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kev chino'
💯 , nuthing more nuthing less !
I love her sex drive , dat pussy no mileage . .
@_wheredacASHbe 💂💥🔫 not only did you jus lie to me , you lied to yahself
You can't trap with me 💁
Gotta go see my p.o I prolly get violated
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why @_wheredacASHbe so perfect 😘🌾👀
she rey get da business 💁🙈🔫
" guns 🔫 & roses 🌹 ...dem ppl dont luh you nigguh " @ShyGlizzyzy
20 Minutes of Buzzer Beaters & Game Winners from the 2013-14 NBA Regular Season!
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God , I kno you gon work it all out
karma dont discriminate !
I wish I knew then , whut I know now .
I park my clean wheel on a dirty block ...w/ my eyes on the wolves ,& the dirty cops !
If dey can't get down w/ us dey end up hating thas gon work !
99 problems but ❗️
I feel like god is working blessings for me !'s goin down on my street.
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on my bitch picture comments , nigguh good luck . & if you got dah number bet she never picked up 😏💯
Lets be real , I kno you feel some type way !
try pull my card , I tell em get to pluckin , cauz I ain't lyin bout nuthing ...nigguh facts is facts !
when them nights turn into mornings ...
I'm still upppp 😱😵😬😤🌃 ! (Created with @tweegram app)
I'm onn 👽💨💨💨💨💥 !
in this brand new audi I feel like a fckin kinggg 👑🔥🙏🙌 !
eaarly bird , get daah worm 💸💥🚀⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️ !
It's a good day in my view 🔥💥🚀⛽️😎
she kno she can have it all 🌍🙌
you gottah go thru it to undahstand it , a feeling like no otha 🙏👣💯
⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️💥🌃🚗 doingg dat tonight !
I gave you life , & now you give me mine , I love my daughter unconditionally , this a real nigguh feelin , madison monroe lewis 👶🔥👼🙈😇✊ !
Wishing I could slow down the pain
I want times like dis to last forever 🙏🙌💏
We're not the same ,cauz my moneys guaranteed !
We don't play bout it , stay up late bout it 💰💢
When you see me , acknowledge me !
#daddysgirl 🙈👶
woke her up to daddys kisses 😘😘💨💨👶 !
selfmade , like i'm mmg 😜🔥😎
hard times don't last , real nigguhs do 💂💥👊 !
my princess is 4 months & countin 👼🎀😁 !
I jus wanna steal yah heart girl , don't call tha police 😘🙆❤️ ❌👮 !
Finally feel like i'm out this bitchh doing me , got my own house , new car , good job , my daughter eatin good , you can't tell me god dont exist 🙏🙏💯 !