new version of it is such a cool vibe.. #theoutsiderstour
I remember seeing that video and wanting a bucket hat and orange goggle looking sunglasses because of it.
Well teenage dirtbag by wheatus might still be one of the hardest jams of all time.
And also everybody just wants to song the harmony
Not going to act like there isn't a third eye blind singalong happening at my place right now bc that would be a lie.
@justmorgxn: @thereadyset don't tweet & drive Jordan ‼️‼️” nah. @Uber_LA
First time being late to a meeting ever. The good news is, bad religion is on the radio.
@thereadyset miserable. I want to suit up in chainmail made of Popsicles.
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It's so hot in LA come on it's September I wanna wear a hoodie
"Saturday morning, jumped out of bed, and put on my pantsuit"
Hearing @thereadyset on the radio in the morning at work gets my whole day going ☺️
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I can hear 30 seconds to mars playing from my place. Stoooooked.
I wish I would have known AFI was playing at the Hollywood bowl tonight. 😩
Living near the Hollywood bowl gives me a lot of quality bonding opportunities with my car.
The next 2 videos won't be as weird as higher. That was for me. 😎
@thereadyset can't get this tattooed on me for another year and a half so I decided to get a ring 💃
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@searssavannah90: @thereadyset so no toast? Just plain bread? White or wheat? 🍞🍞” I don't know. I don't really eat the stuff. 😝
@jwitzsighlol: @thereadyset can we know about it all or ask any q’s” in a few months:)
Bread is sort of the opening act for the sandwich tour
On that low key "this is what my next album will sound like" thought process currently
"Have a safe flight!" is a funny thing to tell somebody. Realistically it's not up to me. I mean, I'll buckle my seatbelt but idk what else.
Sometimes I feel like I channel other people's embarrassment that they aren't feeling. Like it just transfers to me and I'm like 😳
@thereadyset LOOK :DMY MOM @amishchickie GOT A TATTOO OF A CHICKN U DREW ON HER! Follow us plz we love you see u 11/7
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What songs should we play for the VIP acoustic set this fall?
Thanks to everyone who came out last night in NC, good times
Airplane fact for you: if there is an armrest, Mike Naran will commandeer it with swift force.
Back to LAAAA ✈️✈️
#TheOutsidersTour = coolest stage setup I've made to date. don't miss itttttt
My phone hasn't been catching the "t" when I type "just", so it's been "jus" lately. This makes one sound smooth, cool, and hip.
Change is a combination of joy and tragedy.
Note @taintedwheatt's sassy pose.
Tweet me pics of your tickets to #theoutsiderstour!
Acoustic show tonight in New Bern, NC // play at 8:00 @ the civic center
@mikenaran: Hangin in Atlanta for the night due to missing my connecting flight” < mike
Spending more time at LAX than at home these days
Get your tickets now!!
Who am I gonna see this Saturday in NC?