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kev chino'
after you grind & survive & you grind & grind shit ah nevah be the same nomore 💥💥💨💨💰💰💴💴💸💸
2 phones , still won't call a👧 back😅
Feeling good living better !
Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It’s leadership.
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I hear you talkin 🔈🔇 , say it twice so i kno you meant it 👂
See , you gottah get to kno me b4 you judge me 💯
It's okay to reminisce, as long as you remind yourself why certain things shouldn't be missed...
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You the type to bang in the air & act like you missed
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Behind tint 😎💂
Play for Keeps💂💰
A vision without action , Is really a dream
Went from negative 2 positive & it's all good !
Can't predict dah future , all you can do is plan , pray & hope ...control whut you can control , stayin consistent ....progress .
we going be at da top , when dey announcin all da winners 💯🏆
Hate if you fake but hate you more if you real!
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Fuck whutchu you heard , unless you heard it from me.❗️
Give me a mill and imma show you how to stunt.
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💰💰By any means ...
All my bitches that ain't on shit numbers get deleted , soon as that bitch ain't comin over or sumn Delete !
Make it count 💯❗️
I'll proly neva change
She say he say he mad cauz i fuked his bitch
I'm still no pressure 💯💪
All hustle no luck I swear 💪
Shit craezy in my circle , but shit change when pressure come ...
Its diff when a nigga runs up in ur house when ur not there and steals your jewelry.. Ur man got it took right off his shoulders @OffsetYRN
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Million dolla dreams , drivin a bugatti , but until then I'll be trappin till dey stop me @FREDOSANTANA300
You called , but I whus ona phone w/ da money 📞💰
Ain't nuthing change but da weather , & i'm still bout whutevah 💂✊
I cannot b worried bout no bitch, cause i know a bitch can b sum where suckin a dick
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Life ain't fair no matter how good of a person you are .They jus want ya mind , corrupt & sick ...they want you lost in da system & fall vic
Up & at it , I gottah have it 💰🆙
I put it down , I played da streets , the game dont owe me sht , I play for keeps .
I kno whut i want , & i'm going go get it
They never wanna finish the conversation when you not saying whut they wanna hear . .
dream big , work hard , stay focused & surround yahself w/ successful ppl !
" I don't wan be a thot , I jus wan fuck you & get back to da block 💁💊🚶💂@iGotDem_Stackksckks
Can't nobody influence me to do nuthing iont wan do , I'ma do whut I wan do , not whut the world & you you & you doin 💯
I'm too arrogant behind these tints🚗😎💨💪
Audiences are feeling the impact of #KillTheMessenger. Join the movement in theaters now.
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If I fuck yah baby mother , called that babysitting 😂

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